Mathematica crashes when plotting over region

Mathematica 12.0.0 crashes and kernel quits on my computer (Win 10) when I try the simple exercise of plotting over a region (taken from this Wolfram page):

Plot3D[x y, {x, y} \[Element]  Disk[{0, 0}, 1], ImageSize ->  500,  PlotTheme -> "Web"] 

A similar problem happens when I work with StreamPlot over a Disk region.

Any advice on how to stop this from happening?

MySQL8 instance crashes on CloudSQL

I had a MySQL 5.7 instance on Google CloudSQL. Now i created a MySQL 8 instance.

The configuration is pretty much the same (except i use 2 CPUs instead of one, 3.75GB of RAM). Now the default config for MySQL Memory usage (like innodb_buffer_pool_size,..) seems to be the same.

I migrated about half of my applications to use this instance. What is happening now is, that the instance Memory usage goes above 3.XX GB and the service gets restarted. Which is super annoying because in that time my applications obviously crash. It seems like memory usage grows with every select statement, and everything is cached.

Here are some of the config values:

|                          key_buffer_size |           8.00  MB | |                  innodb_buffer_pool_size |        1408.00  MB | |                   innodb_log_buffer_size |          16.00  MB | |                         sort_buffer_size |           0.25  MB | |                         read_buffer_size |           0.125 MB | |                     read_rnd_buffer_size |           0.25  MB | |                         join_buffer_size |           0.25  MB | |                             thread_stack |           0.273 MB | |                        binlog_cache_size |           0.031 MB | |                           tmp_table_size |          16.00  MB | 

This makes CloudSQL pretty much unusable to me. I need MySQL 8 without crashing several times a day.

ADO.NET entity data model wizard crashes when creating a Postgresql data model

I am having trouble creating an data model from an existing Postgres database. I have used Npgsql and connected successfully but the wizard crashes without any error when I try to add a new entity data model. I have installed the Npgsql PostgreSQL Integration extension(Version and the following packages:

<packages>   <package id="EntityFramework" version="6.2.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="EntityFramework6.Npgsql" version="" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces" version="1.0.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="Npgsql" version="" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Buffers" version="4.5.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Memory" version="4.5.3" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Numerics.Vectors" version="4.5.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe" version="4.6.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Text.Encodings.Web" version="4.6.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Text.Json" version="4.6.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions" version="4.5.3" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.ValueTuple" version="4.5.0" targetFramework="net472" /> </packages> 

The wizard crashes after clicking next on this window:

Entity Data Model wizard

Further technical details Npgsql version: Version PostgreSQL version: 12.5 Operating system: Windows 10


  • I am using Npgsql -Version instead of the latest stable version because the latest Npgsql PostgreSQL Integration extension in the VS marketplace is also of this version.
  • I am using EntityFramework6.Npgsql -Version instead of the latest stable version because my project relies on EntityFramework -Version 6.2.0 and it is the latest version to have EntityFramework -Version 6.2.0 as the minimum dependency.
  • I have tried using all the latest stable versions of EntityFramework, Npgsql, and EntityFramework6.Npgsql and still had the same results

Thank you.

Lagrange interpolation of 2000 equidistant points on $\frac{1}{1+x^2}$ crashes mathematica/does not evaluate

My Code:

Points := Table[-5 + 10 j/2048, {j, 1, 2047}] Data := Table[1/(1 + x^2), {x, Points}] Data2 := Transpose[{Points, Data}] p[x_] = InterpolatingPolynomial[Data2, x] 

I am not sure why this crashes Mathematica. It seems it cannot handle this. I have a HW assignment that requires for me to find the interpolating polynomial of $ \frac{1}{1+x^2}$ at the points $ -5+10j/2048$ for $ j$ between 1 and 2047. The code above is my best attempt at doing so. I could not figure out how to make a table of the form $ \{\{x_1,y_1\}…\}$ so I just combined the two sets by transposition. Mathematica handles The first three lines properly. However, when trying to evaluate

p[x_] = InterpolatingPolynomial[Data2, x]

after about 2-3 minutes crashes. I am not sure what the issue is. Is this impossible for mathematica? I tried the command parallelize but that di not help. The goal of the problem is to find the error of this interpolatoin, and compare it to the error of interpolation using chebyshev points (which I will try doing after I can do this)

