How do I ask my users if I can mine cryptocurrency on their browser?

As ridiculous as this question sounds, this is the only place out of all stackexchange websites that made sense. Let’s say I have a website and I intend to use the user’s browser to mine. I don’t want to run hidden scripts and ruin things for the user because I am such a nice guy. How do I design a UX that asks the person to enable/disable in-browser cryptocurrency mining. Thanks for the suggestions in advance

Which of these cryptocurrency charts communicates percentage gain or loss in the most clear manner?

Cryptocurrency websites have been popping left and right for some time now and it seems they are already trying to establish patterns around their tools. One of the things most websites assume is that a person may be interested in seeing price change of a coin in terms of percentage in the last 1 hour, 24 hours or 7 days. Different websites follow different patterns and I am trying to validate the right methodology for representing this data. Here comes a bunch of charts and I would like to know which one is usable, useful and will probably be used

1 Coinmarketcap

enter image description here

  • Coinmarketcap is the largest website in terms of traffic and it follows a rather simple pattern
  • Last 7 days of price change with red color to highlight negative changes and green color to highlight positive changes
  • They use a yellow color line chart which is non-interactive (doesn’t reveal any data when you hover over the chart) as it seems to be a static image
  • They have chosen a 7d price change to represent. Not sure why they won’t take the last 24 hours. I am assuming most people just want to know the percentage by which an asset has changed in 24 hours

2 Coincheckup

enter image description here

  • Unlike the coinmarketcap chart, the one at coincheckup has interactivity built into it. If you were to say hover over the chart, you would see price values

  • They have used red and green colors which at first sight is not so obvious but then you compare the numbers in their 7d price column with the color of their chart, it becomes obvious that positive gainers in the 7d chart are green whereas the others are red. This isn’t obvious readily I think

  • They have also taken a 7d price change. At this point, I am guessing this should be the default for my tool given how much traffic both these sites generate

3 Coingecko

enter image description here

Coingecko is very similar to coinmarketcap

4 Coinlib

enter image description here

  • Coinlib is completely different than the rest of the crowd as I still haven’t been able to figure out what its chart means.
  • Guess that is a strong indicator of bad UX

5 Coincall

enter image description here

  • No interactivity but coincall still seems to have a very minimal smooth price graph compared to the rest. Not sure why

6 Coincodex

enter image description here

  • Coincodex is doing things differently than the rest
  • Their chart is non interactive but it seems to be colored or filled as you would call it
  • They have also taken the 24 hour period as default which I think would go against the majority of the guys above
  • The chart in itself probably doenst convey gains or losses but the red or green colored numbers to its left surely does

My question

  • Which of these convey the information in a friendly manner
  • How do I know the usability of these charts
  • Are they really necessary? Sure coinmarketcap has them so probably will have to add them but do they make sense outside the context of follow the players
  • I dont want to overload a plethora of colors on the user or complex shapes but at the same time, it has to be minimal and convey the information in the simplest way possible

Thank you for reading

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