Image Gallery photos aren’t cropping, even though they’re set to crop

Can someone help???

I know I’m uploading relatively high-res photos, and yet they’re still not filling the frames of the image gallery I’m creating in the post.

I’ve set the switch to “Crop” in the gallery setting, and still when I preview on the front end, they’re not filling the frames.

Is there a code or site-wide solution to this? I’m managing so many posts and it’s such a hassle to have to go into “image editor” and tweak individual photos when possible.


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ImageMagick Crop image keeping original position

Having enter image description here

I would like to cut the lion but keep the original image size and lion in place.

right now i’m only able to cut the lion and keep the original image size, but not it’s position:

convert /tmp/stratton.png -crop 550x800+320+30 -background none  -extent 1200x1920 /tmp/output.png 

enter image description here

How can i keep the lion in it’s original position?

Laravel – Storage Crop Image Invention

Tengo un problema con el almacenamiento en Storage Utilizando Image Invention. Actualmente tengo mi codigo funcional, el problema es que necesitor hacer crop a la image para redimencionarla.

$  file   = $  request->file('avatar'); $  path = Auth::user()->id . '/' . $  type__acount . '/'; File::isDirectory($  path) or File::makeDirectory($  path, 0777, true, true); $  avatar  = Storage::disk('public')->put($  path , $  file); 

Implementando Image Invention

$  file   = $  request->file('avatar'); $  path = Auth::user()->id . '/' . $  type__acount . '/'; $  crop = Image::make($  file); $  crop->resize(100, 100, function($  constraint){    $  constraint->aspectRatio(); })->encode('jpg');  File::isDirectory($  path) or File::makeDirectory($  path, 0777, true, true); $  avatar  = Storage::disk('public')->put($  path , $  crop); 

Pero me arroja un "message": "file_put_contents(/home/kllaar/public_html/api_service/public/storage/866851/trainer): failed to open stream: Is a directory",

¿Alguien sabe que esta sucediendo?

Biblioteca Javacript para Crop, Transforma e Rotate Image

Estou com um problema Preciso de alguma biblioteca ou alguma dica de como carregar uma imagem na web e permitir que o usuário possa “enquadrar” essa imagem ajustando a rotação, fazendo o crop da image e em alguns fazer o transform de perspectiva da imagem.

Alguem já teve algum problema parecido para fazer isso?


How can I export Image Crop configuration with an Image Style for custom module?

I have a custom module I’m re-using on other projects and I want to include an image style with an image crop configuration.

Under the configuration menu, I export a single crop item:

langcode: en status: true dependencies: {  } label: 'Head Shot Crop' id: head_shot_crop description: 'Cropping for image head shot.' aspect_ratio: '1:1' soft_limit_width: null soft_limit_height: null hard_limit_width: null hard_limit_height: null 

I strip out the UUID value for that to be set on new installs. However, for the image style export:

langcode: en status: true dependencies:   config:     - crop.type.head_shot_crop   module:     - crop name: head_shot label: 'Head Shot' effects:   ce7f0752-c37c-4ff6-945d-96c298663365:     uuid: ce7f0752-c37c-4ff6-945d-96c298663365     id: crop_crop     weight: 1     data:       crop_type: head_shot_crop 

I strip out the UUID value as well, but the associated crop configuration seems to be tied to the image style via UUID under the effects key, which also has a UUID value.

How can I pair an image style configuration with a crop configuration configuration so they exist on new module installs?

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Use twig filter to resize / crop image in template in Drupal 8

I want to use a twig filter to resize/crop images in templates, I know with that that is possible with image styles and responsive images but I don’t like that approach.

I would prefer something like:

<img src="{{ image_url|crop(500, 500) }}"/> 

Or something like LiipImagineBundle

Does somebody know if it’s possible to use it with Drupal 8

Crop image by horizontal lines, but they are not always straight using command line

I have a lot of images looking like this book image paper image

Is there a way to follow the horizontal lines and make a new image from to top of the line to the bottom of the horizontal line and between the end of the image and next horizontal line? I have research using ImageMagick, but i didnt find anything that will work for me. The is the code that it is currently not working for me

./multicrop -f 10 -m save [Source] [Destination]