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For FREE: OpenCart Plugin for Private Crypto Payments

What are the benefits of running a crypto exchange website?

Getting straight to the question. Say I want to run a cryptocurrency exchange platform where people could come and buy/sell Bitcoin or Altcoin. The way I understood I have to partner up with a Bank in Order to be able to buy coins and have them in my websites depository to sell and even be able to buy from people instantly in exchange for cash. What are the benefits of this? How much profit is in running such a website? Would be that much profit that could convince a Bank to invest in it?

And is there any way that I could run it with less deposit? like taking the money from user and the buy the Coin instantly and send it to them? like, being a middle man.


Emulating crypto currencies cold storage using Tails + disconnected computer?

Problem: I need cold storage protection for crypto currencies while traveling. I’ll only have 1 computer.

Does this solution work?

Tails on an SD card that is only ever inserted into hardware when the computer is off & disconnected from the internet.

If Tails is booted with persistent storage enabled, is there any vector for which a password entered to open an encrypted vault and/or wallet is leaked thru Bios or any other vector when the computer is later booted to another OS connected to the Internet?

Is there anyway for that entered password to end up in some kind of hardware input capture & later broadcast when booted to another internet connected OS?

Aaand … who “should” *USE* crypto code? :)

This seems to be yet another logical follow-on in a now-mounting train of questions that I’ve seen here that seeks to set out and clarify the full extent of the parameters behind the oft-repeated advice “don’t roll your own crypto”! In particular:

  1. Why is it wrong to *implement* myself a known, published, widely believed to be secure crypto algorithm?
  2. Who SHOULD write crypto code?

For one, I think that it is really good that finally these questions were asked – they are things that were a LONG source of headpop and frustration for me and I wondered why nobody was asking “but what about this lesser scenario than the ‘main dish’ ‘offense’ under discussion to which the same logic seems like it should apply yet on which people are far more silent?”

And looking at the second question, I see that an answer posted thereto naturally lends itself to a third question in the series:

First, note that I’m talking about implementing actual cryptography functions, i.e. encryption, signatures etc. This is different from just using existing cryptography functions (much easier, but still many errors possible) and different from designing cryptographic algorithms (much harder).

(highlights mine)

If that is so, then it sounds that “don’t roll your own crypto” could be extended even further to “don’t even use others’ ‘rolled’ crypto!” And this also ties into my older question here:

How much security expertise does a general application programmer need to develop software ethically?

which got closed, regarding what sort of expertise and/or qualifications one needs in security simply to develop software in an ethically responsible manner, which is in a sense even broader. So then to ask this maybe third-rung question … how much do you need to know to be able to effectively use others’ cryptographic routines, even and especially widely trusted/vetted ones and, moreover, as a sort of “opinion” question, from whom would you trust a piece of software written thereby that uses such vetted routines?

Who SHOULD write crypto code?

I’ve seen a lot of questions and answers acknowledging the dangers of inventing your own crypto algorithms — and even of implementing proven algorithms yourself. And, I don’t disagree.

But, who should do it? At what education or experience level can you trust yourself to write crypto code? Or in what specific type of review environment? And, how does one get started learning and writing crypto code in a safe and [publicly] beneficial manner?

Bitcoin / Crypto and exchanges!

When we buy/ sell bitcoin through some exchange say “Koinex in Indian context”, what is the process i.e. actually followed ? 1. Does exchange communicate to node(s) in the bitcoin blockchain thru my public address on my behalf or 2. My browser directly communicates with node in blockchain which then broadcast it across bitcoin blockchain or 3. Exchange itself is a node in the network and to which i am communicating and it is broadcasting my transaction in the network

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