Website in spanish credit options

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I have several websites and need time to focus on other websites

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This site is a member of TradeTracker Mexico, FinanceAds, Commission Junction, Rakuten Marketing

This site promotes credit products and connects clients with companies

This site has 2 funnels for getting leads

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Yes Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

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Website in spanish credit options

Is it legal for a retailer to share credit card numbers with Nielsen/Billboard (USA)

Lately, in the music world, there is a big uproar over how fans purchase artist’s merchandise. It was set off when rapper 6ix9 accused Ariana Grande of cheating on sales because, as he claims, 60,000 of her merchandise bundle sales were purchased by just 5 credit cards. In reply to that, her manager, music mogul, Scooter Braun replied via Instagram that Billboard audits sales and anything over 4 sales per credit card will be thrown out.

There is a lot of background, but I will keep it brief.

  1. Neilsen (who collects music data on behalf of Billboard via Soundscan) has a point of sale system for brick and mortar physical music seller, but insists that "bundled" sales (music that sells as a download while buying non music merchandise) are handled through a musician’s personal website, with a latest reporting time of Friday afternoon for the prior week’s sales.
  2. Nielsen does impose a maximum of 4 sales of a particular bundled merchandise item per transaction. rules on reporting per shopify Billboard-Nielsen full details (January 2020)
  3. Shopify seems to be the go to site for most musician sites for selling merchandise.
  4. Shopify claims to report all sales automatically (electronically?) the next day to Neilsen Soundscan.
  5. Most musicians have their merchandise storefronts stop an end user from purchasing more than 4 of an item per transaction, but allows the user to buy more merchandise or song downloads after completing a transaction on the same card.
  6. No shops that I tested stopped a card from being used to purchase the exact same thing again.

That is a lot to unpack, I know, but I will stop here with my questions. As I am not sure who to believe, I am wondering if it is legal to submit the credit card number to Nielsen, a 3rd party? If not, could there have been a mistake in Scooter Braun’s word choice (credit card/transaction)? If credit card numbers are being passed to Billboard, wouldn’t musicians also have their developer code a restriction against reusing the same credit card? I don’t know, something doesn’t quite sync.

Thanks Tas

What is the difference between a multi-use and a single-use credit card token [closed]

We are a large e-commerce website trying to introduce a feature by which customers can save their credit card details securely. We are aware of the need for PCI compliance and working out the necessary security aspects. Will be great to know the difference between a single-use and a multi-use payment tokens. Examples of websites that use these types will be very useful.

Are web worker / service worker secure environments to store a password, credit card information, access tokens?

If there is a case where I wish to store sensitive data like a password, credit card information, or access tokens:

Are web workers / service workers a secure environment, where such data can not be compromised? If so, what to do to really secure it? If not so, why not exactly?

Did I fall for an Amazon scam? (Amazon Photos Credit)

So just 30 minutes ago, I was looking through some emails that ended up in my scam, and as usual there are amazon emails with recommendations based on past purchases and stuff like that. Then there is these new email asking that if I were to upload a photo to Amazon Photos I may be eligible for $ 10 in amazon credit. So in a moment of weakness I uploaded a photo and so on. Then I realized that this may have been a scam. I look through the email and I only find the link This potentially scam email came from According to amazon, links ending with “” are real, however some people on Facebook claim it to be a scam. After uploading a photo I get an email that did not end up In my spam folder from I got on a live chat and the first person I spoke to said that it was a scam, and that amazon does not offer such credit. He put me on with someone in the appropriate department and she said that it was not a scam. Can anyone confirm if this is indeed a scam. I have setup two-factor authentication and changed my password and got rid of unnecessary information on my account, but I am kinda freaking out. Any clear information would be great.

What can be done with Credit or debit card informations asked by websites?

Many websites ask for payment by entering information from Credit card such as VISA card/ Mastercard etc. Now, till date I knew that I should never tell anybody about these numbers. Then why these websites ask for credit card details and if (suppose) any of them have a malicious intent, then what can they do with these numbers?

Basically my question is, how it is being ensured that they will take the specific amount of money/ cost upon my consent; and without my consent they will not take money? Will the bank send me some verification code to my phone?

I never yet used online transactions and I am very confused to understand its steps, do’s and don’ts etc. I have searched Google and Quora but I didn’t find anything helpful.

I would be thankful if anyone can explain how this specific online transaction mode (by entering credit/debit card number) works and how an without-consent-transaction is prevented, preferably via a flow chart.

Many thanks in advance.

Is using a firewall debit card a good solution to protect my main credit card? [closed]

I’m using Curve, a physical debit card that connects all your credit and debit cards in one and let you decide which one to use at each transaction by using its own app.

I’ve used it with my lower limit credit cards and I really enjoy its features (like instant notifications etc). I recently managed to get a premium credit card from my bank and I wanted to ask you if you think it’s a good idea to link it to this service (or similar ones) in a way to protect my main premium credit card data to be exposed online and in real life. I would store my premium credit card in a safe place and spend with this curve card.

Is this a good idea from a security standpoint?

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Can I get a VA home loan with a credit score of 600?

I’m in the national guard I have been for 5 years I graduated college 6 months ago and got a job where I make 60,000 a year I have been renting an apartment by myself for 700$ / months and probably pay 200 I’m utilities It looks like owning a house maybe cheaper or just much as I’m paying plus I’ll own it one day PS I don’t wanna hear about my credit score I’m working on it