Create realistic digital portrait for commercial or personal use for $190

Hi i will draw an amazing realistic digital portrait using the photo you provide for reference. It can be used for your music covers, printing or any commercial or personal use. I need: a good quality photo no blurs etc you will get: a 300dpi high resolution jpeg or png or any image format that you need. Size is 2500x3500px by default. If you need other please mention. you can inbox me before placing any order. Thanks

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Create a class student with public member variables

Create a class Student with public member variables: Student name, student number, contact number, ID number. The following specifications are required:

 Add init() method of the class that initializes string member variables to empty strings and numeric values to 0.

 Add the method populate() to the class. The method is used to assign values to the member variables of the class.

 Add the method display() to the class. The method is used to display the member variables of the class.

 Create an instance StudentObj of the class Student in a main program.

 The main program should prompt the user to enter values for five students. The attributes should be assigned to the instance of Student using its populate() method, and must be displayed using the display() method of the instance of Student.

Create an interactive maps from location list

In SharePoint Online, I have a list with different stores location. the idea is to work to have a map with all our store on the SharePoint homepage.

I already found something like this but in the old classic view. (i created a new view of the list with all the information) but I can’t find a way to do the same in the modern view.

Does someone have some idea to help to udnerstand how to do this? Thank you

Can’t create Variation label for SharePoint site collection

Good day,

I have some problem with creating multi-language SharePoint site. I have site collection with “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure enabled”. I follow this article here.

Following the article (Create the source variation site) I go to Site Collection Administration, click Variation labels. On the Variations Label page, I click New Label. I try to select Location field Value.

In the article was written “It they will be at the top level of the site collection, just type a forward slash (/)”

I type “/” in the Location field and get the error “The root site of the options should be the publication site”. I can’t understand, what is wrong if “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” option is enabled. “SharePoint Server Publishing” is enabled too.

Thank you in advance.

Create a Responsive WordPress Website Design for $350

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Create custom website development for $90

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im trying to create a new user but it dosent work

Adding user `charlie' ... Adding new group `charlie' (1002) ... Adding new user `charlie' (1001) with group `charlie' ... Creating home directory `/home/charlie' ... Stopped: chown 1001:1002 /home/charlie: Invalid argument  Removing directory `/home/charlie' ... Removing user `charlie' ... Removing group `charlie' ... groupdel: group 'charlie' does not exist adduser: `groupdel charlie' returned error code 6. Exiting. 

how do I fix this?

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