Kernel ROP crashes running OS

I was experimenting to see if I can make an ROP chain within the kernel. In the kernel debugging mode, I can make the first jump to an arbitrary gadget address without any problem. But the problem occurs after that. If I want to continue the kernel by typing continue, Kernel freeze. OS did not respond, I have to restart my VM to get back to the working state again.

Now my understanding is, As I jump or return to a random address (gadget) in the kernel, my stack contains doesn’t change as a normal function call would do. Therefore, when I execute the gadget instructions one by one or continue to run the kernel if the instructions needed some value from the stack which is not present there, as a result, kernel crash.

So, My question is, how can I jump/return to multiple gadgets and after running all the gadgets continue to run the kernel without crashing it. I guess there is no easy and straight forward answer for it. But if someone can give some basic idea about where to start that would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

Recursive Coroutine crashes unity

I want the bounds (left wall and right wall) to follow the player’s y position, a couple of times. however when I use this code as soon as it runs unity crashes. any idea why?

public Transform bounds;  //in another function StartCoroutine(Follow_Bounds(0));  IEnumerator Follow_Bounds(int a) {     yield return new WaitForSeconds(1f);     while(a < 3)     {         StartCoroutine(Follow_Bounds(a + 1));     }    bounds.position = new Vector2(bounds.position.x, transform.position.y); } 

Sharepoint Designer 2013 crashes when I publish a workflow with a approval process action

From a few days I can no longer publish with the SharePoint Designer old and new Workflows that contain a simple approval process Action, like this

->    Start Approval (7) process on Current Item with Alessandro Cosi 

I am now receiving this error when attempting to publish:

An error occurred while trying to fetch data from your Sharepoint site.

18.04 crashes when coming back to GUI

I’ve read the article Switch to Console in Ubuntu 18.04 – How to Leave GUI? and this question.

I need to be able, while logged-in in the GUI, to go to tty and come back to GUI.

Here is what I do:

  1. I am in the GUI logged-in
  2. I press CTRL + ALT + F3 and I get the tty. I log in to this tty.
  3. Then I press CTRL + ALT + F1 and i get the GUI login screen. I put my password, I click “unlock” and it crashes. Nothing moves. Frozen screen.

I’ve also tried to go back to the gui with ALT + F2instead than CTRL + ALT + F2 – in this case it freeses in the tty.

Only hard reset can bring me to normality after reboot.

Please help me to resolve and in case of need to troubleshoot it. I don’t have idea where to find the logs if needed.


gnome-shell freezes and then after a minute crashes

I have been having a lot of issues with Ubuntu such as hangs, crashes, refuses to load my account etc. I have eliminated hardware being the issue as I have checked all my hardware. Some of these issues were fixed by trying different combinations of kernel versions and bios versions. But I still have some gnome-shell crashes that I can’t fix. Checking my logs reveals a lot of error messages I don’t know how many of them or normal. I will attach 2 logs one from gnome-logs google drive to log 1 with only important events showed and another google drive to log 2from journal showing all that plus warnings

I have already said I eliminated hardware being the issue but I am including my specs here

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700x

Motherboard: Gigabyte Arous GAMING x470

Bios V.: F42A

RAM: XPG Z1 DDR4 3000MHz (PC4 24000) 16GB (2x8GB) Gaming Memory Modules, Silver (AX4U300038G16-DSZ1)

Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Windforce OC GV-N1080WF3OC-8GD Graphics Cards)

Power Supply: Corsair TXM Gold 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX

DRIVES: M.2 drives 1 Samsung EVO 970(Linux) && 1 Samsung EVO 960 (Windows)
1 SEAGATE 2TB SSHD(games and user files) 1TB SEAGATE Drive HDD (Backups)