Deleting messenger conversation on both sides

I need to remove a conversation history on both sides. Asking politely is not an option i’m afraid. This statement seems logical. Has anyone tried it and does it work? “start by accessing your conversation in Facebook Messenger. Make sure to open the specific thread with the individual you wish to remove. Click the wheel in the top right corner to open the Options for the conversation. Choose “Delete Conversation” to remove all of the messages. Select the “Options menu” again and choose “Block User” to prevent any further interactions on Messenger with this individual. Next, open that person’s profile in Facebook and choose “Unfriend” to permanently remove the connection and all conversations.”

How do I un-ignore a conversation on Facebook Messenger?

There has already been a question like this, however either it is outdated or I’m seeing a special case.

I have ignored someone on Messenger, and want to undo this without actually sending them a message. When I open their conversation from Filtered Messages in the browser version of Facebook, there is no Reply/Delete option. When opening the conversation in the Messenger App, it only gives me one option: “I don’t want to hear from [name]”

If I encounter this scenario, how do I undo an ignore?

How to delete conversation with someone on facebook, both from my inbox and from his inbox?

I have a conversation with someone on facebook that contains some sensible information that that person could use to harm me. What should I do to delete that conversation from both my inbox and from his inbox.

As far as I know, the delete option in facebook only works for my inbox. That means that the messages I delete, still remain in that person’s inbox.

What options do I have?

How to activate a conversation with the visitor on fb page?

Hi everyone!

The question is simple..
I have a fb page and I want to automatically start a conversation whenever a new visitor comes to my page without the need to click the 'Message' button.

Here is an example of what I want to do:

I'm not sure if this can be done within fb or by using an external plugin. Any help would be much appreciated! :)