For creating tools, Bash, Perl or Python? Which should I invest my time in to?

Having trouble choosing between the three, I would of course love to learn all three in the future, but right now I’m curious as to which language would be the most beneficial to me.

Also, I’m aware that different tools might be more useful in certain scenarios, in this case, I just want to learn the language that suits best for creating Ethical hacking tools, and which language would be the easiest to master?

Is it possible to create site collection after creating new content database in Sharepoint 2019 CSOM (C#)?

I’m working on SharePoint 2019 environment.

I have just created site collection programmatically (CSOM) using MSDN Link

However, I want to create a content database through CSOM and point this newly created Content DB for creating above new site collection.

Any help is much appreciated!

Creating an elemental undead

So my character is a necromancer and in a turn of great fortune the party faced and killed a non-summoned huge lightning elemental. As I asked in another question there does not seem to be anything restricting a non-summoned elemental from becoming undead, but I am having some issues with a couple of the features. I am comparing the skeleton, bloody, zombie, and fast zombie variants. I plan on using Animate Dead. The variants will be inside square brackets if they have a different value. I found converting the elemental to be surprisingly difficult and wanted to make sure that I didnt make any mistakes.

$ $ \begin{array}{l|l|l} \text{ability} & \text{Original} & \text{Skeleton[Bloody]} & \text{Zombie[Fast]} \ \hline Size & Huge & Same & Same \ Type & outsider (air, elemental, extraplanar) & Undead (air, elemental, extraplanar) & Undead (air, elemental, extraplanar) \ Alignment & Neutral & Evil & Evil \ Initiative & +8 dex, +4 feat & +9 dex, + 4 feat & +7[9] dex \ Senses & Darkvision 60 (outsider) & Darkvision 60 (undead) & Darkvision 60 (undead) \end{array} $ $ I was unsure what subtypes were kept as the only example was giant is lost, but felt it kept all of its subtypes.

DEFENSE $ $ \begin{array}{l|l|l} \text{ability} & \text{Original} & \text{Skeleton[Bloody]} & \text{Zombie[Fast]} \ \hline AC & (+8 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 natural, –2 size) & & \ HP & 10d10+con-mod & 10d8+cha-mod & 14d8+cha-mod \ Fort & +10 & 3 + 0[2] & 3 + 0 \ Ref & +15 & 3+8 & 3+7[9] \ Will & +5 & 5+0+2 & 5+0+2 \ DR & DR 5/— & DR 5/bludgeoning & DR 5/slashing \ Resistance/Immune & Immune:electricity & Immune:Cold & \ traits & elemental & elemental,undead & elemental,undead \end{array} $ $ They lose their defensive abilities which is why the electricity immunity is lost, and that immunity didn’t have any source listed. Losing the electricity immunity seems wrong.

OFFENSE $ $ \begin{array}{l|l|l} \text{ability} & \text{Original} & \text{Skeleton[Bloody]} & \text{Zombie[Fast]} \ \hline Speed & fly 100 & fly 100 & fly 100 \ Melee & 2 slams +16 (2d6+5 plus 1d8 electricity) & & \ Space and reach & both 15 & same & same \ \end{array} $ $ The type and subtype do not state where the fly comes from, and its not listed as magical or physical. If its magical then its fine, but if its considered extraordinary it could be lost (unless you considering flying to improve its attack). For this Ive considered the flight to be magical.

The electrical damage to its slam attack also does not have a listed source, but since it improves its attack I figured it should stay.


$ $ \begin{array}{l|l|l} \text{ability} & \text{Original} & \text{Skeleton[Bloody]} & \text{Zombie[Fast]} \ \hline Str & 20 & 20 & 22 \ Dex & 27 & 29 & 25 \ Con & 16 & NA & NA \ Wis & 6 & 10 & 10 \ Int & 11 & NA & NA \ Cha & 11 & 10 & 10 \ BAB & 10 & 7 & 10 \ CMB & 17 & BAB+5 str + 2 size & BAB+6 str + 2 size \ CMD & 36 & 10 base++7bab+5str+9+2size & 10base+7bab+6str+7[9]dex+2size \ Feats & many & Improved Initiative & Toughness \ Skills & many & None & None \ Languages & Auran & NA & NA \ \end{array} $ $ Its assumed that languages are lost due to no Int. Zombie BAB is higher because it has more HD.


