Can Apple and Google bypass the decentralised COVID-19 tracing approach (DP-3T)?

Many thoughts have been spent on creating the decentralised, minimum-knowledge contact tracing approach DP-3T. This has been implemented in contact tracing apps of several countries, e. g. the German Corona-Warn-App. Following this approach, there is no central instance that can identify users’ contact history.

However, as the apps depend on specialised APIs provided by the Google Play Services (Android) and amended iOS features, my question is:

Can Apple and Google, e. g. by logging the API usage, bypass the decentralised approach? In effect, can they create contact history profiles?

Please note: This is a theoretical question about the implementation that I do not understand. I do not imply that there is any abuse of this kind; I just wonder if it would be possible technically.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Experts in Epidemiology on Covid19, say Deaths have been under counted by 20,000 and 100,000 have actually died. Is Trump Under-Counting?

ACtually over 100k have died according to them. In every pandemic to date they were undercounted deaths, this one no different. Some because they died at home and were never tested. But could there be some political reason Trump is not reporting the actual numbers? Either that or America suddenly has had a huge jump in mortality rate.  Dr Rafael Irizarry, chair of the Department of Data Science at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a, statistician,  professor of applied statistics at Harvard University.  They compared death rates during Spring 2020 with the rates of previous springs. Because many who die do not get an autopsy, let a lone a coronavirus deaths, they looked at ‘excess deaths’. Excess deaths are defined as over and above the number of people who would have died anyway – the typical mortality rate of a population. Results showed that by 4/ 25, 70,000 more Americans died than what is considered normal for those weeks. At the time, the official figure for coronavirus deaths sat at 52,422, which means fatalities were undercounted by nearly 20,000. 

[ Other – Careers & Employment ] Open Question : Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and mask at work during covid-19 pandemic?

Does an employee have the right to ask the management to provide all of above items if called into work during covid-19 pandemic? If any of hand sanitizer, gloves, or disinfecting wipes are not provided, do I have the right to refuse to come to work? So far management said they’ll provide “one” surgical mask which they will require me to wear at work. I work in an office setting as a technical person.

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Can a job fire you due to Covid-19?

My fiancee just got fired from his job, after a 2 week leave for being exposed to the coronavirus through a friend. He told his boss that he felt perfectly fine to work but they made him take 2 weeks off, today he finally got to go back to work and they fired him. They said he was lying about being in contact with the Covid-19 (even tho we had proof) and even after he said multiple times he can go back to work but they made him stay out for over 2 weeks. Can they legally fire him? We live in Georgia