copy file from sharepoint to local folder with vba

I need urgently help with VBA and SharePoint.

I want to copy a file from SharePoint to a local folder. The script below is running on my PC. But I am a local admin. I figured out that on a “normal” PC with a “normal” user (no local admin) the script is not working. It stops at WinHttpReq.Send.

If the user is going directly to the SharePoint there is no problem to copy the file.

Does anybody can help me?

Many thanks

Sub DownloadFromSharepoint_DB()  Dim myURL As String  Dim WinHttpReq As Object  myURL = "sharepoint/link/test.accdb   Set WinHttpReq = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")  WinHttpReq.Open "GET", myURL, False  WinHttpReq.Send   If WinHttpReq.Status = 200 Then  Set oStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")  oStream.Open  oStream.Type = 1  oStream.Write WinHttpReq.ResponseBody  oStream.SaveToFile ("C:\test\test.accdb"), 2  oStream.Close  End If   End Sub 

copy one column value to another column in a list

I have a list named ABC in MOSS 2007

List has

  1. 2 Views (All Details and Multi Location)
  2. 2 columns (BA-tech and BA for both views)
  3. BA- tech field is “Single line of text” type and BA field is “Look up” pointing to another list “MyList’s” “Name” Column of Drop Down type
  4. BA-tech column will be visible in “Multi Location” view only and BA in “All Details” view only

I want to

Click “Edit in Datasheet” for “Multi Location” view and input BA-tech name then BA-tech name should be populated in BA column of “All Details” View

Note- I want to do this OOB only

Help is highly appreciated 🙂

Some of the files failed to copy during deployment of the solution

I tried to deploy a solution to our server, but it seems that there are two WFE servers (I am not sure about this if they are both WFE or WFE and application server. How can I see the difference?).

After it has been installed, it throws the following error:

SPS01 : http://interact-prod.local/ : The solution was successfully deployed.  SPS02 : http://interact-prod.local/ : InterAct : Error: Cannot locate the <SafeControls> section in the web.config file for this site. Controls in the specified assembly cannot be marked as <SafeControls>.  

What could be the reason that I cannot copy the files in the second server? Do I need to modify something in the Solution itself?

I compared both web.configs from both servers, but they are not the same. SafeControls and sectionGroup are both missing in the second server, SPS02.

Another thing I noticed, perhaps this is not that important, is that the name of the folder in wwwroot for both sites is a bit different:

Server 1 : interact-prod.local80 Server 2 : Interact-prod.local80 

One has a capital “I”, the otherone is in lowercase. Perhaps this is not important but I am just mentioning it. Perhaps the sites are not the same after all.

The site is not in use yet, but if I delete the web application and the content database, will it remove it on the other server, or shall I do that manually?

Thank you for your help.

Copy error or information messages (as text)

In Windows when an error or information box pops up, CtrlC (usually) copies the message into memory. Now you can paste the message into a text file, email, etc using CtrlV.

Very useful when the error is complex or long and you need to report it on sites like StackOverflow!

Is there a similar feature on Ubuntu 18.04 using GNOME? CtrlC does nothing and there is no right-click context menu with a helpful “Copy as text” option.

Here’s an example of the sort of message it would be handy to copy/paste:

enter image description here

Why are some file move operations as slow as copy operations?

I believe I understand how file copy/move operations work (or appear to work). My general understanding being that as long as files and directories are on the same device and filesystem, moving a file from one directory to another should happen nearly instantly. And a file copy operation takes longer as the data has to be replicated from each original inode to a new inode, etc,.

However, occasionally I run into a situation where I move a file and it takes as long as copying it and I have not been able to determine why.

I have a Raspberry Pi server (running OMV) set up for a partner and I to collaborate and share files over sftp and I have it so there is an incoming directory that we upload files to and when we are done working with them, I move them to an archive directory on the same physical drive and at the same hierarchical level. IE, both directories share the same parent directory. The file system is ext4.

For some reason when I move a file from this incoming directory to another directory above or beside it in the file “tree”, it essentially seems to copy it to the new directory and then delete the original file as if I were moving it to another drive or file system. If I move the same file to a sub-directory of the incoming directory, the move happens instantly as expected.

The only difference I see between the two directories is that the incoming directory has ACLs applied to it.

So I experimented by creating a test directory and applying the same ACLs as the incoming directory has, one at a time to see if I could duplicate the behavior (and isolate the offending ACL) and I can not. To be clear, if I create a test directory with the same ACLs and permissions as the incoming directory, I can move files in and out of it nearly instantly unlike the incoming directory.

Clearly, I do not fully understand why my incoming directory is acting like it’s on another drive and I have not had any luck on Google finding relevant information.

I am thinking that it has something to with the way OMV (Open Media Vault) handles file shares, ACLs and permissions. But in the past with other distros it seems this happens every now and then but I have been too lazy to troubleshoot.

I’m hoping someone with a better understanding of file systems might point out something I’m missing.

Here are some details:

$  getfacl incoming # file: incoming # owner: root # group: users # flags: -s- user::rwx group::rwx group:users:rwx mask::rwx other::r-x default:user::rwx default:group::rwx default:group:users:rwx default:mask::rwx default:other::r-x  getfacl testFolder2 # file: testFolder2 # owner: root # group: users # flags: -s- user::rwx group::rwx other::r-x default:user::rwx default:group::rwx default:group:users:rwx default:mask::rwx default:other::r-x  $  ls -lah drwxrwsr-x+   7 root users 4.0K Oct  3 20:12 incoming drwxrwsr-x+   2 root users 4.0K Oct  4 19:51 testFolder2 drwxr-xr-x    2 root users 4.0K Oct  4 19:51 testFolder4  tree -L 1 /sharedfolders/ /sharedfolders/ ├── incoming ├── testFolder2 └── testFolder4 

File moves between testFolder2 and testFolder4 instantly, file moves between incoming and either testFolder2 or 4 happen at the speed of copying.

Is there a way to copy a Windows program from an external HDD into WINE?

I am running Windows 10 on an external HDD. I only use Windows for one program for work, otherwise, I use Ubuntu 19.04 (Dingo). Is there a way to move or copy this program from my Windows HDD into WINE?

This program was installed by the IT dept at my client’s office, so I don’t have access to the installation media. None of them know Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro), so it’ll be easier if I don’t have to involve them.

I want to be able to format the external HDD to use as just a drive instead of reserving it for just one program.