Legacy CE vs current

I recently updated a SQL server to current version. I have major performance issue with some query for example this query takes 8 seconds with legacy CE:


But 5 minutes with CE 150:


I updated statistics for the whole DB and run fullscan update to the tables in this query.

Any idea how can I fix this performance issue?

Thanks in advance!


What are some good feats for sorcerer’s from current or any other previous versions of Dnd? [closed]

I am playing a shadar kai, Giant Soul(strom) sorcerer(level 06).
I took the crossbrow experties feat at level 1.
I have +4 mod on both Dex and Cha, and a +3 mod on Con. (I have +6 bonus on Con saves).
With haste, shield, absorb element and shadar kai’s necrotic damage resistance I fight in melee.

My my usual attack pattern is-
1.Go in mele use shocking grasp
2.haste atk-use a hand crossbow
3.bonus action-another hand crossbow atk(Through crossbow experties feat)

Why min-maxing? Because eveeryone in the party does. If I don’t I will feel useless in combat. The DM has allwed a lot of previous version material to the other players.

I have already thought of war caster, but with the defence I have conscentration is not a big problem. Also, if shocking grasp hits I can back off without provoking opportunity attack and have the 60′ movement due to haste.

With this build of mine what would be the best feat for me(any verion/any book)?

What is the current situation of Cyric in the Forgotten Realms?

I am DMing a homebrew campaign in the Forgotten Realms, the subplot involving the cleric is heavily linked to the past history and current situation of some of the gods. I am now interested in the fate of Cyric.

In the year of the Blue Fire (1385 DR) Cyric, with the aid of Shar, murdered Mystra, causing the Spellplague. We can read in Grand History of the Realms (page 159) that

Tyr, Lathander, and Sune move against Cyric and successfully imprison the Black Sun in his Supreme Throne, under a sentence of house arrest to last one thousand years.

This is confirmed in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (page 74) for DnD 4th edition:

Tyr, Lathander, and Sune united to imprison him in his nightmarish playhouse of a plane, the Supreme Throne, where he remains to this day, alone and increasingly insane.

I read to this day as the Year of the Ageless One, i.e. 1479 DR, as written in the same guide at the very beginning of the introduction via Elminster’s words. The Sword Coast Adventure’s Guide sets the current year to 1489, then only 104 years has passed since Cyric was imprisoned. At page 27 there is only a little paragraph about Cyric and its church, without any details about the imprisonment.

I wonder what are the consequences of its imprisonment on its church and worshippers, since it seems there are not anyone. Is Cyric actually free and he can roam wherever he wants? Or is he still confined in the Supreme Throne?

I know that it is a homebrew campaign and (theoretically) I can do whatever I want, but I prefer to be as faithful as possible to the official campaign setting.

If you have any details coming from current adventures (Princes of Apocalypse, Rise of Tiamat, etc), please use the spoiler quote.

Hi I need a query to get both Max Date and next date after the current date

Select ci.CustomerID, max(dd.DueDate) from tblcustomerinfo ci  join tblduedates dd on dd.id=ci.id group by ci.CustomerID   tblCustomerinfo      **customerid**          **type** 384953              visa 938494              visa 337723               mc  tblDueDate CustomerId            duedate 384953              12/30/2020 384953              09/30/2020 384953              07/30/2020 938494              08/30/2020 938494              07/30/2020 337723              05/30/2020 337723              03/30/2020 

Results should be

384953                9/30/2020 938494                8/30/2020 337723                5/30/2020 

Algorithm for drawing the horizon given the current coordinates, elevation and field of view

I have a large database containing coordinates along with an elevation number. If I am a person looking in some direction (0-360) with an n degree field of view, and located at some coordinate and at some elevation, how can I generate an image representing the horizon? What algorithm should I use?

What is the current state of the art vulnerability scanner? [closed]

I want to use my sparetime to fiddle around with Metasploitable 2 a little so I did a fresh installation of a Kali VM.

What confuses me is that there seems to be no vulnerability scanner on board anymore? If I remember correctly a few years ago Kali where shipped with OpenVas, NeXpose and Nessus.

I did a quick research in what tool is the current state of the art but only found very old and outdated informations. As far as I see Nexpose is now commercial whitout a community version?

What is the current state of the art vulnerability scanner and why isnt it shipped in Kali anymore?

What is the current (mid-2020) status of hardware rootkit/malware and possible detection/monitoring?

I’ve posted a question (link) related to a potential compromised computer via SSH access with root user. Although no evidence of a break-in, I’m considering extended measures to ensure (as much as possible) that my hardware has not been compromised. The software rootkit/malware would be easier to deal with apart of technical details as I expressed in another question (link). I’m particularly concerned because a SSH root access seems much more serious than a rootkit/malware infection from a compromised application downloaded from the internet.

OTOH, hardware rootkit/malware is a different level of a threat and I was trying to get more information about it. As I could see in other questions (link,link, plus some internet articles), the debate regarding hardware threats was much related to state-actors aiming high-level targets a few years back (prior 2017). However LoJax surfaced in 2018 and possibly others until today.

So, what is the current status (mid-2020) of these infections? Are they popular or still related to particular high-level targets?

My research showed that the only ways to get rid of such threats at hardware level would be either (i) flash the hardware with default firmware (not simple) or (ii) replace the piece of hardware. Besides, I’m not sure this hardware-level intervention would be detected in any manner, even using specialized application like rkhunter or TDSSKiller, since it could be hidden at kernel Ring 0 area outside the userspace. In the end, the user would have an evidence only if the rootkit drops a malware in the userspace, which could be caught by an AV or other scan app.

I see that OSSEC would be a handy tool to monitor the system, but possible setup before an infection. In case one has a potential compromised system, what would be the way to detect and/or to monitor the activity of a potential compromised hardware rootkit/malware (if any)?

In summary, such threats could be hidden in any writable firmware in the hardware (BIOS, SSD, HDD, GPU, etc.), however detailed knowledge of these firmwares are needed in order to deploy such malicious software, making it not so popular (this answer from 2015 states it in a more clear way, although somehow old). If this level of threat is still not popular in the wild, I would consider a very small possibility that such threat would be deployed in my computer, but I don’t have the clear picture yet.

Does standing up after being knocked prone use half your current or maximum speed [duplicate]

I’m DMing a campaign and one of my players is a monk with 40ft of movement. He got hit by a slow spell reducing his speed to 20ft and was knocked prone. To get up would he have to use his full 20ft as its half his max speed or only 10ft as that’s half his current speed?

What is current status (5E) of Thay and its economy?

In the last century between 3.5E (~1372 DR), and 5E (~1489), Thay went through the civil war in which lich Szass Tam won, and banished other wizards making necromancy and undead arcanist the ruling class of the nation.

In 3.5E Thay was famous for two exports – slaves and magic items. However, in the current situation of the world creating magic items is more difficult, and Thay going full necromancy shouldn’t be so interested in the exports.

This connects with enclaves which they were building in distant countries in the Sword Coast. If I remember they even appeared in one of the offical adventures for D&D 3E. I can’t find any materials which confirm that they are still there, but if they can’t produce and export magic items they don’t make too much sense.

Is there any mention in the books or other official materials for D&D 5E that Thay Mages still are selling magical items in the enclaves, or are they abandoned?