Copying filtered data in Google Sheets

What is the correct method for copying data in a filtered view in Google Sheets?

For example, in the image below, I want to copy the cells with values 1 & 3 and paste them into the cells with value a & c.

enter image description here

If I filter the view to only show those values, I want to make sure that the cells with value 2 & b are not impacted.

enter image description here

I am raising this question since I made assumptions that ended up corrupting a lot of data on a Google sheet.

Copying Text from SharePoint into another website not recognized

I was not able to find any answers based upon this one yet, but we have a few Enterprise Wiki pages that have items such as case numbers or Jira tags that need to be copyable and then searchable on other sites, as well as sometimes exact words that need to be able to be entered into other fields.

However, lets say I have a specific case # that I want to search elsewhere, 123456. I copy that directly from the wiki page text into my clipboard and paste it into the search on the external website, I get no results / it does not recognize the entry. I delete this and type out 123456; and the search works. The text to my eyes looks exactly the same as the entry I copied from the wiki page, but for some reason it is not recognized from the copy.

This is happening with multiple external sites from the information I have on the wiki pages on my SharePoint and I’ve been scratching my head at this one for a while now. To recap, this is information copied FROM a wiki page on our SharePoint, a pasted TO a external search or site.

Has this been experienced by anyone else with the wiki pages before? Is there anywhere specific I should look regarding trying to find out what may be causing this issue?

Change “copy of …” when copying and pasting files in macOS Mojave [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Changing text applied when duplicating file in Finder 1 answer

I have a file called “text.txt” and when copying and pasting into the finder a copy is created “copy of text.txt” is there any way to change this? that is, when copying and pasting is like this: “text_1.txt” or something similar?

Discouraging users from copying images off a website?

Let me begin by stating that I’m aware it’s extremely tedious or virtually impossible to prevent individuals from pirating content.

I’m working on a website for a client who is a relatively well known cartoonist. We’re working on methods to prevent users from ripping off his work and republishing it, or more so from reproducing it offline, be it on mugs, or similar. I intend to use WordPress on the backend.

I was demonstrating to him how ridiculously easy it is to bypass the disabled right-click.

TLDR: I was wondering what are the other methods to discourage or deter a user from copying an image, and reproducing it?

(I’m aware of watermarking, but it really spoils how the image looks.)

I’ve already referred to these questions:

  1. Are there DRM techniques to effectively prevent pirating?

  2. Is it possible to prevent unauthorized copying or recording of data by photographing screens?

  3. Prevent Users from Downloading Javascript, Images

Auto sorting / copying data based on inputted data?

Spreadsheet Example

Sorry if this is a bit confusing or if I’m not explaining this well enough. Using my provided picture as an example how would one auto copy data that gets inputted into that table based on estimated rates vs actual rate tables?

For example, in rows 13-15 you can see the estimated rates are extremely off in comparison to the actual rates. But in rows 6-10 the estimates are almost spot on. How would one auto copy that data & paste it into a new sheet depending on close matches / inaccurate matches?

Would it be possible to just auto copy the data based on accurate estimates / inaccurate estimates? Essentially I would be looking to just have it be so that when someone inputs the necessary data into the spreadsheet it will just automatically copy itself into a new page depending on if it falls into one of those parameters?

Automated copying of Finder comments

I have a bunch of old files in FLV format, which VLC will convert to M4V format while preserving the audio and video tracks (not re-encoding them). Many of them have Finder comments that I want to copy to the new files, appending a note that it’s converted.

I see that running:

mdls -raw -name kMDItemFinderComment "$ f"

in bash will read the comments, but bash appears to have some trouble with non-ASCII characters. I’ve tried xattr and an osascript command to apply the comment to the new file, but both are choking on the special characters (mostly bullet: ).

I even tinkered with making an AppleScript droplet to do it, but that’s a mess too…

Any advice?

Copying files to SD card through bash script corrupts data

I generated a simple bash script to copy files to an SD card. I want to copy the boot image to the boot partition and binaries/libraries to the root partition. This is my script:

#!/bin/bash  if [ -d /media/user/boot ] then     if [ -d /media/user/root ]     then         cp -v output/boot/boot.bin /media/user/boot         sudo cp -rvp output/devroot/* /media/user/root/         echo "Sync"         sync         echo "Eject"         sudo eject /dev/sdc         echo "Ready to test"     else         echo "Mount root!"     fi else     echo "Mounting boot!" fi 

When I plugged again my SD card I read messages like these when running dmesg:

FAT-fs (sdc1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt.

Please run fsck. I/O error, dev sdc, sector 90514

And the partitions are not well mounted.

If I run manually the commands all goes ok.