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How much would it cost to produce a game like Battle mages: Sign of Darkness?

I have no experience in this field so I thought asking the pros would be the most efficient way to get an estimate. This is the game: (Battle mages: Sign of Darkness)

The idea is that the graphics should be more modern (better textures etc, but nothing too fancy) and maybe the combat could be improved with more units, but let’s say the core machanics would remain the same ( adding up to 1-2 new features max.)

So I assume some of the costs would be:

  • Programming the core of the game (Mechanics etc.)
  • Design (Graphics, characters etc – nothing too fancy here)
  • Voice over and story writing (we could pay less attention on this part)

You could think of this as a remaster with a new campaign. The game has 4 campaigns with 5 levels each so 20 levels in total.

Also, if one would want to buy the rights off such an old game, like to make a continuation of it (instead of a similar game) one would have to buy the rights from the publisher or? How much do you think something like this would cost?

Anyway, thanks for the help, I really love the game so If the cost is reasonable I might save some money in following years and invest in a remaster or something…

Is there any action cost for a Kinetecist when using Metakinesis?

So, kinetecists can use metakinesis to affect their blasts as if by using an associated metamagic feat. Metamagic feats sometimes modify the action required to use the associated spell (i.e. standard action –> full round).

Does empower metakinesis, for example, actually modify the time it takes to use a kinetic blast? Or does it remain a standard action.

Does UA Psionic Wizard’s Though Form let you ignore non-consumed material components with a cost?

UA Psionic Wizards get a special ability called Thought Form where they become beings of pure energy. Part of that ability is Psionic Spellcasting.

Thought Form

Psionic Spellcasting.

When you cast a spell while in thought form, you can cast the spell psionically. If you do so, the spell doesn’t require verbal, somatic, or material components that lack a gold cost.

What does this mean? Functionally, you have an arcane focus as a class feature so material component usually doesn’t matter.

This means you can’t cast spells like Glyph of Warding (200gp dust, consumed) for free. However, can you cast spells that don’t consume the materials like Chromatic Orb (50gp, diamond)?

Otherwise, the “no material component” seems irrelevant as you have your psionic focus already to activate the ability.

Does switching between using a versatile weapon one-handed to two-handed cost anything with regards to the action economy?

The versatile weapon property says (PHB, p. 147):

Versatile. This weapon can be used with one or two hands. A damage value in parentheses appears with the property–the damage when the weapon is used with two hands to make a melee attack.

A weapon with the versatile property, such as a longsword or a quarterstaff, can be wielded with one or two hands. Does it consume any part of the action economy to switch between using one or two hands on your turn?

Intuitively I’d say no, I imagine it costs absolutely nothing, but I can imagine, at worst, there being arguments for it costing your “free object interaction” (PHB, p. 190). Which is it?

(Below are some related Q&As, but not specific to versatile weapons, sadly).

The accepted answer to a related Q&A (thanks @NautArch) suggests that:

Taking your hand off the weapon should not require any action expenditure – you are just letting go of it, same as if you dropped it.

You can then use your free object interaction to restore your grip after casting.

The reasoning for the first case makes sense, but the second case isn’t backed up by anything, although I can see the logic behind it.

The errata posted in that answer, to me, suggests that it would in fact cost nothing to grip the weapon with a second hand, almost like it’s “part of the attack”, similar to how the Ammunition weapon property works, but again, this is logic, not RAW.

To give a concrete example, if we imagine that a PC’s turn starts with a longsword in one hand and a spellcasting focus in the other; they spend their bonus action casting a spell with their focus, and then spend their free object interaction putting that focus away. With only their action left, can they now attack with their longsword using it as a versatile weapon (i.e. dealing 1d10 damage instead of 1d8)?

See also, the “following round” scenario of this question (thanks @Medix2), which involves sheathing a shortsword and attacking with a longbow that requires two hands. This is almost exactly the same scenario as the one I detailed above.

Powers with additional targets: do I pay 1 power point per extra target, or do I repay the cost per target?

Many powers can affect more than one target, for example the Smite power cost 2 Power Points (PP) and has also the following text:

Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

By “like amount”, do I need to pay 1 PP per additional target, or do I need to repay the entire PP cost (2PP in this case) for each additional target?

Also, do I need to pay extra to maintain the spell?

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How many Sorcery Points should it cost to add 1d4 to a spell’s save DC?

I have a homebrew idea to try and add more power to the sorcerer. The idea is that when sorcerer casts a spell that causes a target to make a saving throw, they can spend sorcery points to add 1d4 to their spell save DC. I’m not sure how many sorcery points this should cost though and was wondering what other people think.

GURPS – How many character points would cost a skill to fully manipulate an element?

One of the major advantages of GURPS is creating your character the way you want, since the rules let you create anything. And the spell-casting system is arguably too complex or boring. Putting together those two ways of thinking there is a sub-system that I inherited as GM where the players can cast spells without the casting time plus they don’t have to learn spell by spell to do something like tossing a fireball, there is a “Fire Manipulation” generic spell where the PC that acquires it can freely manipulate fire (or any other element – according to the skill) having the cost in mana scale up to how much he wants to manipulate.

That’s obviously too OP, but I managed to balance it with the encounters in the adventures so far, the problem is that I’m reviewing the rules of this sub-system we are using and I’m having trouble calculating how much it would cost in character points for such a spell.

Such a spell would put together in one multiple spells of the basic system, plus remove the combined casting times. To exemplify: One could cast a fireball at cost of 1 mana, or cast a wall of fire having the cost in mana depending on how many hexagons it would occupy.

How many character points would cost such skill?

That could be in 3rd or 4th editions.