Many DNS records after creating a subdomain in cPanel

I am new to cPanel but I think I understand the basics of DNS and DNS zones enough.

When I add a new subdomain in cPanel, like, via the subdomain screen, the following records appear automatically in the DNS Zone Editor: 

I don’t need all these records the only one I want is the A records of and deleting them one by one is a nightmare. There’s like maybe 30 records and I want to add several subdomains.

Is there a way to prevent these additional entries from being created or at least to delete multiple entries at the same time?

Cpanel emails not working

Here’s the problem: I want to use custom emails (on my domains) for my GSA campaigns. No catch-all, just simple, normal POP3 emails. So, I’ve added some in Cpanel but none seems to work. Auth failed is the message I get. Where did I go wrong? GSA is setup to check emails without proxies (private or public).
Can someone please help me?