Does the use of a gunner major action always preclude the use of the Snap Shot minor crew action?

In Starfinder, during starship combat, the Snap Shot minor crew action allows a crew member who has taken a major crew action earlier in the round to fire a starship weapon during the gunnery phase. The rules state:

You can fire one of your starship’s weapons with a –2 penalty to the gunnery check. You can take this action only if no other gunner actions have been taken during the gunnery phase (including snap shot).

The wording of the second sentence raises questions. Does it disallow Snap Shot actions completely if another character intends to take a gunner major action? Does it disallow Snap Shot actions unless they’re taken before all gunner major actions for the round? Or does it simply disallow Snap Shot if the character attempting it has already carried out a gunner major action?

The scenario I am facing in play is this: a pilot has completed a pilot major action in the Helm phase and positioned the ship to put the enemy ship in the port quadrant. There are two gunners on board. The first gunner has fired at the enemy ship with a turreted weapon. The second gunner has fired at the enemy ship with a port arc weapon. The pilot’s player points out that the ship also has a forward arc weapon that has the broad arc property–meaning that it can target ships in the port or starboard arcs with a -2 penalty. He wishes to Snap Shoot the broad arc weapon at the ship in the port arc with a cumulative penalty of -4 (-2 for firing outside the weapon’s normal arc and -2 for the fact that it is a Snap Shot). This seems like a reasonable request to me, but do the rules preclude it? If they do, then had the pilot declared this intention before the other gunners rolled, would he have been able to do it within the rules?

Can a ballista be fired once per round with a crew of three?

The rules for the ballista on p.255 of the DMG state that to make an attack the weapon must be loaded, aimed and fired. Each of these takes one action. However, could each of these actions be performed by a crew of three, with one character to perform each step, thus allowing the ballista to be fired once per round?

My assumption is yes, but there’s nothing textual to support this. Am I missing something?

Does the Hawker’s rigging crew upgrade apply to items that count as more than 1 load?

The Hawker rigging upgrade reads as follows:

Hawker Rigging: One carried item is concealed and has no load. For example, you could carry a load of drugs or a weapon, perfectly concealed, for zero load.

Does this apply to items that require multiple load count to carry? For example armor requires 2 slots of total load. So in this case, could I use the Hawker rigging bonus to wear concealed armor for 0 load?

Are there non-bridge crew roles?

I am helping to develop a campaign for Star Trek Adventures. This campaign would focus on several new recruits on their first assignment (all ensign or non-commissioned). None of them would be bridge crew. Rather, they would be more rank-and-file members on a smaller ship who would progress to bridge crew throughout the campaign.

One of the last steps in character creation is to choose a role. The roles listed in the core rules are all bridge officers – people who generally have considerable experience already. Are there roles somewhere that are more appropriate to non-bridge crew?

Are “turf” claims the only way to obtain turf for the crew?

The rules state that a crew can have a maximum of 6 turf. There are certain claims for each type of crew which are simply called “turf” which I can safely say will count towards a crew’s turf. The claim section also states “Some claims count as turf. Others provide special benefits to the crew.”

My current reading is that only the claims marked as turf count as turf for the crew. But this means that no crew can ever reach the maximum number of 6 turf – assassin’s for instance can only get 2. I realise some crew abilities might allow a crew to act as if they have extra turf (such as the Bravo’s Fiends ability), but the wording of the rules implies can actually get 6 physical turf.

Am I missing something? Can crews never reach 6 “physical” turf?

How to include The Crooked’s Crew as a Keeper

I’ve run 4 sessions for a group of friends now, and one of my players picked a Crew for one of their starting moves. They ended up being pretty fun characters for everyone to interact with, but when it comes to any sort of tense situation (particularly combat or exploring dangerous locations), I find it really difficult to manage them and have them do anything. In generally, one of three things happen: they show off what in particular is dangerous about the area; they become damage sponges to take harm instead of the hunters; or they just kind of fade into the background or get lost.

Part of it is that the hunters don’t really give the characters any instructions, or have them serve any sort of role, and I have yet to remember to prompt the players during planning. But the bigger part that I can do something about is that I always forget about them in the rush to push the players to act, or else when I do remember, I don’t want them to take away the spotlight from the hunters.

Another of the players just got an animal companion last session, and so I imagine the problem is only going to get worse from here. So I’m looking for some method to giving (in the more general case) Helper bystanders a meaningful, but not spotlight-stealing, role during tense moments within a session.