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How do I create and use a custom hook?

I posted a question here, which had one suggestion, but no answer. Does anyone have any advise on how to implement a custom hook in Drupal 8 which will allow other modules to update a table of contents which is created by a parent module? The table of contents will be an unordered list.

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Project: Create an App (for android only) that makes a content-window appear after a given time (no matter what app was used until then)

to be more precise…

imagine you’re using your tablet. You’re doing things like youtube, email, games, etc… and after 10 minutes a window opens and slides over whatever you were doing until then. That new window would be used to show/display text-information, videos, etc.

The purpose:

The person who needs this app owns several sales stands and every sales person at such a stand has a tablet. Those sales people should receive notifications in shape of a window that slides over cover what they were doing on the tablet. That new window (be it a browser-window or something else) will be used as canvas for text-information, a short educational video or a reminder to not browse through the web all the time, etc…

It is less about determining what apps the sales person has access to, but rather the option, to have a window appear on the tablet with information the sales person should see. One additional task of that overlaying window would be, that it should appear regularly after x minutes.

My thoughts now are:

I do know that Android tablets have a screensaver function, so maybe that can be modified in a way that it provides the mentioned functions? If that doesnt work… how could such an app be realised?

  • Browserbased WebApp?
    • I’m thinking that Webapps probably don’t have the permission to “dominate” the screen and push all other apps aside that were in use?
  • Native Android App? Or maybe I’m wrong?
    • I have 0 experience with native apps.
  • something else?

Starting to create websites in HTML/CSS from scratch – basic instructions

Dear all,

I have created some pages already in WordPress e.g. https://eurogetwork.com/tworzenie-stron-internetowych-po-niemiecku/

Now I would like to resign from WordPress and start coding the pages from Scratch, because I want to have full control of what I am designing. If you have some basic and core instructions, which will help me to start with, please share.

Many thanks in advance.

best regards,

How, as a Pathfinder DM, can I help my players create characters at the correct optimization level for a given adventure?

My D&D 4e party is a few levels away from the end of their epic campaign, and they want to keep playing D&D with me.

I have recently discovered that I really like some of the Adventure Paths for Pathfinder and we already decided that we will be switching systems, but my current players either started with 4e (3 players out of 4) or never created the mechanical part of the character themselves.

One big difference between the system they already know (4e) and the one they need to learn (PF) is that once you understand that hitting often is important and dealing more damage, raising defenses and winning initiative are the next steps, 4E characters are easy to build. Building powerful PF charcters requires way more mastery, despite the availability of SRDs there’s no electronic character builder that helps you filter feats and powers you can take and trap options are many more and harder to spot.

So, building an optimized character is hard – and I think building a character that is balanced against the campaign is even harder. The one Adventure Path I’m currently DMing, Curse of the Crimson Throne, seems to be written with the assumption that random guys who just met at a Pathfinder Society organized play table should be able to play through it with no hassle.

For comparison, at my table even a Swashbuckler (a tier 5 class, which according to the tier system means “not the best even at its main job”) is dishing a lot of damage around. Three level 10 characters (one level lower than the AP mandates) dispatched an Advanced (32 more HP and more AC) version of Cindermaw in one round just by dealing enough damage.

(We had one alchemist with frost bombs, one swashbuckler and one investigator with a firearm)

I’m wondering if limiting available material to Pathfinder Society approved material, or limiting material similarly to 5e’s “core + one book” limit, maybe combined with “no tier 1 or tier 2 classes”, could be enough to creat characters who get properly challenged in combat.

If such easy and formulaic methods are not enough, how does one ensure that the characters are at the right level of optimization?

Unless we change our mind, this group will be playing either Way of the Wicked or Curse of the Crimson Throne.

To me, D&D/PF adventures should provide interesting encounters, both of the social, of the explortation and of the combat type.

I define a combat encounter interesting when the players don’t just repeat the same motions and each fight becomes some uninteresting loss of time because they would have won anyway. Combat has to be enough challenging that players feel smart because of their approach, including doing some research when possible (i.e. combat as war).

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