How can I use GOOGLEFINANCE to return a share price in a certain currency?

I have shares in different currencies that I want to track in only a single currency. I currently have a cell that returns the currency and one that returns the price, I then multiply them. However, I’m trying to make the sheet fully automated so I was wondering if it is possible to have something like


Magento 2 Moving Currency Switcher

New to Magento 2 and not quite understanding the docs. In child Luma theme I am trying to move the currency switcher to the main header area (next to the minicart) but having no luck with it.

In /app/design/frontend/MyVendor/MyTheme/Magento_Theme/layout I placed the following default.xml:

<page xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd"> <move element="currency" destination="header" after="minicart"/> </page> 

The switcher disappears from the panel header, but doesn’t appear where I expect. I tried various combinations of before and after blocks and tried to move it to different blocks like maincontent, but in all cases I can’t get it to show. There are a couple of previous posts from people trying to move the currency switcher but no successful answers so far. Is it possible? Moving it by phtml didn’t work at all.

Magento 2 Currency Switch Dropdown – Remove currency name

In Magento 2 (Luma child theme) when enabling multiple currencies you get a currency switcher dropdown in the frontend’s header. By default it shows the currency code followed by the full name, e.g. GBP – British Pound Sterling. I want to keep GBP, USD etc. but remove the rest as I think it’s unnecessary, customers can tell the currency from the code. I am new to Magento 2 and can’t find where in the template or layout files this can be changed. Any idea?

Formatting Negative International Currency Amounts

In financial reports I’m formatting international currency amounts like USD 12.99 or AUD 9.99, etc. What is the accepted formatting in regions where negative currency amounts are typically put in parenthesis? Balance: (USD 12.99) or Balance: USD (12.99) or something different? In other words, should the parenthesis go around the whole value including the currency code or just the number when displaying negative values with an ISO currency code?

I can’t seem to find any information on generally accepted formatting of negative values together with ISO currency codes.

Exchanging money to maximize one currency

I’m working on the following problem and trying to create a dynamic programming solution that must be in O(n) time and O(1) space complexity.

The problem:

I have to find the best way to exchange between euros and dollars over n days in order to maximize my dollars.

  • Array $ X$ of size $ n$ . Each element represents the value of the euro on that day in dollars. So if $ X[2]$ = 20 then on the second day 1 euro is 20 dollars, 2 euros is 40 dollars, etc.

  • $ m$ = starting dollars (I start with 0 euros and $ m$ dollars)

  • $ p$ = set exchange fee for dollars->euros

  • $ q$ = set exchange fee for euros->dollars

So on any given day, I could choose to exchange a certain amount of money or even none at all. For example if $ X = [10, 20, 40]$ , then there are 3 days and at each day is the euro value that day in dollars. At the end I need to end up with dollars so I’ll need to exchange an even amount of times.

My ideas so far: Firstly, my inclination is that on each day we’d either want to exchange all our money or none of it. Somehow I think this would be better than only exchanging some on certain days. That way, if there is a good exchange rate, we take full advantage of it. I have no proof that this is right though.

Secondly, with my assumption above, my idea was to compute permutations of whether we exchange on certain days or not. So for example, permutations for an array of size 2 would be YN, NY, YY, NN. Y meaning we exchange, N meaning we don’t (for each day). Then, we could see which permutation yielded the max dollars. Of course, computing this for larger arrays would be terrible and not O(n) so somehow dynamic programming needs to come in.

When computing the permutations, there is repeated work and work that can be eliminated. If a permutation has an uneven number of Y’s then we can just not consider it. In terms of repeated work, take this example for an array of 4:

  • YYYY
  • NNNN
  • YNYN
  • YYNN
  • NNYY
  • NYNY
  • YNNY

I’ve removed permutations which have uneven number of Y’s. But notice the repeated work which is in bold. The issue is, I have no idea how to make use of the fact that some work is repeated and implement this into a bottom-up solution. Can anyone offer some advice? Thank you.

How to change currency without lose money ?

Hello ,
I'm using Paypal with GBP currency since my bank account has GBP currency only. But i receive payments from peoples and companies as USD. I lose money when i want to withdraw money everytime cos I have to change USD to GBP for withdraw that money to my bank account.
I just looking a way to withdraw my paypal balance without lose any money cos of converting currency.

Crypto currency

Need some help with finding a payment method/website plugin with real time crypto currency, for example if I want to sell something on my website for $ 40usd value of bitcoin/Alt coin at the time of purchase, because cryptos are constantly changing in price by the second, this is for my ecommernce website that I'm developing, any help would be a appreciated.