Do I need Croatian visa with Multiple entry Schengen with granted stay duration < less than intended stay in Schengen+Croatia

I am planning to travel to Austria, Hungary and Croatia (total 14 days), in the mentioned sequence. I was issued multiple entry Schengen visa (‘C’ visa) by Embassy of Austria with validity covering the entire duration of the trip.

But my visa mentions duration of stay as 10 days, whereas my total duration of intended stay is 14 days, which includes 7 days in Schengen (Austria + Hungary) & 7 days in Croatia.

Do I need separate Croatia visa since my duration of stay in Croatia is less than granted duration of stay (excluding no. of days stayed in Schengen), as per my Visa

Please help. My travel date is approaching near.

Thanks, Ankur

Croatian citizen traveling thru Schengen with non-Croatian spouse

For the next couple years, my family and I are planning on traveling all through Europe with our camper. I am a Croatian (and US) citizen, as well as my kids. My husband is a US citizen with Croatian residency. Will the 90/180 Schengen rule apply to us? We will travel to each country in the Europe but will never stay longer than 3 months in each one. Thanks.