How many Sorcery Points should it cost to add 1d4 to a spell’s save DC?

I have a homebrew idea to try and add more power to the sorcerer. The idea is that when sorcerer casts a spell that causes a target to make a saving throw, they can spend sorcery points to add 1d4 to their spell save DC. I’m not sure how many sorcery points this should cost though and was wondering what other people think.

GURPS – How many character points would cost a skill to fully manipulate an element?

One of the major advantages of GURPS is creating your character the way you want, since the rules let you create anything. And the spell-casting system is arguably too complex or boring. Putting together those two ways of thinking there is a sub-system that I inherited as GM where the players can cast spells without the casting time plus they don’t have to learn spell by spell to do something like tossing a fireball, there is a “Fire Manipulation” generic spell where the PC that acquires it can freely manipulate fire (or any other element – according to the skill) having the cost in mana scale up to how much he wants to manipulate.

That’s obviously too OP, but I managed to balance it with the encounters in the adventures so far, the problem is that I’m reviewing the rules of this sub-system we are using and I’m having trouble calculating how much it would cost in character points for such a spell.

Such a spell would put together in one multiple spells of the basic system, plus remove the combined casting times. To exemplify: One could cast a fireball at cost of 1 mana, or cast a wall of fire having the cost in mana depending on how many hexagons it would occupy.

How many character points would cost such skill?

That could be in 3rd or 4th editions.

Does P2P Matchmaking can make an online game without any cost?

I’m planning on making an online game. I’ve used Unity (with Photon’s PUN2), but after some research, I had the idea of instead of using a server, with ccu limit and charge fees, i could make a P2P multiplayer game, so that way, the server would be one of the two players, without having any cost on me. I don’t know If this is possible, and indeed, a good idea. I did a research on this but I couldn’t find a clear explanation or tutorial. PS: It’s not a big game (2d game) think of it as the size of an online version of PONG, where two players fight until one wins, it could have or not a time limit.

What is the cost of Multiattack on Unarmed Attacks?

It may be a newbie question but nontheless…
How much does the Multiattack Extra cost on Unarmed Strikes, if it is even possible?
I have a Unarmed Attack based character, with the current strength of 3, fighting of 3, and a bonus Close Combat: Unarmed Attacks of 4. My power level is 6. I have no combat powers, nor advantages (Main theme being an unhittable, hit-n’-run teleporter with low damage but high versatility).

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Cost range of IPS solutions

We have a client web application running in Azure Kubernetes. There was an optiona requirement to implement IPS for the application. It was considered optional, because the application that we are using is not of a complex network architecture. And apart from that we have Cloudflare in place which we think might do the work to protect the web application.

We tried to to contact a couple of vendors for the same and somehow they weren’t responding to our emails. The major factors in this scenario are the cost and implementation difficulties for us. So, basically I have the below queries in general.

  1. What is the cost range of a typical IPS solution. Let’s say, in our case it’s just a medium sized web application hosted in Kubernetes under Azure. How much does an IPS cost for this? I don’t want an exact figure, because I know it depends on various factors. A broad range is fine.

  2. What is the implementation complexity. We are into our final sprint and don’t have too much time to spent. Can this be setup without much hassle?

Can the cost factor be changed of Windows’ credential cache?

I’m having a hard time finding relevant documentation from Microsoft (or any third party, for that matter) about any registry key that may change the cost factor of cached credentials.

One can control how many logons are stored through the registry key CachedLogonsCount, but what I would like to change is the cost parameter of PBKDF2. The default is a cost of 10240, which is quite low (we managed to crack an 11 character password (of a domain admin) by using a large wordlist and hashcat on an ~$ 8/hour VPS with a GPU for about one hour).

Of course, turning off the cache (and especially not logging in with a domain admin account on attacker-accessible workstations) is the proper solution for this kind of attack. However, our client does not want to turn off caching for availability reasons: if the network goes down, individual systems should still work. Since they refuse to turn it off altogether, and since rolling out disk encryption and physical access controls will take a while, it would be good to be able to recommend changing a simple setting in the meantime.

Minimize the tax cost of building skycrapers

In the central avenue will be built N skyscrapers by the same company. Τhis company has to pay a tax which will be calculated on a skyscraper basis. Assuming that the skyscraper k is selected, then the tax of the skyscraper i will be as much as the height of the tallest skyscraper on the part of the avenue from the skyscraper i to the skyscraper k. We want to minimize the total cost of the taxes.

For example these are the heights of the skyscrapers: 3 4 1 5 2 3 3

We have the minimum cost =28 if we choose the 5th skyscraper with height=2

(the tax for the first 4 skyscrapers is 5, the tax for the 5th skyscraper is 2 and the cost for the two last skyscrapers is 3)

In a more advanced society that experiences incursions by monsters, do you think weapons such as guns would cost more or less the same as our society? [on hold]

I’m in the middle of creating my own role-play game set in a fantasy/sci-fi setting where the society is attacked fairly regular by monsters and the like; Due to this I’m having trouble with the pricing of weapons etcetera while keeping it balanced and affordable for players so they have a good variety of weapons to try out and buy.