Does crafting ammunition create one piece, or a batch?

I’m looking at the rules for crafting, and I’m somewhat surprised to see the following:

You must spend 4 days at work, at which point you attempt a Crafting check. The GM determines the DC to Craft the item based on its level, rarity, and other circumstances.

So if a wizard were to craft a staff, it would take 4 days. Fair enough. But suppose the same wizard wanted to craft Spellstrike ammunition – let’s say arrows. Would it take 4 days to craft a single arrow? Or is there a rule somewhere stating that after 4 days, a quiver of, say 10, would be created?

Having it take just as long to craft a magical staff as it would take to craft a single magical arrow seems a little absurd to me – the first is a permanent item, the second is single-use.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Does putting an Air Elemental in a Bag of Holding create an air supply?

Elementals don’t need to breathe, eat, or sleep, thanks to their Elemental Nature (MM p. 123). This means that one could survive indefinitely in a Bag of Holding.

An Air Elemental using its Air Form ability could enter a creature’s space and stop there, effectively engulfing a PC in air. While the statblock does not clarify if this is breathable air or not, there is also no such thing as "breathable air" in 5e; things that you could breathe that are not air tend to be Poisons or specific gasses, not "air." The convention, then, would be to assume that the "air" in an Air Elemental was breathable. In addition, the statblock of the Air Elemental does NOT say that the creature sharing the space of the elemental is unable to breathe or begins to suffocate, implying that the creature inside the elemental is fully capable of breathing normally.

Could you, therefore, put a party member and a friendly elemental into a Bag of Holding (assuming that there is enough rations in the bag of holding to tend to the character’s biological needs) and expect them to survive indefinitely?

How to create a clickable static call us button that links to a new setting in general

I recently had an admin setting created on my website that allows me to input a contact number to display on the front end via a shortcode.

Now I am now trying to use this field to also create a clickable and static call button for mobile devices only that appears on the bottom of their screens.

There are plugins like WP Call Button that achieve this, but I am trying to keep my website as light as possible. Any help would be much appreciated!

I think I may need another 2 admin fields created that act as a text label as well as the hyperlink function? e.g. tel:035555555?

enter image description here

Here’s the code that was created (thanks again Walter) for my general settings:

/**  * Class for adding a new field to the options-general.php page  */ class Add_Settings_Field {      /**      * Class constructor      */     public function __construct() {         add_action( 'admin_init' , array( $  this , 'register_fields' ) );     }      /**      * Add new fields to wp-admin/options-general.php page      */     public function register_fields() {         register_setting( 'general', 'phone_number_custom', 'esc_attr' );         add_settings_field(             'custom_phone_number',             '<label for="custom_phone_number">' . __( 'Phone Number' , 'phone_number_custom' ) . '</label>',             array( $  this, 'fields_html' ),             'general'         );     }      /**      * HTML for extra settings      */     public function fields_html() {         $  value = get_option( 'phone_number_custom', '' );         echo '<input type="text" id="custom_phone_number" name="phone_number_custom" value="' . esc_attr( $  value ) . '" />';     }  } new Add_Settings_Field(); 

How to create shortcodes that pull custom field data from general settings

Easily create LinkedIn bots and automate operations.

Hey all,

I want to share with you a new GitHub project. This is a NodeJS API wrapper for LinkedIn unofficial API.

This project helps developers building some cool LinkedIn bots/services.
All you need is a working LinkedIn account and some basic knowledge of Javascript/NodeJS/TypeScript

Those are the features my API provides (so far):
* Search for people, companies, and connections
* View profiles
* View sent and received invitations and send new invitations to any profile.
* Navigate…

Easily create LinkedIn bots and automate operations.

Would allowing all Unearthed Arcana create rules problems?

I’m thinking of running a campaign where the players don’t have books and I wanted to recommend that they use the SRD until then, but also use any Unearthed Arcana material from Wizards’ site if they wanted.

Would allowing all Unearthed Arcana material create any balance problems or fundamental rule contradictions?

The main reasons being would be to allow players to use free material without worrying about buying books just yet, but also having available more interesting stuff to work with.

How to create a custom template for a custom post types category

I’m working on a custom post type and need to assign a new template to one of the custom post types categories.

So far i’ve tried adding a new categories.php file with the category name at the end, which is ‘automotive’. However, It didn’t seem to overwrite the default template which is set for the custom post type.

Can someone please advise me on how I can assign a new template to a custom post type category.