What is the current (mid-2020) status of hardware rootkit/malware and possible detection/monitoring?

I’ve posted a question (link) related to a potential compromised computer via SSH access with root user. Although no evidence of a break-in, I’m considering extended measures to ensure (as much as possible) that my hardware has not been compromised. The software rootkit/malware would be easier to deal with apart of technical details as I expressed in another question (link). I’m particularly concerned because a SSH root access seems much more serious than a rootkit/malware infection from a compromised application downloaded from the internet.

OTOH, hardware rootkit/malware is a different level of a threat and I was trying to get more information about it. As I could see in other questions (link,link, plus some internet articles), the debate regarding hardware threats was much related to state-actors aiming high-level targets a few years back (prior 2017). However LoJax surfaced in 2018 and possibly others until today.

So, what is the current status (mid-2020) of these infections? Are they popular or still related to particular high-level targets?

My research showed that the only ways to get rid of such threats at hardware level would be either (i) flash the hardware with default firmware (not simple) or (ii) replace the piece of hardware. Besides, I’m not sure this hardware-level intervention would be detected in any manner, even using specialized application like rkhunter or TDSSKiller, since it could be hidden at kernel Ring 0 area outside the userspace. In the end, the user would have an evidence only if the rootkit drops a malware in the userspace, which could be caught by an AV or other scan app.

I see that OSSEC would be a handy tool to monitor the system, but possible setup before an infection. In case one has a potential compromised system, what would be the way to detect and/or to monitor the activity of a potential compromised hardware rootkit/malware (if any)?

In summary, such threats could be hidden in any writable firmware in the hardware (BIOS, SSD, HDD, GPU, etc.), however detailed knowledge of these firmwares are needed in order to deploy such malicious software, making it not so popular (this answer from 2015 states it in a more clear way, although somehow old). If this level of threat is still not popular in the wild, I would consider a very small possibility that such threat would be deployed in my computer, but I don’t have the clear picture yet.

Does standing up after being knocked prone use half your current or maximum speed [duplicate]

I’m DMing a campaign and one of my players is a monk with 40ft of movement. He got hit by a slow spell reducing his speed to 20ft and was knocked prone. To get up would he have to use his full 20ft as its half his max speed or only 10ft as that’s half his current speed?

What is current status (5E) of Thay and its economy?

In the last century between 3.5E (~1372 DR), and 5E (~1489), Thay went through the civil war in which lich Szass Tam won, and banished other wizards making necromancy and undead arcanist the ruling class of the nation.

In 3.5E Thay was famous for two exports – slaves and magic items. However, in the current situation of the world creating magic items is more difficult, and Thay going full necromancy shouldn’t be so interested in the exports.

This connects with enclaves which they were building in distant countries in the Sword Coast. If I remember they even appeared in one of the offical adventures for D&D 3E. I can’t find any materials which confirm that they are still there, but if they can’t produce and export magic items they don’t make too much sense.

Is there any mention in the books or other official materials for D&D 5E that Thay Mages still are selling magical items in the enclaves, or are they abandoned?

Need to limit the previous/next post links to current author editing post

I installed a plugin to be able to display a previous post / next post option in the backend, in the post edit screen. However the code does this for all posts and we really would like to build in a restriction.

I would like to restrict the links to point only to the posts made by the logged in (current) user editing his/her own post at that moment.

The code I would like to alter is this (I already added a current user variable, in case I’d need it)

add_action('admin_print_footer_scripts','amm_edit_next_prev_post_button'); function amm_edit_next_prev_post_button(){     $  screen = get_current_screen();     //echo "<pre>";     //print_r($  screen);     $  supported_types = array('page', 'post');     if( strpos($  screen->parent_file, 'edit.php') !== FALSE && in_array($  screen->id, $  supported_types) && in_array($  screen->post_type, $  supported_types) && $  screen->action != 'add'){         //Prev-Next are arranged acc. to post table so switched next to prev and prev to next         $  next_post = get_previous_post();         $  previous_post = get_next_post();         $  current_user = wp_get_current_user();         ?>             <!--<style>body{background-color:red !important}</style>-->             <script>                 if(window.jQuery) {                     jQuery(document).ready(function($  ) {                         $  (window).load(function() {                              var is_next_post_available = '<?php echo ($  next_post->ID) ? true : false ?>';                             var is_prev_post_available = '<?php echo ($  previous_post->ID) ? true : false ?>'; 

I did some researching and fond this but would be hesitant if I can combine these two ? Modify previous and next post links to current Authors Other posts

Does gaining immunity to a condition apply immediately to a current condition?

What happens when a creature gains immunity to a condition while it currently has that condition? (For a list of conditions see Rules Compendium 229–35.)

For example, the level 6 battlemind daily utility power mental triumph (Psionic Power 39), in part, says, “You cannot be slowed, immobilized, or restrained until the end of the encounter.” If Sivart the battlemind presently possesses the condition immobilized and takes a minor action to use the power mental triumph, does he lose the condition immobilized? Or, after he uses the power, must the duration of the condition still expire normally and thereafter—for the encounter’s duration—he can’t be immobilized?

By way of metaphor, can an inoculation also cure the disease?

Do magic items replenish at dawn even if, in your current place, there is no such thing as dawn?

There are many magic items with charges that replenish at dawn. However, there are places where there is no dawn, like in the Feywild.

I’d think this way of phrasing it was only meant to make sure it restored once per day. But you could argue that since it’s specifically phrased to be at dawn, it doesn’t restore in the Feywild.

Do they actually replenish at some point if there’s no dawn, or will they not replenish at all?

the identifier “x” is not declared in the current scope

(Sorry if i have spelling mistakes i am Bulgarian) I have the problem that my “icon” isn’t declared in the current scope. i am trying to add an object (body, collisionshape, and a sprite) this is the code:

var stastic_body = StaticBody2D.new(); var sprite = Sprite.new(); var collision_shape = CollisionShape2D.new(); stastic_body.add_child(collision_shape); sprite.texture = icon.png

Data structure for finding nearest rectangles from current rectangle

For my project I can have 0-500 squares. The difference in diameter of the squares is 3 times at most. The squares can move at max 3 squares worth a second. About 1 square is added and about 1 square is deleted every second.

Each square gets the positions of the 5 closest squares around it. What data structure is should I be using for this? I’m also going to be doing collision detecting between squares as well.