EU countries with registered partnership option

I’m a non-EU citizen man with a long term non-EU girlfriend.

We both want to move to Europe together. We both speak English well. I’m a skilled software developer so i’m fairly confident about my plan of finding a job which provides me a working visa – sponsorship. Unfortunately her profession isn’t in shortage of workers in Europe (she’s a HR specialist).

In which European countries i can find a job and bring her with me as my registered partner with working permit without getting married ? I’ve heard Netherlands provides that, can you name any other countries please ?

I’ve searched it online a lot but couldn’t find any information for non-EU citizens. If you just give me what keywords to search, that’ld help me a lot as well.

Thanks in advance !

fetching list of countries using google maps API [on hold]

I’m looking to create a small dropdown list of countries, fetched from the google maps API.

The general idea is: When the user is choosing a specific country and pressing the “send” button, I’d like to “catch” his/her country with all the relevant data (basically I want to catch the JSON object representing the country).

was searching in the google maps API and didn’t find a good solution for that… I’m using html5 and vanilla JS for this small problem.

Thanks in advance!!!!

Do smartphones have built-in surveillance in certain countries?

I recently was in a third world country which is know as a police state with heavy cyber surveillance. I noticed that brand new smartphones came in a box that had a nice holographic seal showing the map of that country. (To be specific, it was a Samsung A8, a legitimate one—not counterfeit.)

Is there a chance that certain smartphones sold in that country could have some built-in hard/soft/firmware to facilitate state surveillance? Is that seal just used for benign branding purposes (akin to the Maple leaf on McDonald’s logos in Canada), or does it betray a more sinister arrangement between the manufacturer and the regime?

Countries Additional Data Tokens not working

I’m using Pathauto and Countries to build path aliases that reflect the country and corresponding continent of a node. For example if a node’s country field is set to Spain the url should be: europe/spain/node-title.

My pattern is: [node:field-prgm-country:continent-name]/[node:field-prgm-country]/[node:title] The country renders correctly but the continent shows nothing. I’ve tried any other additional data (see attached image) and none of it shows.

How do access this additional country data for use in my path aliases?

enter image description here



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Hard Brexit and travel for UK citizens into Schengen countries in 2019

I am a British citizen and US permanent resident. I rarely need visas. However, I am considering a Mediterranean cruise in the spring or summer of 2019.

Unlike British politicians, I like to plan ahead and be prepared. If I am going to need a Schengen visa, I want to assemble the documentation early next year, so I can apply to the appropriate country as soon as I have an itinerary and it is at most 90 days before travel. Given how things are going, I am preparing for a hard, no-agreement, Brexit.

For trade, that would mean WTO rules. For personal travel, is there a similar fall-back that would allow me visa-free visits to the Schengen countries?

Limit Tier 3 Countries Google Traffic


I'm getting a lot of google traffic from India lately. It burns a lot of bandwidth and Don't make much money.

I want to stay google seo friendly ( for tier 1 and tier 2 countries from google ), so i can't redirect indian traffic to ads or block Google India.

I thought of blocking india with cloudflare but i'm not sure google will like it.

What are the solutions?

Thank you.

Allowing minors to register from foreign countries

My forum ( is meant for German and English speakers to help each other, so that someone can get individualized help from a native speaker.

So I'm going to have people of all ages, but primarily students university age and under, from all over the world registering. Primarily, it's going to be people from the US and Germany, but there will also be people from Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, GB, etc.

What do I need to do to make sure I'm complying with the various laws?