MariaDB replication and cross database queries

I need to improve backup of databases that won’t load production server. I read that good solution to do that is to set database replication and do mysqldumps on slave server.

But description of “replicate_do_db” says that updates won’t work with cross-database queries. And here is a problem – I have a lot of PHP apps (few of them are really old) so I have no guarantee that they not use this kind of queries. And I don’t want to have out-of-sync databases…

Is there any alternative? Or just use replication only for well-known apps, and mydumper/mysqldump for other?

I know that Percona XtraBackup exist but I want to have backups in .sql format.

Travel to Jordan, cross Isreali border and fly back from Tel Aviv

A friend (swiss citizen) and I (french citizen) plan on going hiking in Jordan and Israel in February and March.

What we plan to do:

  • We will arrive by the same flight (but separately) in Queen Alia International Airport (Jordan). We get our Jordan visas there.
  • We hike for a few weeks on the Jordan Trail, finishing in Aqaba (Red Sea).
  • We cross the Israeli border at Wadi Araba Crossing / Yitzhak Rabin Crossing (getting Israeli visas there) and start hiking on the Israel National Trail.
  • We join Tel-Aviv from our stop point (we don’t know yet where we will stop hiking, as it will depend on our walking pace) and fly back home from David-Ben-Gourion airport.

Are there any caveats to this plan?

Performance management in Agile teams. How to evaluate cross functioning teams

With the clear roles of Scrum members and the self-management Development team, how to evaluate individual performance?

Who is the person responsible for evaluating and promoting/demoting team members?

What are the processes to collect continuous feedback and build this up to appraisal?

How frequent should the appraisal be performed, after each sprint or annually?

A basic question about cross product notation in group action in wiki, a group action is defined as

If G is a group and X is a set, then a (left) group action φ of G on X is a function $ \varphi\colon G \times X \to X\colon (g,x)\mapsto \varphi(g,x)$

My question is, what is the meaning of cross product “$ \times$ ” here? Is this a direct product? If so, it is defined via two groups, but $ X$ here is a set than group

how to avoid cross join?

I want to update/replace table data using batch file. And i store old_data in old.txt file and new_data in new.txt file.

old.txt: 101 India  new.txt: 1001 0891 

and here is my batch script: demo.bat

@echo off for /f "tokens=1* delims= " %%a in (old.txt) do ( for /f "tokens=1* delims= " %%b in (new.txt) do (  mysql -u root -p tiger -host localhost -database empsrc -e "update table_name set col_name='%%b' where col_name='%%a'"  ) ) pause 

when i execute the above batch file

101 is replaced with 1001 and  india is also replaced with 1001 

But,my Expected Output is

101 is replaced  with 1001 India should be replaced with 0891 

how can i solve this problem ? can someone help me please

Floats, Flexbox or CSS Grid in 2018 for cross browser compatibility…

The company I am working with is about to update their web based software for our clientele. Currently the web site is using bootstrap 3.3 even though most of the site doesn't use bootstrap at all haha… We are moving away from the framework due to it being a little too loaded and not fitting our current needs. We ran some stats on our visitors/clients and to our (no) surprise they aren't exactly the type of people who update their software often. We still have users using IE 9 and IE 11….

Floats, Flexbox or CSS Grid in 2018 for cross browser compatibility…

How to show Cross sell products even if the main product isn’t in cart?

I’m using Magento 2.2.6

I am showing cross sell product in product_detailed_info with success.

The only problem is that cross sell product are shown only if the “main” product is in cart.

How can I show cross sell product even if the “main” product isn’t in cart ? Do I have to modify Crosssell.php or something like that ?

Thanks in advance !!!