How to count the number of “No” instances in a table with multiple “No”‘s in one row

I have a SQL statement that Selects any column where the word “No” shows up in a row. When I try to count the number of “No”‘s I run in to a problem when there are multiple “No”‘s in one row. It counts that as one instance (counting the row, not the “No”).

SELECT tbl_CSRQA.ClaimantAdded, tbl_CSRQA.DocsPhoneCall, tbl_CSRQA.InsdDriverVehInfo, tbl_CSRQA.LossInfo, tbl_CSRQA.TemplateCalNotes, tbl_CSRQA.EmailtoLiab, tbl_CSRQA.ReserveScreen, tbl_CSRQA.InsNamePhone, tbl_CSRQA.Clerical, tbl_CSRQA.AdditionalSteps AS [Total Claim Errors Jan]


WHERE tbl_CSRQA.CustomerServiceRep=[forms]![frm_CSRErrorTracking]![CSRNameCB] AND tbl_CSRQA.ClaimDate Between #1/1/2019# And #1/31/2019# AND

(tbl_CSRQA.ClaimantAdded=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.DocsPhoneCall=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.InsdDriverVehInfo=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.LossInfo=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.TemplateCalNotes=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.EmailtoLiab=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.ReserveScreen=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.InsNamePhone=”No” OR

tbl_CSRQA.Clerical=”No” OR


Then in a report I am trying to use this;

=DCount(“[Total Claim Errors Jan]”,”[qry_CSRAutoTotalClaimErrorsJan]”)

The problem as I mentioned is that I want to count the number of “No”‘s that appear, not the number of rows that have a “No” in it. How should I word this?

Does the ‘within range’ count as a requirement for wish? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What exactly is ignored in the “requirements” of a spell when Wishing for it? 3 answers

I was reading the wish spell, which says:

The basic use of this spell is to duplicate any other spell of 8th level or lower. You don’t need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly components. The spell simply takes effect.

I was thinking about using this to cast simulacrum. If range is considered a requirement, then I could make a simulacrum of any beast or humanoid without the having to be there since the spell says:

You shape an illusionary duplicate of one beast or humanoid that is within range for the entire casting time of the spell

The wish spell bypasses all requirements including costly components. So with that said could you bypass the range?

Count the number of personal blogs

On SharePoint Server 2013, some users have their personal blog created while some other don’t. I would like to count the number of personal blogs (in MySite) that have been created/used in SharePoint. Is there any way to get this using any ootb* mechanism or PowerShell? Can I also count the number blogs in total?

*I cannot use any addon.

Count number of attachments in sharepoint 2010 list using jquery

I would like a piece of that would give number of attachments in a sharepoint list using jQuery. my current code gives a count of one regardless of how many I have. Please help. See my code below:

function PreSaveAction() {     var count = 0;     var elm = document.getElementById("idAttachmentsTable");     if (elm == null || elm.rows.length == 0) {         console.log(elm);         document.getElementById("idAttachmentsRow").style.display = 'none';         var r = confirm("some text");         if (r == false) {             return false;         }         else {             return true;         }      }     else {         count++;          alert(count);         return true;     } } 

igraph R 1.0.1 double degree count for pajek format

i’m reading an undirected graph from .net file in Pajek format. The Edges are like this:

*Edges  123 1  61 2  61 3  104 3  .  .  2 61  3 61  .  . 

with this code

net <- read.graph(file="", format="pajek") 

and it gives me correct an undirected named graph (UN)

> summary(net) IGRAPH c00ce7f UN-- 294 1578 --  + attr: id (v/c), name (v/c) 

When it comes to node Degrees, i only get multiples of 2, like every undirected edge is counted double. I mean yeah, every edge in de .net File is defined twice, once in each direction, but in an undirected graph it shouldnt count as 2. I tried this different versions:

deg <- degree(net, mode="all", loops=FALSE) deg <- degree(net, mode="in", loops=FALSE) deg <- degree(net, mode="all") 

but degrees are always multiples of 2.

When plotting the graph it also gives me 2 links between each node, but when i tell to plot arrows, it doesnt plot arrows.

Is this a Bug? Or do i have to set any additional property? Or is the given .net file just wrong for an undirected graph? but why is it detected as “UN” ?

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio – How to update total page count label in CrystalReportViewer as reports are loaded

I’m using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2015 and the “Total Page Count” label in the viewer displays the active page index followed by a plus sign (until I’ve navigated to the last page and the plus sign disappears). The field I’m referring to is highlighted below.

I know that by including a field that calculates the total number of pages in the report (such as Page N of M), the highlighted number will display the total number of pages, but I can’t use that option because it forces the entire report to be loaded before displaying it in the viewer, and the report is very large and it will take too long to load if it’s forced to load the entire report, so that is not an option.

So I was hoping for a way to either have that number continuously update as new pages are loaded or to just have that number update to the total page count once all pages are finished loaded.

I’d take either option at this point, but in searching through the CrystalReportViewer class I haven’t been able to find an option that could accomplish that. I haven’t been able to find an event that triggers when a new page is loaded (or all pages are loaded) and I haven’t been able to find a method that updates the “Total Page Count” label that I highlighted above.

Is using the “1+” method the only option I have?

Thank you, I appreciate any help.