How could I write a kernel module for 14.04 to extend the radiotap fields?

My application specifically needs to run on Ubuntu 14.04.

According to the man page, Ubuntu only supports the following fields:












I want to write a kernel module that will supply the VHT and MCS fields if the driver can provide them.

I’ve written kernel modules before, but it’s been a while, and I’m not sure exactly where to start for network stuff. I would appreciate a general outline if anyone is able to give it.

I was installed apache, node and mysql on ubuntu then I test with postman, it show “Could not get any response”

this is status apache

   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/apache2.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)   Drop-In: /lib/systemd/system/apache2.service.d            └─apache2-systemd.conf    Active: active (running) since Sun 2019-08-18 17:26:55 UTC; 20min ago   Process: 843 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/apachectl start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)  Main PID: 930 (apache2)     Tasks: 55 (limit: 1152)    CGroup: /system.slice/apache2.service            ├─930 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start            ├─935 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start            └─936 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start  Aug 18 17:26:54 ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-sgp1-01 systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP Server... Aug 18 17:26:55 ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-sgp1-01 apachectl[843]: AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualif Aug 18 17:26:55 ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-sgp1-01 systemd[1]: Started The Apache HTTP Server. 

and I check my version node is

root@ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-sgp1-01:~# node -v


and I install mysql and setting like this:

mysql> SELECT user,authentication_string,plugin,host FROM mysql.user; +------------------+-------------------------------------------+-----------------------+-----------+ | user             | authentication_string                     | plugin                | host      | +------------------+-------------------------------------------+-----------------------+-----------+ | root             |                                           | auth_socket           | localhost | | mysql.session    | *THISISNOTAVALIDPASSWORDTHATCANBEUSEDHERE | mysql_native_password | localhost | | mysql.sys        | *THISISNOTAVALIDPASSWORDTHATCANBEUSEDHERE | mysql_native_password | localhost | | debian-sys-maint | *F1587B7C0C214021D9A8E1EAE12B1EB6A1ECFBF8 | mysql_native_password | localhost | | admin            | *2470C0C06DEE42FD1618BB99005ADCA2EC9D1E19 | mysql_native_password | localhost | +------------------+-------------------------------------------+-----------------------+-----------+ 5 rows in set (0.00 sec) 

and I going to change config.js in node to

module.exports = {     secret: "1234",     dbOptions: {         host: "",         user: "admin",         password: "password",         port: 3306,         database: "dls",         dateStrings: true     } }; 

and I go push this code and git pull on ubuntu then I npm installed and run node index.js

then I test on postman is not work

Could not get any response There was an error connecting to Why this might have happened: The server couldn't send a response: Ensure that the backend is working properly Self-signed SSL certificates are being blocked: Fix this by turning off 'SSL certificate verification' in Settings > General Proxy configured incorrectly Ensure that proxy is configured correctly in Settings > Proxy Request timeout: Change request timeout in Settings > General 

I think it wasn’t work because bind ip and I change bind ip to replace but it wasn’t work too

How can I check what is wrong ?

How could I match my line-of-sight with Theta star? How could I fix my below problem?

I’m trying to implement my Theta star algorithm, but first I need to implement the line-of-sight algorithm. I have implemented below my lineOFsight algorithm in Python, I don’t know how accurate it is. But when I call this function of line of sight in my program, I got the below error:

    sight = lineOfsight(elevation1,drone_height,y1,x1,y2,x2) NameError: name 'lineOfsight' is not defined 

How could I fix this error?… And Is it ture what I have coded?

My Python code below for line-of-sight Algorithm:

