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Which layout is suitable for a live cryptocurrency news feed?

  • I am trying to build a live cryptocurrency news feed and this is a new domain + I am new to UX
    • I researched a bit and seem to find a few patterns on how these can be built.
    • Which layout would serve the purpose optimally?
    • I researched a few guys to see what layouts are there and this is what I found


enter image description here

  • Has a 2 pane layout with list details view
  • On the mobile, either the list or details are shown
  • So many buttons on top? Are those buttons really needed?
  • Monospaced font for news?
  • Like Dislike …buttons at the top seem to be sticky if you scroll the news on mobile? Is this required

2) enter image description here

  • Same 2 pane layout
  • Font seems far better
  • Right pane seems smaller than left one? What do you think should be the size? Should the user be able to change it?
  • Adds images to the news making things more interesting I guess
  • Has a READ FULL button at the bottom to take you the news site whereas Cryptopanic has KEPT the title clickable? What to do here?

3) Faws enter image description here

  • Instead of a 2 pane layout, uses an expandable list
  • No option to like dislike stuff, other 2 had them

4) enter image description here

  • Very different from the rest, shows a screen on right pane
  • Detail news opens in a chat popup sort of window
  • Has a question at the bottom of each news article saying what do you think with again way too many buttons

So based on these, here are my questions

  • 2 pane layout or expandable list
  • How big should each pane be? 50 50%, 75 25% customizable?
  • Should the links in the list on the left be clickable or should they merely show names? Cryptopanic has them clickable but rest merely show names
  • Are all those buttons needed? can it be cut down to Likes Dislikes Bullish and Bearish? Instead of adding a button for FUD or Shilling would a person not click Dislike?
    • Should the link the right detail be clickable (Cryptopanic) or should there be a button at the bottom saying Read Full (CoinSpectator)
    • Should the left section show anything about likes dislikes or does it only have time, title, website name and tags?
    • Should the tags on left be clickable?

Any suggestions are super appreciated

Extending fiat transaction log to support cryptocurrency

Assuming that i have an existing database that store fiat currency transaction as follow with decimal (18, 4).

Now I would like to support storing of bitcoin, ethereum and erc20 token transaction.

Transaction ------------------ TransactionID CurrencyID UserID DebitAmount  decimal(18, 4) CreditAmount decimal(18, 4) 

The decimal precision of cryptocurrency suggested as follow.

 decimal (16, 8) - bitcoin  decimal (30, 18) - ethereum / erc20 token 

I am thinking of just:
1) Treating bitcoin, ethereum, erc20 token as new currency in currency table.

2) Changing the DebitAmount and CreditAmount directly to decimal(30, 18)

3) Applying decimal(30, 18) data type changes to all table that store currency amount.

My question is:
1) Any possible impact to original currency amount conversion that i need to look after for when i increase the precision? (eg: currency rate change DebitAmount * 1.023)

2) Am i doing this in correct way?

3) Is there any other better approach/alternative to this?

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Secure system for accessing / using cryptocurrency wallets?


My goal here is to setup a system that is sufficiently convenient that I will actually utilize it without having to jump through too many hoops to get the job done, but also reasonably secure from hacking & theft.

Scenario – Transfer money from wallet to exchange.


  1. Full disk encryption, PC – Windows 10
  2. Private keys are stored in an encrypted offline password manager (keepass)
  3. Windows 10 has an Ubuntu VM installed on it (within the host system so it is encompassed by the full disk encryption).
  4. The Ubuntu has access to a copy of the offline password manager (keepass)
  5. Once we’ve received the address to which we’ll want to send our coins we’ll have to copy this address, open up the Ubuntu VM and paste it there (requires shared clipboard)
  6. After having pasted the address to which we wish to send the coins, we’ll turn off the shared clipboard (not sure if possible without rebooting VM), open up the copy of the password manager database and launch wallet software (Electrum for BTC, myetherwallet for ETH, etc) and then access wallet using the private keys in the database.
  7. We’ll send the payment and then exit the VM.

So, I’m not sure if this is the best most convenient way (pretend that the wallets contain significant values in a relative to the individual sense), I’m also not sure if this in anyway actually protects us from keyloggers (the keystrokes are probably going to be logged by both systems regardless – but perhaps the clipboard will not be logged by the host system if we can turn it off or just use it directionally; since the ubuntu system is much less likely to have been exposed as it is a fresh install and rarely accessed – and doesn’t actually need to visit any outside servers aside from connecting to the electrum / myetherwallet servs).

How could I optimize this setup without making it unbearably inconvenient to use for transacting (be it small or large)?

is parallel cryptocurrency mining possible?

Hi everyone I was wondering would it be possible to mine a cryptocurrency like bitcoin in parallel. I have read a little about mining pools , But that’s not quite what I’m looking for . the idea i had was to create a customized mining software that would Comprise of a master node with multiple Slave nodes like this . enter image description here

The master node would join the most profitable bitcoin mining pool so let’s say i had the slave software running on 20,000 computer. The mining pool would see is one miner from me is this practical.