How to create a confirm popup when delete item with field collection?

I have configured a field collection field (unlimited items) for a content type and I want create a confirm popup when user delete an item. For this, i found that i can directly go and modify 2 functions in the file. They are:

1. field_collection_item_delete_confirm

2. field_collection_item_delete_confirm_submit

I’m a newbie in drupal so I don’t know how to use these function from the file, I tried to hook these function in template.tpl file but it’s didn’t work. Can someone help me ? Sorry about my English.

Module to create a menu entity

There is a module for Magento 1 that creates a menu Entity without creating elements for the frontend. A menu entity like that of Drupal, the possibility to create infinite menus and within each menu infinite items nested. Then the developer will programmatically print the menu where it is needed. Can you suggest me?

How to create data out of sample?

I have a device, which measures events 1 out of R, where R is $ O(10000)$ . I started measurements at time $ 0$ up to time $ T$ , where $ T$ is large. Now I have a sampled data set, recording event and its time.

I want to know the time for all events that took place in a small window of time $ t$ seconds, where $ t << T$ .

One simple is way to divide the measured sampled with $ R$ , but I am afraid it will lose the patterns in the data.

Basically, I need a way to compress a sampled dataset in a very large time to a small time containing all the events, while preserving patterns. Would be nice to test if the any method used is representative of the sampled dataset.

How to create model for a powerful language whose programs are guaranteed to terminate?

I’m creating a powerful regular expression matching system that can be augmented by adding small microprograms to deterministic finite automaton (DFA) states. The microprogram solves the big bang issue where a rule of the form .*ab.*cd doubles the state count of the DFA.

The solution for the “big bang” problem is to create a program-augmented-DFA like this:

.*ab {   var=1; } .*cd {   if (var)   {     raise();   } } 

Now, a problem with programming languages in general is that programs written in nontrivial languages may end up in infinite loop or in infinite recursion. Thus, I’m planning to implement a bytecode where backwards jumps are strictly forbidden but forwards jumps are allowed. The bytecode would contain the following opcodes:

  • EQ, NE, LT, GT, LE, GE for equality and inequality
  • SHL, SHR
  • JMP_FWD, IF_FALSE_JUMP_FWD for nonconditional and conditional jumps (only forwards)
  • NOP for padding
  • SET_VAR for setting a variable in the variable structure
  • PUSH_VAR for pushing a variable in the variable structure into stack
  • POP and POP_MANY for popping variables from the stack
  • perhaps some other opcodes like for ++, --, += operators etc.

The additional data structures accessed by programs are the variable structure (permanent) and stack (nonpermanent). Nonnegative variables (0, 1, 2, 3, …) are in the variable structure and negative variables (-1, -2, -3, -4, …) refer to the stack. So, in the example .*ab / .*cd program, var would be in the variable structure as it’s permanent.

I have already verified that arbitrary logical expressions and complex if-else structures can be implemented in this bytecode.

Is there some kind of formal model for bytecodes whose microprograms always are guaranteed to terminate?

Note function calls are missing. Would the language become more powerful if I allowed function calls forwards, but never function calls backwards (thus making recursion impossible)? If the program can manipulate the stack, I assume a secondary stack for just instruction pointer return locations would be needed. Would such a secondary stack that cannot be manipulated allow supporting function calls in a language whose programs are guaranteed to terminate?

At least without function calls I know that there is an upper bound for the stack size: if one instruction can push at most one item into the stack, if there are N instructions, an upper bound for the stack size is N. Would the upper bound change if function calls were supported?

As practical example of a similar language, my online search found this that may be applicable:

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How do I create a screen that shows at the beginning of every question

I want to create a screen that show the number of question your on and other stuff before each question. It would show until data for next question is read and loaded up.

How would I create this screen? I thought of just creating a separate View Controller and then showing it at the beginning of every question but I believe that this is inefficient.

Create new Sharepoint Online calendar event using Microsoft Flow

Alright, I’ve just started with Microsoft Flow and Sharepoint Online, so please bear with me.

Anyway, the problem is that even though I seem to create an item in the sharepoint calendar (using the Sharepoint Create Item action), and test runs show that it was “added”, the event itself isn’t in the calendar. All the information for the event is provided in the Flow itself, although I don’t think that this might be the issue.

My guess is that I’m just using the wrong action, but I’m not too sure which one I’m supposed to use instead, as googling my specific problem (and a couple of general ones in the same line) hasn’t given me any tangible results.

So, in short, what Microsoft Flow action should I use, instead of the one I’ve already used?

Screenshots could be added if necessary, although there is some sensitive information visible in the Flow, so that would have to be blacked out/blurred.

Thank you all in advance!