Need to replace Currency Shortforms

I want to replace the currency shorten alphabet, it is currently in M, L and So on. I want to change to indian currency number format like K, L and CR

below is code:

if(!function_exists(‘houzez_number_shorten’)) { function houzez_number_shorten($ number, $ precision = 0, $ divisors = null) { $ number = houzez_clean_price_20($ number);

    if (!isset($  divisors)) {         $  divisors = array(             pow(1000, 0) => '', // 1000^0 == 1             pow(1000, 1) => 'K', // Thousand             pow(1000, 2) => 'M', // Million             pow(1000, 3) => 'B', // Billion             pow(1000, 4) => 'T', // Trillion             pow(1000, 5) => 'Qa', // Quadrillion             pow(1000, 6) => 'Qi', // Quintillion         );         }          foreach ($  divisors as $  divisor => $  shorthand) {         if (abs($  number) < ($  divisor * 1000)) {             // Match found             break;         }     }     //Match found or not found use the last defined value for divisor     $  price = number_format($  number / $  divisor, 1);     $  price = str_replace(".0","",$  price);     return $  price . $  shorthand; } 

I am not good at coding, so any help will be appreciated

What are pros & cons of naming in game currency a standard name vs a gimmick?

We’re creating a store and going to add an in game currency. We did a poll and Tokens & Sheep were the top options selected by the players.

I personally think Sheep would be more fun like a barter system as well as it is an in game resource as you may know from the Settlers of Catan (my game

I know that has Golden Bread and has Potato as in game currency.

Are there any other such examples? What are the pros cons of such naming?

I don’t know any big games which do such a thing.

Thank you for the insights.

YITH Product add on does not show with WooCommerce Multi Currency Premium

I need Help… I sell tickets to the event with different types of add ons in Euro but at the checkout page the prices have to be converted to MDL currency because of the legislation, so the whole way until checkout page the Product addons show correctly in Euro but at the checkout page the amount remains the same and not converted to MDL just the symbol of the currency is changed so the problem is when I add product add-ons to the cart along with the main product the amount on the left side at the checkout does not change however the total price is calculated correctly so it doesn’t look clear to the customers and for my partners at the end and in the invoice( check the screenshots)
I presume I can do it adding some code in function.php, but I do not know what code???
Thank You Very Much and hope very soon to fix it

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Truncating currency amounts – any guidelines?

I’m working on a large enterprise level financial application that has a requirement to display currency totals on a dashboard. The goal for these totals is to highlight the relative importance of one dashboard item over another (based on the total values).

Since we deal with some extremely large dollar values (frequently in the billions), we will potentially run into real estate issues when we render these dollar amounts. The ask from our stakeholders is to truncate the dollar values using some sort of notation. The suggestion is to truncate millions with ‘M’ and thousands with ‘K’. For example, $ 984,432.00 would be rendered as $ 984K and $ 894,876,451 would be rendered as $ 894M.

My worry is that we’re introducing too great a cognitive load on our users when they compare these currency values. In some cases, they will have to evaluate numbers only with values containing numbers as well as characters. My concerns may be completely irrational, but either way I would love to hear any thoughts anyone has with respect to this.

Using a fixed decimal when filling a currency amount input field

When entering currency amounts into an input field, I’ve seen two methods:

Keyed Decimal: The keypad includes the decimal character and the user enters the decimal along with the numbers. The Chase mobile app uses this approach.

Key  Display  5       $  5  4      $  54  .     $  54.  6    $  54.6  3   $  54.63 

Fixed Decimal: The keypad excludes the decimal character and the numbers fill around a fixed decimal. The PayPal and Square mobile apps both use this approach.

Key  Display  5    $  0.05  4    $  0.54  6    $  5.46  3   $  54.63 

The keyed decimal approach seems more straightforward to me, and it also requires 2 fewer keystrokes when entering non-decimal amounts (e.g. $ 10 only requires typing 1-0, instead of 1-0-0-0). However, users of our payment processing app have accidentally charged amounts like $ 123,456.00 instead of $ 1,234.56 because they were expecting a fixed decimal interaction instead of a keyed decimal interaction.

Is this just a matter of preference, or are there other merits to a fixed decimal approach that I may be overlooking?

Jquery and SharePoint Currency Field

I have a form with multiple SharePoint fields set as “currency”. How do I put a currency field value into a variable? I’ve tried several version, such as:

var txt01TotCash = $  ("input[id='Total_x0020_Cash__2abd298c-4fee-401a-b51a-d48afd27a395_$  CurrencyField']").text(); 


var txt01TotCash = $  ("input[id='Total_x0020_Cash__2abd298c-4fee-401a-b51a-d48afd27a395_$  CurrencyField']").val(); 


var txt01TotCash = $  ("input[title='Total Cash']").val(); 

The error I get is val is not a function or text is not a function.

Any ideas?