Do any published adventures contain spells a wizard can copy that aren’t written in a spellbook?

A wizard can copy a spell they find into their spellbook. This is described in the "Your Spellbook" section of the Wizard’s class features:

When you find a wizard spell of 1st level or higher, you can add it to your spellbook if it is of a spell level you can prepare and if you can spare the time to decipher and copy it.

Notably, it does not say "when you find a wizard spell in a spellbook". Are there any instances in published adventures where a wizard can copy a spell from something other than a spellbook?

I’m obviously not concerned about spell scrolls here. I’m looking for something like a spell written on a wall or stone tablet, or other surface that does not require a check like a spell scroll does.

This Q&A firmly establishes that the wizard can copy their spells from any written source, but I am not aware of any published examples of this outside of found spellbooks.

what creatures copy themselves

I found the dopplerat which is perfect but its from a 3rd party book.

The only official creature i can find that does anything like this is the black pudding with its split rule.

Are there any official creatures, from any WOTC published material that have a similar ability to copy themselves?

The copies will need to have turns, take actions and be target-able. Really a full creature in itself.

I am specifically not looking for illusions that just cause attacks to miss like the mirror image spell.

How secure is the apple cross device copy and paste feature?

I can copy and paste between my iPhone and MacBook Pro it’s a great feature that I find myself using frequently. I am frequently copy and pasting from my password manager to log in to different sites. a few questions about the security of the cross device cut and paste.

  • Does apple get access to the clipboard?
  • How is apple securing this cross device copy and paste?
  • Can this feature be turned off?
  • Should I turn off this feature to improve my security?

Create a list copy having distanced duplicate elements

I have a list containing integers, I would like to create a copy of it such that duplicate elements are at least some distance apart. I am aware that it would be necessary to have "enough" different elements and a sufficiently "long" starting list but I would like to create that copy or return a message that it is not possible.

Here is a python "possible" implementation but sometimes this program creates an infinite loop.

import random  out = [] pbs = [1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8] l = len(pbs) step = 3  while l > 0:      pb = random.choice(pbs)      if pb in out:         lastindex = out[::-1].index(pb)         if (len(out) - lastindex) < step:             continue     pbs.remove(pb)     out.append(pb)     l += -1  print(out) 

Thank you for your help.

C++: will copy constructor and overload constructor be called simultaneously? [closed]

Assuming there is a class defined as:

class A: { public:    A(); // Default constructor        A(int m); // Overload constructor        A(const A& other); // Copy constructor }; 

I am wondering for the statement A b=A(5), which constructor will be applied?

Is A b=A(5) equivalent to A b(5)?

Already know that A a(5) calls the overload constructor only.

There are some books say overload constructor will be called first and then copy constructor. A(5) will create a temp object by calling overload constructor. Then the copy constructor for b will take the temp object as the argument.

I have tried some experiments in my local machine but getting overload constructor called only. Not sure if this issue depends on compiler.

Copy component features to Instantiate object?

I’m trying to add component to Instantiate object. This new component is audioSource. Now I added the audio to the Instantiate but I want to copy all features from "_sound" to the new component.

 public AudioSource _sound;  public float targetCompass;  public GameObject ebullet;    Void Start() {       _sound = GetComponent<AudioSource>();     }   Void Update() {  if (targetCompass <= 5 )      {       GameObject bullets = Instantiate(ebullet) as GameObject;       bullets.AddComponent<AudioSource>();       bullets.GetComponent<AudioSource>() = _sound;      } 


Double LinkedList Deep Copy in Kotlin


  • Return a deep copy of a double LinkedList.
  • Each node also contains an additional random pointer, potentially to any node or null.

Code to start

data class Node<T>(     var data: T?,     var previous: Node<T>? = null,     var next: Node<T>? = null,     var random: Node<T>? = null  class LinkedList {     // TODO: Implement deep copy here. } ``` 

Can I copy a PGP revocation to another server?

I have a few PGP keys from long ago that I no longer use. I thought I had revoked them everywhere I had uploaded them but I just noticed I missed one keyserver. Unfortunately, I only have access to the revocation certificate for one of them.

Is there a way to transfer the revocation from another keyserver to the one I missed? I had assumed that if I just downloaded the revoked public key from some other server and uploaded it to the out-of-date server, it would be revoked there too (after all, when you fetch a revoked certificate into your keyring, your keyring knows it’s revoked). But that does not seem to be working.