Frequently crashes in Ubuntu 19.04

I’m frequently experiencing crashes in Ubuntu 19.04 with nvidia 390.129 and dual monitors. I’ve noted it happen aleatory, but more frequently when I’m customizing gnome extensions. See bellow crash on second monitor, after that the system not respond and I need to reboot. Can anyone give me some ideia about what’s happening?


PS.: On second monitor the colors change and sometimes like mosaics 😀

Ubuntu 19.04 crashes when sending files/directories from Dekstop to Trash

I’m new with Ubuntu (and Linux in general), and I have noticed something that was really bothering me, which is the fact that when I try to move files from my Desktop to the Trash, my OS either crashes (closes everything and reboots), or it freezes for a short time.

Can anyone help me know why it happens?

NIS client in Ubuntu 18.04 crashes both Gnome and Unity after upgrade from 16.04 LTS

I know this question was asked and a hack was suggested a year ago. Was wondering if there is a prescribed fix without degrading security on the system. The same issue happens from Fedora 29 to Fedora 30. During login into an NIS based client, systemd hangs on pam_systemd authentication and times out after 25 seconds – while pam_unixd succeeds. The 25 second delay causes desktop login to fail. I’m hoping to find a proper solution that does not involve opening the system up to various subnets. Can systemd keep pam authentication optional, like it says in the pam config file?

Issues with Apache and Centos. Crashes at startup but cannot find startup script. apigility

I inherited a Centos 7 server which has apigility installed. When I rebooted the server, the web service crashes. In the log files all I see is

[core:notice] [pid 3864] AH00094: Command line: ‘/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND’ [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 3864] AH00169: caught SIGTERM, shutting down

If I then run ‘/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND’ as root the apache service starts.

There are a few issues. There is no /etc/init.d/apache2 file or similar. There is no “apache” service or similar.

I cannot find the startup script which invokes the apache service in the first place!

The log files are under /etc/httpd/logs . So I tried editing the /etc/httpd/conf/ files to enable debug logging but I do not see more data in the log files.

I need to figure out what invokes httpd when the server boots, and why it crashes… any thoughts would be appreciated.

gRPC C++ client crashes while calling Google Cloud Datastore method

I am trying to implement a service in C++ that needs to access entities stored in Google Cloud Datastore. The service will run in a docker container on Google Cloud. I decided to use gRPC instead of REST API. I have a working gRPC example in python. However, the C++ gRPC client crashes when it calls a method on the stub. Since this is my first attempt to access Google Cloud with gRPC, I cannot vouch for the code’s correctness. My code depends on generated protobuf C++ output from googleapis, as well as gRPC.

The crash is in gRPC library. After calling the method, it waits, and probably exceeds deadline, then fails. Verbose output or trace doesn’t give much. It appears like gRPC is dereferencing a null pointer in call_op_set.h:71 (my master branch is currently on 21c4e7d9f2). I haven’t built gRPC with sanitizers; maybe they can catch the error early on. It appears like something is wrong with the metadata. My code could be wrong, and that might be causing the issue down the line. I couldn’t find a good example of it on the Internet. I am trying to read some Java and Python code, and apply it in C++.

My main question is about the JSON file. I have created a service account on Google Cloud, and a key. Key creation ends up with a JSON file. I am trying to get its contents, and pass down to ServiceAccountJWTAccessCredentials in my C++ Code.

I would be very happy, if someone could help me finding the error.

#include <fstream> #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include <grpc++/grpc++.h> #include "google/datastore/v1/datastore.grpc.pb.h" #include "google/datastore/v1/query.pb.h"  static std::string get_file_contents(const char *filename) {   if (std::ifstream in(filename, std::ios::in | std::ios::binary); in) {     std::ostringstream contents;     contents << in.rdbuf();     in.close();     return (contents.str());   }   throw std::system_error(errno, std::generic_category()); }  int main() {   using namespace std::string_literals;    const std::string project_id = "my project id"s;   const char *file = "json-file-generated-by-service-account.json";   const std::string content = get_file_contents(file);    auto creds = grpc::CompositeChannelCredentials(       grpc::SslCredentials(grpc::SslCredentialsOptions()),       grpc::ServiceAccountJWTAccessCredentials(content));    auto channel = grpc::CreateChannel(""s, creds);   auto stub = google::datastore::v1::Datastore::NewStub(channel);    google::datastore::v1::RunQueryRequest qry;   auto mutq = qry.mutable_query();   auto k = mutq->mutable_kind();   auto added = k->Add();   added->set_name("my_kind"s);   qry.set_project_id(project_id);   grpc::ClientContext cli_ctx;   cli_ctx.set_initial_metadata_corked(true);   google::datastore::v1::RunQueryResponse resp;   auto status = stub->RunQuery(&cli_ctx, qry, &resp);   std::cout << "Error: code: " << status.error_code()             << "\nMessage: " << status.error_message()             << "\nDetails: " << status.error_details(); } 