from Thetastar import * def lineOfsight(elevation1,drone_height,y1,x1,y2,x2):     y_size = len(elevation1)     x_size = len(elevation1[0])      #Distance     dy=y2-y1;     dx=x2-x1;      if dy < 0:         dy=-dy         sy=-1     else:         sy=1      if dx < 0:         dx=-dx         sx=-1     else:         sx=1      f=0     if dy >= dx:         while y1 != y2:             f = f + dx             if f>=dy and 0<y1+(sy-1)/2 and y1+(sy-1)/2<y_size and 0<x1+(sx-1)/2 and x1+(sx-1)/2<x_size:                  if elevation1(y1+(sy-1)/2,x1+(sx-1)/2)> drone_height:                      sight = 0                     return sight                 x1 = x1 + sx                 f = f - dy                 if 0<y1+(sy-1)/2 and y1+(sy-1)/2<y_size and 0<x1+(sx-1)/2 and x1+(sx-1)/2<x_size:                     if f !=0 and elevation1(y1+(sy-1)/2,x1+(sx-1)/2)> drone_height:                         sight = 0                         return sight                  if 0<y1+(sy-1)/2 and y1+(sy-1)/2<y_size and 1<x1 and x1<x_size:                            if dx==0 and elevation1(y1+(sy-1)/2,x1)>h and E(y1+(sy-1)/2,x1-1) > drone_height:                         sight=0                         return sight                  y1=y1+sy      else:         while x1 != x2:                      f=f+dy;             if f>=dx and 0<y1+(sy-1)/2 and y1+(sy-1)/2<y_size and 0<x1+(sx-1)/2 and x1+(sx-1)/2<x_size:                 if elevation1(y1+(sy-1)/2,x1+(sx-1)/2) > drone_height:                     sight=0                     return sight                 y1=y1+sy                 f=f-dx              if 0<y1+(sy-1)/2 and y1+(sy-1)/2<y_size and 0<x1+(sx-1)/2 and x1+(sx-1)/2<x_size:                 if f != 0 and elevation1(y1+(sy-1)/2,x1+(sx-1)/2) > drone_height:                     sight=0                     return sight              if 1<y1 and y1<y_size and 0<x1+(sx-1)/2 and x1+(sx-1)/2<x_size:                 if dy==0 and elevation1(y1,x1+(sx-1)/2)>h and E(y1-1,x1+(sx-1)/2)> drone_height:                     sight=0                     return sight             x1=x1+sx     sight = 1     return sight  

Error CS1934 Could not find an implementation of the query pattern for source type ‘NavigatorCustomButtons’

amigos tengo una clase que recupero un valor con una expression lamda de un control esta me trabaja bien en VB .Net al pasarla a C# me envia este error: Este el codigo que lo tengo en una clase en C#, en vB tambien lo tenia en una clase, espero sus comentarios:

public static NavigatorCustomButton MfxDtanavGetBtn(ControlNavigator poctrlnav, string pcval) { // Obtener el boton de visualizar, utilizando Lambda NavigatorCustomButton aobtn = (from aobject in poctrlnav.Buttons.CustomButtons where aobject.Tag.ToString() == pcval select aobject).ElementAtOrDefault(0);

return aobtn; 


Live boot error – ASPM could not configure common clock

I have followed the procedure in to create a bootable USB with ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso. The USB boots fine on an old Dell PC but when I boot from it on an old Asus P6T based gaming machine that has Windows 7 and Windows 10 installed I get this error message (and no others) during the boot sequence, and the sequence then hangs.

[ 1.355109] pci 0000:07:00.0: ASPM: Could not configure common clock

I have done an internet search for this message but found very little. What there is suggests the issue may have to do with having a PCIe NVIDIA graphics card (GeForce GTX 460) installed or VT-d enabled. However, I have updated to the latest Nvidia driver and checked the VT-d setting in BIOS (it was already disabled), to no avail. I have also checked the Windows logs for any kind of PCI/PCIe issue but found nothing.

Can anyone suggest what to look at next?

Custom Action doesn’t show on form? Could it be infopath?

I have a list where I customized the forms using InfoPath.

I then created a custom action for my display and edit form ribbons in SharePoint Designer that prints the item being viewed / edited (using the command javascript:window.print() in the Navigate to URL section), however, the custom action button is not showing on the forms.

I added a View Ribbon Custom Action and that shows OK on the list view and I tried these custom actions on another list that hasn’t had forms updated using InfoPath and it works exactly as expected.

Does customizing forms using InfoPath impact the use of Custom Actions?

Has any experienced this before and know of how I may be able to fix this issue for this list?

Kind regards,


Mongodb could not find user “user@database”

I’m trying to allow a mongo user to connect to a mongo database, but regardless of what roles I give the user, the authentication fails with this error in the logs:

2019-08-09T17:03:05.486+0000 I ACCESS   [conn13] SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication failed for username on dbname from client ; UserNotFound: Could not find user username@dbname 2019-08-09T17:03:05.488+0000 I NETWORK  [conn13] end connection (0 connections now open) 

Here are the contents of /etc/mongodb.conf

# mongodb.conf  # Where to store the data. dbpath=/var/lib/mongodb  #where to log logpath=/var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log  logappend=true  bind_ip = port = 27017  # Enable journaling, journal=true  auth=true 

And here is how I created the user:

db.createUser({   user: "username",   pwd: "secret",   roles: [     { role: "userAdmin", db: "dbname" },     { role: "dbAdmin",   db: "dbname" },     { role: "readWrite", db: "dbname" }   ] }); 

I also granted the dbOwner role to the user on the database dbname. What is happening here? Why can’t I connect to the database if the user is the owner and has read/write privileges? Do I have to create a user with the name username@dbname?

EDIT: Just tried adding a user with the username username@dbname, but that user also fails to connect.

I can also connect to mongo with the same command minus the /dbname at the end and then run use dbname. I have no clue why this would work, but connecting directly wouldn’t.