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Advanced attacks and courses in XSS, where can I find it?

Taking one of my last real courses before my master thesis now and it is in network security. Found XSS to be really fun to study so I decided to base my project on it. However, I have a real hard time to find “advanced” resources online. I have read papers on our library but most of them talk About XSS and Why it is bad and then a Very specific topic that they focus 10 pages on. I just want to really understand how to find these vulnerabilities (by hand or tools) and what can be done when I find one (for example a BeEF hook and similar stuff).

Where can I find courses/information like this?

How to Create a Learning Management Plugin in WordPress to Manage Courses [LMS]

I’m looking to build a small learning management plugin to manage courses

The first feature that i want to implement is the front-end course builder Meaning that after designing a course page (using it as a default canvas)

enter image description here

This course builder will do the following:

[Button] -> Create new Course – Add Course title: – Add Course Picture: – Add Sections: – Add Lectures: [Button] -> Publish Course

After hitting ‘Publish’ a course page will be created automatically and added to the database

Any help, tips, assistannce will be greatly appreciated.. I’m stuck for several weeks now

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What are the best online design thinking courses available?

I have asked this before as well. Please guide me with the best course available online for design thinking. As of now, I am working as an intern in a bootstrap start-up company and want to accelerate my career and get a good permanent position in a well known company.

So, please provide me the details of the best course online for design thinking.

Earning CPE for SANS/GIAC certification renewal through online courses

I am currently a holder of GIAC Security Essentials certificate (GSEC) that expires soon, so I’m looking for a way to renew this certificate in the most efficient way.

GIAC Certification Renewal page says that it is possible to earn all necessary 36 CPEs through “ISO-17024-Accredited InfoSec Related Certifications and Affiliated Training”. I want to take a certification exam for CIPP/E provided by IAPP, who is in the list of accredited providers.

However, after reading the document at the last URL, I’m still not quite sure how to interpret the sentence “relevant activities completed through an InfoSec related ISO-17024 accredited certification and its affiliated training providers“. Do CPEs get earned only for training hours/days, or is it sufficient to just get a certificate?

More specifically, my questions are:

  • In order to get the 36 CPEs, do I necessarily need to go through a training, or would it be sufficient to just successfully pass the exam and and get a CIPP/E certificate?
  • If I have to take a training, would an online training course be accepted?
  • If so, how many CPEs can I get for it? The description of the course length is pretty vague: “The training comprises 11 modules with an audio run-time of approximately 2-3 hours”, which gives me pessimistically 22 hours. I could hope that it would be at least 24 hours, plus get the remaining 12 CPEs through Field Work Experience, but such approach lacks certainty.

I would be grateful to anyone who shares his/her experience.

Any Courses Based On Niche/Market Research?

Recently I have found it strange that most courses/WSOs breeze through the "research" phase as if it's not too important.

Not That I attack those courses for saying or implying that…

But I have never found a product that mainly focuses on Niche Research and building personas, so if you know of any courses that do that, please reply.
Thank you in advance.