Networking in cryptocurrency

I am learning and trying to implement my own cryptocurrency and I am thinking about how could I achieve the peer to peer connections.

I read that bitcoin is using DNS seeds for discovering users. In such case when running full node at home, one must configure his router to forward the port, firewall, etc..

What do you think about webRTC technology? Do you think this could be good way of solving p2p network? In this case, no router configuration is needed and firewall is ok.

Do you see some pros/cons of these aproaches?

Assets when cryptocurrency gets delisted (as Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin Cash)?

What happens to assets that you owe when a cryptocurrency gets delisted? I’m thinking concretely in the case of Kraken, Binance, ShapeShift in delisting Bitcoin SV or SBI holdings delisting Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

I’m not asking speculative about what happens to the price of those assets (which somehow falls), but how to deal with them.

Can you still sell them in the platform? What if you hold a leveraged position, can you close it?

“Ether” vs. “bitcoin”: I wondered when I heard Ethereum does NOT have any crypto-currency (in a Blockchain workshop by speaker)!

In my opinion, Ethereum has a native coin (crypto-currency) called “Ether”. On the other hand, Ethereum allows user to create crypto-token, such as ERC-20, using smart contracts.

From my point of view, the definitions of crypto-currency and crypto-token are as follows:

  1. crypto-currency (coin): It has a price based on fiat/formal currencies such as USD. For example: 1 Ether = x USD or 1 BTC (bitcoin) = y USD, whereas, we do not have an equivalent of USD (or other fiat/formal currencies) for a crypto-token (such as ERC-20)

  2. crypto-token: Some blockchains such as Ethereum allow users to provide functions other than making payments using smart contracts by developing themselves arbitrary crypto-tokens (such as ERC-20 in Ethereum).

While, crypto-currencies are used in financial payment transactions, crypto-tokens can be used in non-financial and can hold a non-financial value (for example, The amount of energy consumed by a user etc …)

However, I wondered when Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni (as a blockchain specialist) in a Blockchain workshop persisted that:

Ethereum does NOT have a crypto-currency unlike Bitcoin !

Some other people in the workshop confirmed what she said. They weren’t agreed with my argument as I explained in this question (that Ether is a crypto-currency and NOT a crypto-token). Because of their persistence on their opinion, I doubted that maybe they are really right.

I’d like to know if they are right and Ethereum blockchain does NOT have any crypto-currency and instead it has a crypto-token?

Important Note: Please note that although maybe we first define a precise definition for currency and then cryp-currency and then answer to this question that if Ether is a crypto-currency or crypto-token. However, if someone believes that Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, they should accept Ether is a crypto-currency as well, unless someone believes that both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether are not crypto-currency. In that case, the situation is different. If we believe that Ether is not crypto-currency, unlike BTC (Bitcoin), but also Ether is a crypto-token, then we will believe that Ether is not an “altcoin”.

How to create a cryptocurrency backed by an asset (say a fiat currency or physical commodity)

I want to create a cryptocurrency for use between myself and a collection of friends (as a proof of concept).

Assuming that I want to peg my cryptocurrency to (say) the Chinese Renminbi and the price of Wheat, what would be the steps in creating such a cryptocurrency?

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