How to show website in only one country Google

My client has 3 websites, each has it’s region. - for Europe countries - for USA and Canada - for other regions 

I need only one website display in each region – the one that fits it. For now the website for other regions also show up in USA together with US website. Also, website without subdomain is the only website that appear in google search in Europe, and European website doesn’t display anywhere at all.

These websites were created with squarespace, and all regional settings there are done. I also add all websites in google search console and connected them with USA, UK and Australia. But it doesn’t help.

For now I made some coding to check the ip of the user and redirect him on website that fits his region.

Is there any way to display only one website in each region?

I’ve purchased headphones in a foreign country and declared them when coming back. Do I have to re-declare them on subsequent trips?

A few months back I’ve purchased a set of expensive headphones in the US and dutifully declared them when coming back to Canada. Now I would like to travel to the US again and carry the same headphones in my backpack. When coming back to Canada, would I need to re-declare the item as technically it wasn’t purchased in Canada? If not, how do I prove that the headphones have already been imported to Canada and I don’t need to pay duty on them any longer?

If it matters, in the first trip I’ve verbally declared that I’m carrying the headphones when re-entering Canada by car and thus didn’t have to fill out a customs declaration. I did not pay any duty as I was below the duty free limit at that time.

What consulate do I have to go to if my contract is from a different country than where I will be working?

Hi all I received a work contract today from a company that is primarily in Germany, however they are officially registered in Denmark.

I am an American citizen and have an appointment at the German consulate next week, however after looking through my contract, I see that there are mentions of it being a Danish company.

Would I have to go to the Danish consulate instead?

I will only be living/working in Germany.

Country Blocking

I use a Meraki firewall and want to block outside attack attempts. Is there a list of countries that are known to be malicious? I want to load them into the system and GEO block them. I know that some legitimate sites have hosting in another country. Can this pose an issue? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I want to ensure we have a secure outside perimeter.

Google Analytic Webcrawler for every country code

At the moment I’d like recommendation where I can change and what I can use to improve on simplicity and modularity. If I’m practicing good naming conventions as to provide clean readable code. Any critique is much appreciated.

import time import re import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup, SoupStrainer import pandas as pd from time import sleep  SESSION = requests.Session()   """ This is the Google Analytics Selector Section """   class myGoogleSession:      def fetch_google_xml(self, URL, country_code):         format_url = f"{URL}{country_code}"         response = SESSION.get(format_url)         soup = BeautifulSoup(response.text, 'xml',                              parse_only=SoupStrainer('channel'))         return soup   google_session = myGoogleSession()   def google_trends_retriever(URL, country_code):     xml_soup = google_session.fetch_google_xml(URL, country_code)     return[(title.text, re.sub("[+,]", "", traffic.text))            for title, traffic in zip(xml_soup.find_all('title')[1:],                                      xml_soup.find_all('ht:approx_traffic'))]   def create_pdTrend(data):     check_panda = pd.DataFrame(         google_trends_retriever(GoogleURL, data),         columns=['Title', 'Score']     )     if len(check_panda) == 0:         print('No available data')     else:         return check_panda  """ This is the Country Code Selector Section """   country_code_list = []   class myCountryCodeSession:     def fetch_countrycode_html(self, URL):         response = SESSION.get(URL)         soup = BeautifulSoup(response.text, 'html.parser',                              parse_only=SoupStrainer('table'))         return soup   countryCode_session = myCountryCodeSession()   def parse_row(url):     rows = countryCode_session.fetch_countrycode_html(url)     _rows = rows.findChildren(['td', 'tr'])     for row in _rows:         cells = row.findChildren('td')[2:3]         for cell in cells:             value = cell.string             country_code_list.append(value[:2])     return None   def create_pdCountryCode(country_code):     return pd.DataFrame({'Country_Code': country_code})   def iterate_List(data):     i = 1     while i < len(data):         selected_CountryCode = get_data_fromList(i)         print(create_pdTrend(selected_CountryCode))         sleep(0.5)         i += 1     else:         print('Has reach the end of i ' + str(i))   def get_data_fromList(num):     key = num-1     for i in country_code_list[key:num]:         return str(i)   if __name__ == '__main__':     """ URL Section """     GoogleURL = ""     CountryCodeURL = ""     """-------------"""      """Country Code Section """     parse_row(CountryCodeURL)     """---------------------"""      """Google Analytics Section """     iterate_List(country_code_list)     """-------------------------""" 

2k negative balance on Paypal because I was scammed. Third world country.

Hey there,
I was scammed on Paypal upon a transaction for a digital item. Now I am in 2k negative balance. I am in country Georgia, it is a third world country. Will they be able to come after me? They have my kinda real info. They have my first and last name and probably an ID number, I don't remember if I indicated that.
Any replies would be highly appreciated!

Google reverse image search in a specific country

I want to use Google to search for a specific image inside a specific COUNTRY (IP)!

Using gives me results for all sites, but I can’t sort results by country. It would also be useful to limit by country domain “.si” or “”.

Adding “” after my image upload doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Should I use ISO country code for primary key, or integer ID?

I have or am going to have a database with countries and their emissions. Countries in the API have a 3-letter ISO Code. Should I use this for identifying the countries in database, or just a plain numeric id?

    CREATE TABLE country         (             countryid integer PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL,          ),      CREATE TABLE country_emissions         (             id integer PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL,             countryid id NOT NULL references country(countryid),             year smallint NOT NULL,              emissions integer          ), 

So, could countryid in this case be replaced with countries ISO code?

Reason why I’m not sure is cause numbers seem more logical as you can’t really typo them, where as you can have the ISO code written with lower case letters, etc. But then again, you wouldn’t have to fetch the numeric ID of a country before adding emissions, you could just straight add them with the country ISO code.