Will my necrotic-damage-heavy PC be too weak in Curse of Strahd?

I’m preparing a character for Curse of Strahd, which I have never played before. This character uses a lot of necrotic damage. I don’t mind if this character is not the absolute best choice for this campaign, but on the other hand I don’t want to be too underpowered.

Keeping spoilers to a minimum, is relying on necrotic damage a poor choice for this campaign, or is it just a minor issue?

Specifically, I’m looking to play a Hexblade Warlock with Hex and Arms of Hadar – both necrotic.

Do pact archetype wizards have full curse progression?

I’m pretty sure that I can’t be reading this right, but the pact wizard archetype from 5th level says you gain an oracle curse and you count your oracle level as half your wizard level. Looking up the oracle’s curses it says that the curse has a level equal to your oracle level plus 1/2 your level in any other classes. To me this means that at say 10th level you count your oracle level as 5th, no problem there, but the description under the curse suggests that you have 10 class levels which would give an additional 5 curse levels. Did they really mean for the pact wizard to get full curse progression? I can’t find anything about it.

Curses do apparently progress without level of oracle, was this just supposed to indicate a more serious advance than just a 1 level dip in oracle could expect?

How do the damage from the Hexblade’s Curse feature and the Hex and Bestow Curse spells interact/stack with one another?

Hex requires concentration, while bestow curse at a high level and Hexblade’s Curse do not. This allows all three things to stack.

  1. Hex deals damage whenever an attack hits
  2. Bestow curse deals damage whenever an attack or spell inflicts damage
  3. Hexblade’s Curse adds damage to all damage rolls

If all three were applied to a target, for every time I hit it, would it unfold as follows:

Hit, hex damage, bestow curse damage triggered by hit, bestow curse damage triggered by hex, and all 4 damage rolls get boosted by Hexblade’s Curse?

Does moving the curse from the Hex spell to a new target have any spell components?

Casting the Hex spell initially requires a verbal, somatic, and material component. For the duration (concentration up to 1, 8, or 24 hours depending on spell level), if something dies while hexed, I can use a bonus action to apply it to a different creature.

Does reapplying Hex to a new target (after the previous one is reduced to 0 HP) have a verbal, somatic, or material component?

I am wondering whether or not it would be obvious that I was reapplying the spell to another target or if I would have to try and hide it. I could, in theory, kill something I’ve hexed and then several hours later sneakily apply the spell’s disadvantage on an ability check to a creature and he would never know (or his friends would never know).

If the initial target of the Hex spell is reduced to 0 HP, can the curse be moved to an unseen target or one out of range?

To originally cast the spell hex, you must target “a creature you can see within range”. The spell says that if the target drops to 0 hit points before the spell ends, the caster can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn to move the curse to a new creature. However, it does not say that the new creature being cursed has to be seen or within range.

If the initial target of hex is reduced to 0 HP, can the curse be moved to an unseen target or one out of range?

Rules as Written, it seems possible to do so, but that seems a bit overpowered.

How to Curse a PC

So my group is made up of four players – a Fighter, a Wizard, a Bard, and a Warlock. The Fighter is a bit of an odd duck and has periodically enjoyed making things deliberately harder on themself – for example, ruling that they don’t get their aasimar racial bonus to CHA when their hood is up and refusing to use their aasimar Angel Mode due to Associated Past Trauma.

When they started joking about wanting their character to get a cursed item, I didn’t think much of it, but they recently brought it up again and were surprisingly insistent about it. So I figured, well, why not?

Right now, in terms of items I’m considering, I’m torn between the Berserker Axe (or spear, in this case) or the Stone of Ill Luck. The spear seems like something the party might let the fighter have organically, the stone seems like a curse I could keep hidden for longer.

The group is Level 6 so I want to avoid something like the Scorpion Armor which could kill them outright if the dice were unfavorable.

My idea for how they might come across these cursed items is that the party recently uncovered where their current BBEG used to live, in a farm outside the big city. They’re planning to go and check the place out to see if they can find any useful info on him. My idea was that the farm would currently be occupied by a team of flesh golems pretending to be human, and would attack the party at some point while using the cursed items, so the party would have some incentive to pick them up and look them over.

As for why there’d be cursed items on this farm and in possession of these flesh golems, my thought was that the BBEG would have planted them there to fuck with the party – he’s been a bit of an enduring villain, and literally the first session involved them stealing one of his actual magic items and also his mail. So I think it’d make sense that he’d foresee this move of theirs’ and do something to fuck with them about it.

That said, I want to come up with a scenario that has the best possible chance of leading the fighter to be given the cursed item, so I don’t wind up getting one of the other three in on a game that they never volunteered to play in the first place.

TL;DR – I want to curse the party fighter since they literally asked for it without cursing one of the other PCs and I’m taking suggestions how to nudge the group in the right direction.

When during the events of the Curse of Strahd plot does Kasimir want to do this thing?

In Curse of Strahd, during my current playthrough of it (with me as the DM) the NPC Kasimir is the party’s ally (“Strahd’s Enemy”). It says throughout the adventure (whenever Kasimir is mentioned at all) that he:

It says, on p. 90, in the description for Crypt 21:

This implies that Kasimir would do this first before we face Strahd.

On p. 196, it describes a Special Event concerning Kasimir:

The first part implies he may want to do this before we face Strahd, but since both are related to Castle Ravenloft, it is ambiguous, so this part of the quote is perhaps not that helpful. The second part, though, implies again that Kasimir would do this before we face Strahd, since otherwise that part doesn’t make any sense.

However, his entry in Appendix D says the following of relevance under Dreams of the Damned, pp. 232-233:

This implies that Kasimir would do this after we face Strahd.

So my question is:

Would the following curse be too detrimental, too beneficial, or just right for a combat-focused campaign?

The Curse:

Clockwork Curse
All Attack Rolls the cursed target makes replace their d20 roll with a 10 instead of rolling, as per the effect of Clockwork Amulet.

Extra Details:

  • This curse is expected to apply for at least a full in-game day.
  • Encounters for the day will come from the Forest or Coastal Encounters (5-10) tables in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.
  • The character will be part of a 5-player group.
  • The character’s attacks are their ideal method of dealing damage.

The Goal:

  • This curse is meant to be a setback or gameplay-shift to the player, not a crippling of the player.
    • I want the player to spend time affected by the curse to work with it or work around it.
  • Since the players can decide not to remove it, the beneficial aspect of it should not be too strong.

The Question:

Is this curse too detrimental that it imposes more of a penalty than I expect? Is this curse too beneficial in the long-run? Or is it reasonably fair?

Is curse bringer + divine smite + wrathful smite + greenflame blade RAW, RAI or Neither [duplicate]

Warlock hexblade (3) paladin (x)

Boon: Blade pact

Eldritch Invocations: curse bringer. Need minimum 5 lvls

Turn 1.1 hexblade curse (bonus action)

Turn 2.1 (bonus action) wrathful smite

Turn 2.2 (normal action) greenflame blade

If melee hit spend 1 spell slot for curse bringer (no action) and 1 for divine smite (no action)