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[GET][NULLED] – REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme v9.3.4

Coupon code doesn’t get set, no error

I’ve created a system to automatically create coupon codes based on certain criteria for a user, the code generation works fine, and I can test that by passing the coupon code through the URL(like this ?code=34o77134iy3). Copying and pasting that code and then pressing “apply discount”(34o77134iy3 in this case) applies the code correctly, but the code below does not apply it automatically.

$  coupon = "34o77134iy3";  Mage::getSingleton('checkout/cart')->getQuote()->getShippingAddress()->setCollectShippingRates(true); Mage::getSingleton('checkout/cart')->getQuote()->setCouponCode($  coupon)->collectTotals()->save(); Mage::getSingleton("checkout/session")->setCartCouponCode($  coupon); 

Magento 1 creating a variable fixed-amount coupon code in PHP

I’m trying to create a coupon code for a customer that gets a fixed value from PHP (essentially it can be a different amount for each customer/instance of generation).

For the coupon code generation, I created a rule and used the code available here: https://mage2-blog.com/magento-1-programmatically-create-promotion-coupon-codes/

The only issue is that it seems the value must be set in the rule.

Is there a way to create coupon codes according to a rule but with different values, or do I need to create a rule as well each time I want to run this?

M2 – Add coupon codes for the same rule

For a client we needs to add existing codes (about 400) with most of them with the same rule. I’ve already created a code which created multiple codes for the same rule. When I look into the database I can see it has created multiple codes which are connected to the same rule.

Is there a way to use existing codes and connect them to a specific rule_id so I don’t have to add them piece by piece?

This is how it looks when you add a new rule which creates multiple codes by itself.

enter image description here

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[GET][NULLED] – REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme v9.2

ServersGalore – 1GB KVM SALE, with Coupon Code for 30% off for life!

ServersGalore appearing here for the first time! They have a great KVM sale that they want to share with the LEB Community, so we hope you enjoy what they are offering to us today!
The sale they have currently is a special KVM VPS plan, with a coupon code discount at checkout for 30% off!

What makes this offer special is that it has 10Gbps connections with speeds of 6Gbps download and 4Gbps upload with 10Gbps bursts (if ever needed). Australian support for Australian services. KVM virtualization with VNC access via custom control panel. ANY OS can be attached and booted. We can provide custom VMs and dedicated servers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

As always – we want to hear your feedback, so if you decide to buy a plan from ServersGalore, please be sure to share your experience below!

You can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

“Servers Galore is an Australian based and owned business. We strive to deliver quality services at reasonable prices. We currently offer Sydney Cloud Servers all equipped with the latest Intel Processors, high performance SSDs and 10Gbps connections. “

Here are the offers: 


  • 1x CPU Core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 1TB Transfer
  • 1 IPv4 / 64 IPv6
  • KVM Virtualization with VNC access via our control panel
  • Coupon Code: LOWEND30 for 30% off lifetime
  • $ 6.82USD/month $ 9.80AUD/month

Host Nodes Specifications

– Latest Intel CPUs


– SSDs only

– 10Gbps uplink

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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magento 2.3.0 shipping method based coupon code not working in cart page

We have a special coupon code , it should work only for “Fedex Ground Shipping method”. This shopping cart price rule is worked in checkout page but it is not worked for cart page.

In cart page : We fill data in Estimate Shipping Tax details (country, postal code) then selecting the shipping method (Fedex Ground) and then submitting the coupon button. It gives error message like ‘The coupon code “xxxxx” is not valid and also selected shipping method , postal code detail are magento 2.3vanished.

Why this happening? how can resolve this issue? please give your valid reply… ‘

[GET][NULLED] – REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme v9.1.2


[GET][NULLED] – REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme v9.1.2

remove coupon code from cart

I want to delete the coupon code programmatically. My code is:

$  cart = $  this->quoteRepository->getActive($  cartId);    if(isset($  response_json['errorMessage']) || $  json_response['status']['statusCode'] == 0){     $  cart->setCouponCode('');     $  cart->collectTotals()->save();     $  this->logger->debug("test");   } 

I see the “test” in my debug. But the Coupon code not removed. Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!

coupon for free shipping gives an Error

Magento 1.9.4 2 shippings methods:   1. flat rate local delivery option 2. table rate (we use that for nationwide shipping) 

We would like to run a promo for free shipping on the first shipping option (flat rate) for local delivery only on orders over $ 70.

I have setup a coupon for free shipping by going to:

Promotions –) shopping cart rules

where in Conditions I’ve entered the following:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE : Subtotal greater than 70
Shipping Method is [flatrate] Local delivery

I also tried the following:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE : Subtotal greater than 70
Shipping Method is not [tablerate] Table Rate

But when customers try to put the coupon code in on the 2nd page of the check-out – it gives the “Coupon code “test” is not valid.” Error.

I suspect the reason for that could be because customer does not get to choose the shipping option until later on in the check-out process.

Is there any way to achieve what we are trying to do? (free flat rate shipping only on orders over $ 70 – this should not concern the nationwide shipping which we set up under the table rates option at all)