[Download] The PB Code – Stock Options Trading Course

[Download] The PB Code – Stock Options Trading Course

Hi, my name is Ryan
I am going to do everything that I possibly can to make sure you have an absolute incredible experience as you go through The PB Code training.
I am going to be here with you every single step of the way to walk you through the entire process.
I am going to take you from the very beginning all the way to how to actually make a full time income with this strategy using Stock…

[Download] The PB Code – Stock Options Trading Course

Can I enter the UK with short term study visa even though my course is over?

I was enrolled in a student exchange program for a two-week internship at a university in the UK, but unfortunately my visa’s processing got delayed, and I received my passport with visa too late and missed the course. I hold a Palestinian passport.

Now I’m thinking to use my visa to enter the UK again this summer ,to attend a conference. I’m afraid that I would get rejected since my visa was approved for study, and the course that I was attending has finished.

Is there a risk in attempting, or I can enter the uk with no troubles? I do have the visa, but it’s a short-term study visa, Type C.

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Stopwatch exercise from training course

I’m currently undertaking a training course to try & further develop my skills in C#. The latest exercise was to create a basic stopwatch class that meets the following criteria –

Design a class called Stopwatch. The job of this class is to simulate a stopwatch. It should provide two methods: Start and Stop. We call the start method first, and the stop method next. Then we ask the stopwatch about the duration between start and stop. Duration should be a value in TimeSpan. Display the duration on the console. We should also be able to use a stopwatch multiple times. So we may start and stop it and then start and stop it again. Make sure the duration value each time is calculated properly. We should not be able to start a stopwatch twice in a row (because that may overwrite the initial start time). So the class should throw an InvalidOperationException if its started twice.

Educational tip: The aim of this exercise is to make you understand that a class should be always in a valid state. We use encapsulation and information hiding to achieve that. The class should not reveal its implementation detail. It only reveals a little bit, like a blackbox. From the outside, you should not be able to misuse a class because you shouldn’t be able to see the implementation detail.

I’m sure someone is bound to mention it, but yes I’m aware that there is already a stopwatch class in the .NET framework, but as this was the exercise I wanted to try & accomplish it based on the requirements.

The class is as follows –

public class Stopwatch {     private TimeSpan _duration;     private TimeSpan _start;      public Stopwatch()     {         ZeroStart();     }      public void Start()     {         if (_start != TimeSpan.Zero)             throw new InvalidOperationException("The stopwatch has already been started.");          _start = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay;     }      public TimeSpan Stop()     {         if (_start == TimeSpan.Zero)             throw new InvalidOperationException("The stopwatch has not been started.");          _duration = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay - _start;         ZeroStart();         return _duration;     }      private void ZeroStart()     {         _start = TimeSpan.Zero;     } } 

I haven’t done an awful lot of OOP or even effective work with classes. Most of the stuff I have done in the last has been more procedural based stuff, just a long list of static methods in static classes etc…

I’m not sure if this is really enough to go on for anyone to actually critique me on so I’m sorry if that’s the case.

I’ve tested the code using the following –

class Program {     static void Main(string[] args)     {         UsingStopwatch();     }      static void UsingStopwatch()     {         Console.WriteLine("This is a stop watch. Type 'start' to start it & 'stop' to stop it.");         var stopwatch = new Stopwatch();          while (true)         {             var input = Console.ReadLine();              switch (input.ToLower())             {                 case "start":                     stopwatch.Start();                     break;                 case "stop":                     Console.WriteLine(stopwatch.Stop());                     break;                 default:                     Console.WriteLine("Sorry I don't recognize that.");                     break;             }         }     } } 

Is the 3 day Interactive Design course by Tognazzini at Norman Group Conference worth foregoing the other classes for those three days?

I am somewhat new to the UX field (with very few mentors, leading it) and my company is sending me to the Norman Group Conference in San Francisco this June! I’m trying to pick classes and wondering if the three day Interactive Design course by Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini taught at the Norman group conference worth foregoing the other classes for those three days?

The list of classes I am interested in attending (in order of interest) are below if you have any more feedback! I appreciate it!

Day 1 1. Managing UX Strategy (management)

Day 2 1. User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design (research) 2. Measuring UX and ROI (research)

Day 3 1. Interaction Design: 3 day (interaction) 2. Being a UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner (management) 3. Design Systems and Pattern Libraries (management)

Day 4 1. Interaction Design: 3 Day (interaction) 2. User Interface Principals Every Designer Must Know (interaction)

Day 5 1. Interaction Design: 3 Day (interaction) 2. Emerging Patterns in Interface Design (interaction) 3. Analytics and User Experience (research)

Day 6 1. Application Design for Web and Desktop (interaction)

Poor Grade in First Real Analysis Course [on hold]

I’m currently a sophomore majoring in pure math with the hopes of going to graduate school to study applied math, specifically numerical analysis, machine learning, statistics. I have A’s in my courses such as Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Calculus, etc. Real Analysis is the first course that is giving me lots of trouble, and I think it is because I was not well-versed in writing proofs coming into the course. I received a B-/C+ on the first exam, and expect to receive a similar grade in the overall course.

How heavily will my grade in this course affect my chances of getting into a good graduate school for applied math (numerical analysis) if I receive A’s/A-‘s in my all of my progamming (up to an Advanced Algorihms course) and applied classes (PDE, Numerical, Complex Variables)?

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Corelan free course / exploit development to modern exploit development

I am doing corelan course tutorial #2 . I am improving a lot quickly, but I would to know something about this course , I know it’s based on windows xp, but I am mixing a bit with windows 7 CVE stack overflows depending on the course. I finish the part from xp and I continue with windows 7 ,but the tecniques are the same, however this course covers stack cookies / dep / aslr / ROP / SafeSEH / SEHOP ,heap spraying (IE8) but I wonder how difficult will it be to move from this course to modern exploitation windows 7 to 8 to 10 and start hunting the hottest 0day available ?