Are AWS Signed URL’s crawled by google?

I have used Amazon pre signed url to share content.

Is google able to crawl this url? I’m sharing this url with just one client. What about other services? there are some of theme that let you share content with someone by creating a seemingly random url (or even using hashes) like Is that url crawled by google or other search engines?


This item could not be crawled because the repository did not respond within the specified timeout period

In SharePoint 2019 farm when I run full crawl below error keeps appearing in crawl log, I did below actions but still same error.

Error: The start address xxxx cannot be crawled. Context: Application ‘Search_Service_Application’, Catalog ‘Portal_Content’ Details: This item could not be crawled because the repository did not respond within the specified timeout period. Try to crawl the repository at a later time, or increase the timeout value on the Proxy and Timeout page in search administration. You might also want to crawl this repository during off-peak usage times. (0x80040d7b)

in ULS logs: object not found for (valueName = ServiceUser ProductKeyName = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server.0\Search)

Troubleshoot steps that I did: Given search account Full Permissions and content access account full read permissions from user policy of web application. Add Host Entry for web application in Crawl servers. Disable the Loop back check. Login with content acc account to servers and Internet Options>Connections>LAN settings. Uncheck ‘Automatically detect settings’.

Increase the timeout value on the Proxy and Timeout page in search administration. to 120 Seconds

How do I add a managed property for a column on a list when I do not see a crawled property to map to?

I’m working with SharePoint 2013 Enterprise. I’ve taken over the management of another SharePoint setup created by the person that had my job before me. I want to be able to query against the search api against a specific column, Alternate Name, for which I do not see any managed or crawled property created. I know the column is not a site column. That said, SharePoint shows that it has an internal name of "Alternate_x0020_Name". I’ve done both an incremental and full crawl after ensuring that numerous list items have an Alternate Name value. I have searched both managed & crawled properties via the Search Schema on nearly every variation of "Alternate_x0020_Name" I can think of, including searching on each singular part of the column name. Best I can see is that there simply isn’t one. That said, if I try creating a new managed property and mapping it to a crawled property…well I could, but I do not see a field to map to.

The api I’m querying against follows a URL signature like:

http://sharepoint_server/_api/search/query?querytext='alt name value'&rowlimit=500 

There are A LOT of columns that this particular api does not return as part of it’s xml, though, I haven’t figured out how to add more columns even by adding the &SelectedProperties='properties here'.

I’ve reviewed a number of links, but am still not sure what to make of my scenario. It doesn’t seem like a managed property was auto-created and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to map it to if I create a new one.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The links I’ve reviewed are below. I’ve also gone further into these by following and reading subsequent links that were posted as part of various answers.

List Column as Crawled Property

How to check correct Crawled property for a list column

Creating Custom Managed Properties

Does all attachments in list get crawled in SP Online?

I have issues getting any result back from my sharepoint list. I have some jpg,ms word/excel and pdf files attached and sometimes i get results sometimes now. Any idea what is being actually crawled in the content sources for SP online? How do i know when was the last time the resource was crawled..i have re- indes so many times with no change If someone from MS team can give some clue here THanks in Advance

SharePoint Online Site Collection PropertyBag – how to apply crawled property to child content of site collection (e.g. documents in library)?

In my enterprise search page, I want users to be able to filter their results by choosing ‘site’ metadata. I’ve already setup a filter for site name using the ows_SiteName crawled property – it works great and it applies to the content of the site in search! But I have other metadata about each site that I want users to filter on – let’s use ‘Client’ as an example. I’ve setup this other metadata as properties in the Site Collection PropertyBag and marked them as indexable. This works! I mapped the crawled property to a managed property, and setup my filter to include this property. This works to an extent but the property only seems to filter results from search which are ‘sites’. I want the filter to also apply to the content of my site (e.g. documents in a library).

Can we make links loaded by XMLHttpRequest crawled by search engines?

My objective is to build a sort of web-calendar which display links to sport events. The first idea that I got, and the one which seemed more logical to me, is loading the calendar months by Ajax requests. The issue is that some articles mention that these links might not be taken into account by search engines spiders.

This article mention that “Note that as of now, Google and Bing can index synchronous JavaScript applications just fine. Synchronous being the key word there. If your app starts with a loading spinner, then fetches content via Ajax, the crawler will not wait for you to finish. This means if you have content fetched asynchronously on pages where SEO is important, SSR might be necessary.”

So, at todays date, is that still true? And if so, is it possible to tell search engines somehow which pages to crawl next from a VUE app?

In other words, any news regarding this post?

SharePoint 2010- A List is not appearing in Search result even it is crawled

I have created a new SharePoint site into my existing SharePoint Application, then i created many lists and libraries into this new site.

except one list all other Lists and Libraries of the site are appearing into SharePoint Search. As per the crawl logs this list has been crawled. I also checked this list’s settings, it is set to be available for search, but i don’t know why it not coming in Search results.

I waited for full crawl, even after that it is not appearing into the search result. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Google Showing that “URL is not on Google and Crawled – currently not indexed”.

I have submitted our service page with new google webmaster but it’s showing URL is not on Google and Crawled – currently not indexed.
It never gave me such error before so am I missing something.

I have not included a canonical tag so could this be an issue?

Our page is regarding flutter services and there is no case of duplicate content or anything.

so if you guys could help me out here with some suggestions.

Webmaster error :