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ORA-01031: insufficient privileges to a newly created user

I have installed 18C Enterprise Edition. I just created a new user with a prefix of c##. And when I tried to login through the newly created user it says…

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges 01031. 00000 – “insufficient privileges” *Cause: An attempt was made to perform a database operation without the necessary privileges. *Action: Ask your database administrator or designated security administrator to grant you the necessary privileges Vendor code 1031

Please guide me to solve this issue.

I Created A Custom Messaging System For Classiera Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Check out the custom instant messaging system I created for Classiera Classified Ads WordPress Theme.

Unlike the bidding system that comes with the theme which will only allow messaging when bidding is turned on and will only notify the ad poster of new messages regarding bids on their ads, This custom messaging system will enable a buyer send the seller a message corresponding to each particular ad of interest.

* Both the sender and recipient will receive instant notification…

I Created A Custom Messaging System For Classiera Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Attach flow dynamically to lists created by site design

I have a site design, that adds a SharePoint list with some columns. I need the ability to select an item from that list/library, and click on Flows, and choose my flow and run it.

The case I have is that the sites will be created by users, and the site design will be applied to them which creates those lists. Is there a way to attach the flow to those newly created lists so the Flow would appear in the list of Flows and bind it dynamically to it?

indexes are not created on localdb

When using localdb and executing this, when browsing the database in sql server object explorer (in visual studio), the index is not created. I have to manually create it to make it appears. Why ?

CREATE TABLE [Instructor] (     [ID] int NOT NULL IDENTITY,     [LastName] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,     [FirstMidName] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,     [HireDate] datetime2 NOT NULL,     CONSTRAINT [PK_Instructor] PRIMARY KEY ([ID]) ); 

How to stop subsites from appearing in Quick launch and top bar in SP Onlline if it is created via a workflow

So we are creating subsites through a K2 workflow. I know you can specify for the subsites to not appear in top bar and quick launch of the parent site if created manually. But if its created through K2 I dont get the option to turn off those features. Can anyone help me with this?

Much appreciated.

Starting a created flow on a selected document

I can’t seem to figure out how to start a flow that I have created for a selected document. I don’t want to hardcode a list or document library into the flow – but rather give users the option to select the document and trigger the flow.

A typical scenario is when users want to trigger a multi-level approval on a selected document.

Secondly, I’d like this flow to appear in the right-click menu, on the selected item, similar to Request Sign-off. Is this possible?


Do world-writable systemd .service files created as symbolic links in /etc/systemd/system impose a security threat?

Do world-writable systemd .service files created as symbolic links in /etc/systemd/system impose a security threat?

Would it be possible to somehow modify the links to target arbitrary .service files on the system, and make systemd execute those files as root?

The permissions for the /etc/systemd/system directory is as follows:

drwxr-xr-x. 11 root root 4096 Aug 30 12:57 /etc/systemd/system/ 

and the world-writable links in this directory are:

1050594    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root            9 Apr  9 11:53 /etc/systemd/system/ -> /dev/null 1050595    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root            9 Apr  9 11:54 /etc/systemd/system/sensu-server.service -> /dev/null 1052003    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root            9 Apr  9 11:54 /etc/systemd/system/sensu-api.service -> /dev/null 1052037    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root            9 Apr  9 11:55 /etc/systemd/system/dataeng.service -> /dev/null