Password creation

When I got Linux put onto my personal laptop, I wasn’t asked to create a password. Now, whenever my screen goes black, I’ve got to power it down and restart it in order to get back to the screen I was originally on. How can I create a password so I don’t have to do that any longer?

Magic Item Creation and Upgrade Failure Rules

The rules for failing to create a magic item are as follows:

Failing this check means that the item does not function and the materials and time are wasted. Failing this check by 5 or more results in a cursed item.

Question 1: if the item is cursed is the only magic on it the curse or does it also gain the intended properties? (The programmer in me says it would only have the curse since both ifs would be True but then cursed items with other abilities shouldn’t exist, pending an answer to Q2.)

Question 2: does this rule apply to upgrading magic items in the same way? On a failed check would the item totally lose all magical properties or just fail to add the new ones? And would failing by 5 or more add a curse or reduce it to nothing but cursed?

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2d array loop creation based on user input

I have the 2d array, balancing and results printing fine, but have run into an issue with the loops required based on input. I need to write a couple loops based on user input. I just need to setup the loops for 0 being entered to ignore the overriding loop, and then if 1-6 are entered to repeat asking for row and column based on num_vacant entered. Then I will need to override the corresponding 2d array elements to 0, repeating for each vacant seat. The example of how it should look are below. k is vacant seat loop control variable, num_vacant is number of vacant seats entered by user, a is vacant row seat # entered by user, b is vacant seat col # entered by user Tip* 6) When scanning in the Vacant Seat Row and Column and referencing that element in the Array, offset the Row and Column by one, as the user believes the first row and column to be 1,1 but the element in C would be [0][0]. Array1[(a-1)][(b-1)] = 0;

Everything I’ve tried has not worked

for (k=1;k<=num_vacant;k--)        {         printf("  Enter in the Row# & Column# of a seat that is empty    :    ");         scanf("%i %i", &a, &b); 

1-6 example image

Dynamic magic item creation – “Provide the Requirements”?

While looking at a Dynamic magic item creation system for 5e, converted from a similar Pathfinder system, I got a bit confused about the “Complete the item” challenge. One of the challenge’s tasks, is “Provide the Requirements”, where you have to “Meet all the item’s prerequisites”. But what does this mean? My current interpretation is that the requirements are the gold and level requirements to craft the item, so that the only time you fail to meet the requirements, and thus fail that task, is if you try to craft a high-level magic item at a low level or similar.

What do you think? Is my interpretation correct, or does it mean something else? Thanks!

How to get creation date in sitecore with powershell

I wrote a script in order to replace the “$ date” in release date of many sitecore items with their creation date (created). I have a probleme to get this field from sitecore.

I tried this

$  rootItem = Get-Item master:/content $  sourceTemplate = Get-Item "/sitecore/content/.../item 1" foreach($  field in $  sourceTemplate.Fields) {     if (($  field -ne $  null) -And ($  field -like '$  date')) {         $  sourceTemplate.Editing.BeginEdit()         $  CreatedDate = .......         $  field.Value = [sitecore.dateutil]::ToIsoDate($  CreatedDate)         $  sourceTemplate.Editing.EndEdit()     } } 

I also tried to get this item by ID but it doesnt work. HDoes someone have an idea plz ? Thank you

Crunch Wordlist Creation

Suggest me wordlist pattern for 8-10 digits

One uper case anywhere in Password lower case 0-9 numbers with special characters @&$ only

One letter shouldn’t repeat more than two times in single word. Like I don’t want Aaaaab. Bbbbbbaa

Help Please.