copy paste issue in Windows powershell/Ubuntu terminal of Windows 10

I am trying to use Ctrl+Shift+v or c to copy and paste multiple lines on text, as usual, we do in Ubuntu. However, suppose when I try to copy and paste multiple lines; for eg: if I write 3 words on 3 separate lines and then copy all of them and paste them say on the 4th line, the words get pasted (so now, on the 1st three lines I have the original words and on the next three lines I have the copied words). But now when I come on the 4th line and press ‘End’ key, I go directly to the end of 3rd copied word while I expected to be at the end of the 1st copied word itself. How can I fix that?

Can you copy a Tiny Hut spell onto a Medium-sized mount from the Find Steed spell?

Tiny hut is a “self”-target spell that allows the target (typically one’s self) to exist in the hut with up to 9 other Medium creatures.

Find steed allows spells that only target yourself to be copied to the steed (while you’re mounting it).

Tiny hut fails if a creature larger than Medium is inside. But if the PC is Small, and their mount is Medium, would this work?

Copy Link button on default form does nothing

I have created a list in a SPO site, and want to allow Contributors to add to it using a form. My organization has both PowerApps and InfoPath turned off and does not allow site owners to use any form of code, so I am not able to customize forms directly

After a great deal of fiddling to hide the Title column, I have the right columns displaying using the right controls when I click the “New” button in the list view. However, the “Copy link” button in the form pane copies nothing. I have tried in both Google Chrome (current) and Internet Explorer 11. Clicking the button causes angle brackets “<>” to appear superimposed on the screen in gray below the button, but no URL is copied.

I’ve also tried pasting into several applications in addition to the browsers in case it might be a content type issue – it is not.

So why would “Copy link” stop working?

Is there a known way to manually construct the URL when this happens?


I want to copy my HOME folder to a USB flash drive but I can’t. I accidentally removed Python 3 and lost many important stuff

I accidentally removed Python 3 from “etc” and now I lost many important folders, programs and also the Gnome shell. I know, I’m stupid.

I can still log in with my user but now everything is like this

I believe the right solution is to install ubuntu 18.04 again.

Since my $ HOME is folder is undamaged (everything I had there remained: see) I want to copy it to a flash drive so I can install Ubuntu again without losing my personal files.

But when I but when I put my USB flash drive it shows me this message:

[ 264.065197] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed

[ 264.065242] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through


How can I solve this to copy my home to a flash drive using this terminal?

I don’t know if there is a way to restore everything again, I thing reinstalling it should better, but if there is another solution to this without reinstalling ubuntu again it feel free to share.

Search results and smart copy

I want to do a search in which it fetches the value in table format (i.e. will have more than 20 columns. currently i am displaying only 7 columns in the table and other columns are displayed on mouse hover of that particular table row). My requirement is like, I need to have an option to view all details from the search results table row and select only the required field and an option to copy the same, so that the copied information is pulled into another form.

Any solutions are much appreciated.

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