What File systems can I use with Samba VFS Shadow Copy

I have an up and running file server running a LVM managed mirrored array and Samba Version 4.5.12-Debian. I want to add some protection against accidental deletion / overwrite. The protection only needs to protect against changes made over samba. I have been looking at a few options and VFS shadow copy seems to fit my use case (other suggestions welcome). I did back myself into a corner by allocating all of the space in my LVM Volume Group, but I have some spare small disks if needed.

I read this documentation on the shadow copy feature. One of the things it is not clear about is what filesystems are supported. Right now I run ext4. I don’t think it has the COW function Samaba Shadow Copy seems to be dependent on. Can you clarify?


Copy an image to MacOS clipboard using python

I want to copy an image (PIL image) to clipboard on Mac OS I tried dozens of different ways to do that. Most of python clipboard modules like pyclip or clipboard doesn’t support images.

I found a code that does that on windows, but nothing for mac. I tried to use QT, installed it through brew, for some reason brew installed a new python 3.7.2 (I had 3.7.1) and messed up with terminal commands like python and python3. I managed to fix it, but it’s very frustrating. And I couldn’t get it to work anyway.

I’ve seen a method with win32 clipboard, but it’s for windows only. I tried various different modules, but none of them accept images. I couldn’t come up with a solution, so I’m here asking for help.

A little background. I’m writing an app that will save the image from the clipboard and saves it to a file. I have no problem with this, but I also want to store what I saved and later to be able to pull it back to the clipboard. Like Open Last Saved.

Copy row data to multiple other cells

What’s the best way to allow users to easily copy data from one cell and apply it to other cells, without using key combinations?

I was thinking about dragging cell borders horizontally or vertically to apply data to adjacent cells, but the cell is also a drop-down, so I don’t know how to activate those borders without expanding the drop-down.

Context: this is a form to request new hires with different schedules.

enter image description here

Automator – automatically copy files/folders when tagged a specific custom label

Being a Mac user, I really enjoy the simple feature of tagging files and folders. Its very useful to filter by tag to quickly access any files which I have tagged regardless of where they are located.

I use this feature for images and audio. Any images or recordings I like, I tag it to keep track of them.

However, I have been thinking about a simple feature that I would love to see and would like to see if this can be done with Automator at all or perhaps there exists a simple tool already.

I would like to be able to automatically copy any files or folders to a specific location if they are tagged something specific, such as a custom label “Backup”. So if I tag any file with the label “Backup” to then copy those files to my Dropbox directory or Google Drive directory.

My intention with this is to rather backup/sync curated content rather than everything. I would like to be able to go through my creative work and simply tag the files I like which then automatically get copied to wherever I sync them to the cloud.

In addition, it would be ideal for this to work for external devices as well. So if I connect a USB drive and tag any files there, they get copied to the destination.

Any advice that might point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Best way to copy FILENAMES, MODIFIED DATE & SIZE in multiple nested directories on external drives? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How to get to know OS X/Unix better? [closed] 4 answers

I want to create lists of ALL FILENAMES, MODIFIED DATE & SIZE in multiple NESTED directories on some external drives? I am a long-time Mac user but completely ignorant of UNIX-OS X command line tools in the Terminal.app. I did find this command line but I want to tell it WHICH drive to gather file data from. I haven’t found how to use / where to insert terms in a command line such as use of SUDO or CWD or change WD / select WD…

Is it possible to copy a key car to start it?

Imagine I want to clone my keys cars, is it possible ? I don’t want to copy the wireless signal to open/close it. I want to copy the mechanism which allows me to start it. I know it’s possible to clone the wireless signal to open it but what about copy the keys to start the motor ? Should I disassemble a part of the vehicule or something else ?

copy typing 25 Pages in microsoft word for $5

Copy typing in English or in Arabic accurately and with the formatting . – Retyping pdf or images files in Word . – Retyping handwritten papers in Word with the condition of font clarity . – Typing from audio files in Word with the condition of sound clarity . 25 pages within 3 days for $ 5 . Thank you very much .

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sheet date copy

When you run a macro from the “A” sheet, you need a script that pastes the data from “A1:C1” to the “B” sheet “A:C”. We want data to be stacked in a blank space every time we run a macro, whether it’s redundant or not.

Copy from Numbers and paste into Adobe Illustrator

I have this AppleScript that opens Illustrator and Numbers. I copy a cell in number and want to past it into Illustrator to save an image. The copied cell from Numbers goes where it says (Artboard 1). The Keystroke “e” …… opens up the illustrator window shown below. Im stuck on how to paste the cell content to illustrator

enter image description hereenter image description here

Android (Java) I want to copy a directory of files that is on my Sdcard to my phone

I was trying to find out how to copy a directory (/files) with lots of subdirectories and file that is on my SDcard to /Android /data/ on my phone but to no avail.

I am really not a pro java but I found this code but it does not work. I think that Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory () is the root of the SD card. But I do not know how to assign the root of my phone /Android/data/

I try this code;

My function is;

copyFullRecursive(new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + “/files”), new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + “/Android/data”));

My class;

import java.io.File; import java.io.IOException; import java.nio.file.Files;

public class transfertdata { public static void copyFullRecursive(File src, File dest) throws IOException { if (src.isDirectory()) { File dir = new File(dest, src.getName()); dir.mkdir();

File[] list = src.listFiles(); if (list != null) for (File fic : list) copyFullRecursive(fic, dir); } else { Files.copy(src.toPath(), new File(dest, src.getName()).toPath()); } } }