Metal mastery – I believe this ability is kept because undead are allowed to keep any extraordinary abilities which improve their melee or ranged attacks.

Spark leap – same as above.

Final Questions:

  • The elemental theme of the creature, does it lose the electrical immunity but keep the damage on the slam?
  • Does it keep flying?
  • List item

Creating custom top navigation using user control

I want to create a custom user control that will display my own top navigation in my publishing site’s master page.

I know another option is to use sharepoint’s own top navigation and then customize it using CSS etc. but I have tried this thing and can’t get my head around it. I mean it seems so difficult and very limited in functionality so I am trying to make top navigation using user control.

Is there some API that will give me all links in navigation in SharePoint? Like for e.g. SPNavigation which I can call and iterate through all elements including parent or child?

What are the drawbacks of making top navigation as user control in master page?

Will end user be still be able to use Navigation options in SharePoint Administration?

Creating a site with customised front-ends [on hold]

I want to create a main website say, which has the main functionality such as admin panels, db’s etc.

Then I want to offer clients a customisation front-end (change of css and logo) so it works seamlessly with their business and in addition the site address can be a sub-domain or a different url altogether. i.e or

The front-ends and main site need to share the same database so that they are synced. The front-ends would only surface data that is relative to the individual client and would need to perform CRUD operation on the database.

How can this be achieved, can it be done through a single site or will a front-end need to be deployed for every client?

Is there a specific language that would be better for this type of requirement?


What are some of the benign use cases of injecting bytes into another process and creating remote thread?

So lets say you are developing an AV, and marked any type of injecting into another process (for example openning it and writing to it) malicious

if so, what will be some of the false positives? will a normal user who just wants to install normal apps and browse the web be effected?

i just don’t understand why would an benign app need to do this? and how common is it? for example if its only 1 in a billion benign app that does this, then why allow it at all?

A document library with custom content type displays the different icon while creating new document

I have created a document library declaratively with document based content type. But when I click on new document the icon is displayed of item instead of word.

Below is the example:

enter image description here

List tempalte is:

<ListTemplate         Name="Documents"         Type="11108"         BaseType="1"         OnQuickLaunch="TRUE"         SecurityBits="11"         DisallowContentTypes="false"         Sequence="110"               DisplayName="QMSDocuments"                   Image="/_layouts/15/images/itdl.png"         DocumentTemplate="121"/>  <!-- Parent ContentType: Document (0x0101) --> <ContentType ID="0x0101001EF0C163152340AE96F20234E13DC89B"            Name="Docs"                         Inherits="TRUE" Version="0"> <FieldRefs>   <FieldRef ID="{44802E47-FE3F-4AB2-92BB-523A99E24B1D}" Name="DocTYpe"/>   <FieldRef ID="{41F5A41B-BCC9-45B0-9CA5-48BB023713B8}" Name="Approver1"/>   <FieldRef ID="{374F0F87-AFEB-4E88-A039-A3CADD24A5B1}" Name="Approver2"/>   <FieldRef ID="{5DD956B5-65DD-4861-811F-42BE0C07B118}" Name="Author"/>   <FieldRef ID="{257F1CC5-0DF4-420A-ACF1-8511FCD5240C}" Name="Chapter"/>   <FieldRef ID="{2631BE05-A16D-4E41-948B-73F42D536705}" Name="ChapterNumber"/>   <FieldRef ID="{7B08A524-E877-43C9-B8D5-A8143993B3B1}" Name="oiplbQmsDocumentSubject"/> </FieldRefs> </ContentType> 

What should I do to dispaly the Word icon?

Do you find creating good Facebook/Instagram ads for low cost hard?

I have talked to many businesses who advertise on Facebook and unless you have large budgets, we all face a bunch of problems.

Especially because of ad fatigue, we need to keep creating new ads and I've either found the options to be DIY tools like canva, or agencies which are far too expensive.

So I'm working on a solution for e-commerce businesses to get great social ad creative (images and videos) from expert creators at a reasonable price!

Do you want a free Starbucks coffee voucher?…

Do you find creating good Facebook/Instagram ads for low cost hard?