How can I convert a Shadowrun game to Fate?

I’ve been running a Shadowrun game for a while now, and I’m tired of the overcomplicated rules.

I’m plannning to move the game to the FATE System, but have some… questions about how to convert some parts of Shadowrun system to FATE:

  • Magic: How to represent the Drain in FATE? And spirits?
  • Cyberware: In the FATE Core rulebook, each piece of cyberware seems to cost a stunt… Seems pretty expensive, and totally kill the street sam concept. How can I do?

Are there any FATE-based games where I can steal some ideas to fix those issues?

CONVERT csv file to xlsx in Flow/ sharepoint

hi i have a Flow to store email attachments (in .csv format) to SharePoint. now i want to use the file from SharePoint in power-bi. however i want the file in .xlsx format. could you please suggest how can i automate the conversion of the .csv file to .xlsx file format? thanks. my google search results suggested methods of doing it offline whereas I wanna automate it either in Flow or SharePoint.. if possible..

Convert Kindle To Createspace KDP Print Paperback Book Cover for $35

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contact form 7- convert to wp registration form

a very nice man shared this code to add to a theme’s function file that will convert a cf7 form into a registration form. There is a plugin out there but the developer seems to have abandoned it. The code that a man shared on moot point works for one form by calling the name. I ask if there is a way to edit the code so it can work for three forms and not just one, perhaps call for each title using some “or”. Thank you in advance for any advice, much appreciated. I confirmed this does work for one form:

function create_user_from_registration($  cfdata) { if (!isset($  cfdata->posted_data) && class_exists('WPCF7_Submission')) {     // Contact Form 7 version 3.9 removed $  cfdata->posted_data and now     // we have to retrieve it from an API     $  submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance();     if ($  submission) {         $  formdata = $  submission->get_posted_data();     } } elseif (isset($  cfdata->posted_data)) {     // For pre-3.9 versions of Contact Form 7     $  formdata = $  cfdata->posted_data; } else {     // We can't retrieve the form data     return $  cfdata; } // Check this is the user registration form if ( $  cfdata->title() == 'Registration: Retailer') {     $  password = wp_generate_password( 12, false );     $  email = $  formdata['email'];     $  name = $  formdata['username'];     // Construct a username from the user's name     $  username = strtolower(str_replace(' ', '', $  name));     $  name_parts = explode(' ',$  name);     if ( !email_exists( $  email ) ) {         // Find an unused username         $  username_tocheck = $  username;         $  i = 1;         while ( username_exists( $  username_tocheck ) ) {             $  username_tocheck = $  username . $  i++;         }         $  username = $  username_tocheck;         // Create the user         $  userdata = array(             'user_login' => $  username,             'user_pass' => $  password,             'user_email' => $  email,             'nickname' => reset($  name_parts),             'display_name' => $  formdata['company'],             'first_name' => $  formdata['firstname'],             'last_name' => $  formdata['lastname'],             'role' => 'customer'         );         $  user_id = wp_insert_user( $  userdata );         if ( !is_wp_error($  user_id) ) {             // Email login details to user             $  blogname = wp_specialchars_decode(get_option('blogname'), ENT_QUOTES);             $  message = "Hello! We have received your registration request and is pending approval (be sure to save this email). We take pride in verifying that you are a legitimate business before approving your account. Your login details are as follows:" . "\r\n";             $  message .= sprintf(__('Username: %s'), $  username) . "\r\n";             $  message .= sprintf(__('Password: %s'), $  password) . "\r\n";             $  message .= home_url() . "\r\n";             wp_mail($  email, sprintf(__('[%s] Your username and password pending approval: SAVE THIS EMAIL'), $  blogname), $  message);         }     } } return $  cfdata; 

} add_action(‘wpcf7_before_send_mail’, ‘create_user_from_registration’, 1);

Convert Photoshop or image or pdf to HTML5 and CSS3 – Responsive for $5

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How to convert a file with several spaces into a tab-delimited file?

I had file1:

MSTRG.10807.1   0.494311896511595   MID    0.423993026403461 2.39379412548345   1.99703339651136 MSTRG.10884.1   0.365770947942799   EARLY  1.46416917664929   1.16816186543633   0.689075392478972 MSTRG.10958.1   0.52855355823638    MID    0.885493751836316  2.28463841550375   1.26867555157512 

I used command the sed 's/ /,/g' file1 > file2 and this produced file2:

MSTRG.10807.1,,,0.494311896511595,,,MID,,,,0.423993026403461,,2.39379412548345,,,1.99703339651136 MSTRG.10884.1,,,0.365770947942799,,,EARLY,,1.46416917664929,,,1.16816186543633,,,0.689075392478972 MSTRG.10958.1,,,0.52855355823638,,,,MID,,,,0.885493751836316,,2.28463841550375,,,1.26867555157512 

But I want a tab-delimited file.