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vertex cover reduction to subset sum

subset: input; a multi set $ S$ of numbers and a natural number $ t$ . Question: Does S contain a subset $ A$ such that $ \sum_{x \in A} x = t$ ? (i.e. $ \{1,1,2,3,4,5\}$ , by multiset it means duplicates are allowed)

vertex cover: input: a undirected graph $ G$ and a number $ k$ . Question: Does $ G$ have a vertex cover of size $ k$ ?

Show vertex-cover $ \leq_P$ subset-sum

I need to somehow transform $ (G, k) \to (S, t)$

enter image description here

Above is a example graph $ G$ that I constructed. It’s vertex covers are $ \{v_1, v_3\}$ so the size of the vertex cover is $ 2$ , thus $ k = 2$ .

This is basically $ S$

\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|c|} \hline & e_1 & e_2 & e_3 & e_4 \ \hline v_1 & 1& 0& 0& 1\ \hline v_2 & 1& 1& 0& 0\ \hline v_3 & 0& 1& 1& 0\ \hline v_4 & 0& 0& 1&1\ \hline \end{array}

if $ e_i$ and $ v_j$ is incident I put $ 1$ ; otherwise $ 0$

Now what I need is a target $ t$ to satisfy this.

The matrix above can be written in a set to be $ S = \{1001, 1100, 0110, 0011\}$ if I were to add up all these values probably in base 2 since its binary, it would give me a value but I think I need a consistent value $ t$ , so this wont work. I’m also unsure how to integrate the $ k = 2$ into this either.

Could someone help me construct this. Thank you

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