How to create a playable race Monstrous Adventurer : Quickling

How to create a new Monstrous Adventurer: Quickling

There are several Monstrous Adventurers options presented in Volo’s Guide to Monsters and I was wondering how to provide a new option of playing a Quickling? (page 187)

Obviously the 120 feet movement rate is a great advantage, but what penalties could be applied to balance it out and make it a playable race? I notice that some of the other races get a penalty like the Kobold which has -2 to Strength (page 119). Should I remove or nerf the Blurred Movement and Evasion skills?

Would -3 to Strength and -2 to Charisma be a fair trade?

Finally, can you have a playable race that is Tiny in the 5e?

How can I create encounters that encourage players to use non-Attack actions?

In D&D 5e, the players have lots of actions they can take within combat encounters besides attacking. I’m trying to figure out how to encourage them to use a greater variety of actions, especially Disengage, Dodge, and Help.

They’ve seen NPCs use these actions, so they know they are available, and my rogue is good at taking Disengage as a bonus action. However, it seems like these options are too weak mechanically to compete with attacking for the PCs actions.

Are there specific tactical situations that will make these options more appealing?

On DnDBeyond, how to create a shield that gives a ranged attack?

In dndBeyond, I’m trying to essentially create a captain America shield. If I make it’s type a shield, then I can’t seem to make it give a ranged attack as an option. I’ve tried to add a modifier and used the Ranged Weapon Attack - Bludgeoning modifier with a damage die roll and dex as the primary stat. When equipped to a character the AC increases by 2 as it should for a shield, but no luck in getting a ranged attack to show up in the actions attack section of the character sheet. Can anyone give me some direction in how to make this happen? Does it need to be created as a weapon that gives an AC bonus to mimic what equipping a shield does? Kind of feels like a hack. enter image description here

How can i create an isolated and anonymous OS inside my employer’s laptop?

My employer monitors every website I visit on company laptop, so i need to create an isolated OS and connect to a stealth VPN so the IT department won’t know which websites I visit and they even shouldn’t know I’m connected to VPN and use isolated OS.

My solution would be:

  • Qubes and Win 10 inside of it

  • A Stealth VPN Service like Nordvpn (which the network will not know im connected to vpn)

  • Maybe a usb for them to save & plug-play anytime

  • My mobile phone 4g internet or company’s wifi (?)

Note: No need for a complete anonymous systems like whonix, tails etc. I just need to browse web for my personal needs and save my personal docs. So Windows OS is required..

Which solution would be okay?

Resources to create a homebrew world

Are there any generally well-accepted resources for designing a new campaign-world from scratch? Maybe like a checklist of important things that should definitely be authored in advance?

For this particular game, I will run Pathfinder 1e for group of 4-6 heroes to advance from level 1 to 20. ‘Typical’ level of fantasy.

This game will also take place on a play-by-post forum.

How can a PC create (and control) an army of undead skeletons?

Fantasy novels are rife with evil necromancers controlling hordes of undead…and they also make great BBEGs! But what if a PC wanted to do the same thing?

I’d like to see how big of an army a 5e D&D character could raise and control. Let’s assume this character is 20th level, can be of any published class or class combo, only wants to make an army of permanent skeletons (they smell better than zombies!), has a 20 for any relevant ability score, and has access to any non-artifact magic item.

As an example, let’s assume the character is a wizard and is using the Animate Dead spell which says

This spell creates an undead servant.

The creature is under your control for 24 hours, after which it stops obeying any command you’ve given it. To maintain control of the creature for another 24 hours, you must cast this spell on the creature again before the current 24-hour period ends. This use of the spell reasserts your control over up to four creatures you have animated with this spell, rather than animating a new one.

My math says this wizard could create 83 skeletons the first day, but would only be able to control 60 of them thereafter. This is a LONG way from anything resembling an army…and the wizard would have to burn every single spell slot of 3rd level or higher, every single day, just to keep these 60 in line.

So, let’s get creative!

How can I let my PCs create new spells in a balanced and fair way?

Assuming the DM is on board with the premise, are there resources that would provide some guidelines on how a PC may create a spell, and mechanics that should be considered for balancing and fairness purposes?

How can I let my players develop new spells without breaking the game?

Ideally these resources wouldn’t necessarily be limited to the 5e mechanics, if previously published materials can be translated appropriately or be used as a base model.