Do I need to install a LMS xApi so I can track courses using Storyline tincan/api publish? I have a Drupal CMS

I have a client who has the Drupal CMS and she wants to upload Articulate Storyline courses, so employees can access them, complete them, and be tracked. What xAppi’s does she need to do that. Like LearnDash can be installed onto a WordPress website, and an appi for LMS analytics onto LearnDash.

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[GET] 3 Canva Design Courses For Free

Looking for training courses on Advance phishing and social engineering [on hold]

I am looking for a training that goes in depth on creating effective phishing exercises and social engineering stuffs. Displaying an effective way to get into a the network through a phishing email or vishing call is much more effective. Training that goes in depth into how to create payloads and emails that bypass email gateways and tricks the user into clicking them would be great!

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Which of the following courses are more useful for a cyber security degree?

Supossedly i have to cross out one of the following courses and pick the other 3, which one would it be wiser to leave?

  • Web security
  • mobile security
  • Malware analysis
  • software testing

I am curious about which 3 of those would combine better for an undergraduate student in the field, and what career path does each of them open / close ? Thanks in advance.