iOS Springboard crashes – constant

My late 2018 iPad Pro and now iPhone (as of the last month), has Springboard crashes every 20 minutes to 3 hours.

The screen goes black, the spinning wheel appears, continues for about 6 seconds and then the home screen reappears. If I go to Safari, the webpages have to reload. Fantastical, the calendar page has to reload. That gives you a picture of the reset process/crash that happens.

I’ve have the same case number with multiple Apple Senior Advisors since February and they simply can’t figure it out. They already replaced the iPad as a possible solution. They sent in my log files from an Apple profile the iCloud team. They’ve had the log files for 2 months and never replied. Obviously they’re lost too.

I’ve done every normal troubleshooting step under the sun: reset to factory settings. Put it in recovery mode from iTunes and rebuilt the iPad from scratch, no iCloud restore. I even signed in with a different, new Apple ID to test that. No joy. Still crashes.

I believe I’ve narrowed down the cause: corrupt iCloud library folders/files because iCloud on a Mac syncs to an iOS device.

So what’s the best way to replace and re-build those? Recovery mode on my iMac and Macbook? A terminal command?

Desperate for an answer because I can’t use my iPad Pro as a functional daily driver when it keeps crashing when working.

Grateful for anyone’s solid thoughts on this.

What files do I backup for frequent crashes?

I currently run Xubuntu 19.04 on an old HP laptop. Due to overheating, the laptop crashes frequently and due to this, files occasionally get corrupted.

Files that have been corrupted:

  • .zsh_history: I’ve fixed this and made a small script to automate this answer here.
  • Firefox data: I now use the snap version + Firefox sync.

  • Whisper menu: This is mainly why I made this post. Just yesterday, I clicked the whisper menu, and then the laptop crashed suddenly. On booting up, I find that the config has been corrupted. (Size of icons, and favorite applications have gone back to default)

Therefore, my questions are: Where are the XFCE UI settings stored, or more generally, What are important files that are a good idea to back up?

How to repair Chrome 75 video playback with freezes and crashes?

Everythings works in Chrome 74 or earlier. However, when I install Chrome 75 on Ubuntu 18.04, video playback does not work, Chrome 75 freezes, and after numerous clicks to get Chrome 75 to respond, Chrome 75 crashes and Ubuntu 18.04 crashes. I cannot find any acknowledgement of these severe issues anywhere. Google Chrome help center gives no answers nor do they respond to queries. Nor does Ubuntu acknowledge these issues. All answers in ask Ubuntu are many years old. I am forced to uninstall Chrome 75, and install an earlier version. Unfortunately, only Chrome 71 is available for Ubuntu. Chrome 75 works on Windows 10 however. Firefox works perfectly.

Whatsapp crashes

I have updated my Whatsapp to the latest version (2.18.46) but it crashes as soon as I open it. I don’t get any.”Whatsapp has stopped working” message.

Here’s what happens:
1) I click the icon.
2) White screen opens, notification bar turns whatsapp green
3) White screen suddenly disappears and I am left with the previous screen.

I don’t think instance of whatsapp is running as I don’t get any notifications also. All the messages remain undelivered.

Things I have done: 1) Restarted the phone.
2) Checked network – both Wifi, 3g
3) Removed battery, inserted it again, charged till 100%.
4) Force killed whatsapp
5) Uninstall – reinstall whatsapp.

I don’t know what’s happening. My OS is Lollipop (5.1) Cyanogen. Everything was working fine it messed up after update