Custom data grabber with regex issue


I’m looking to use Scrapebox to scrape all domain name mentions on a list just shy of 4000 web page urls.

The domain names are formatted on the pages like so:

The domain names are plain text. They are not hyperlinks.

If it helps, they are also always in between <td> and </td> elements.  

I already have my list of almost 4000 urls I want to scan.

I am using 5 private proxies that have been tested and saved.
I think they’re being applied when using the Custom Data Grabber, but honestly I struggle with Scrapebox.

I created inbound and outbound rules for Scrapebox in Windows Firewall.
I can do other things using Scrapebox that do work. Like grabbing internal links on the domain I’m getting the urls from.  

I created a Custom Data Grabber Module and under that a Module Mask:

I tried several regex examples and found this one:



I tested it using the tool on and 3 sample urls come up as matches (as far as I can tell?):

However, when I run my Module all I get is this:

The Module data folder contains a csv for every time I run the Module, containing two odd characters in the first cell:

I ran several of the urls through and the domain names on those urls are readable according to that tool.

Does anyone know where I’m going wrong here?
Or is there a better way to scrape domain name MENTIONS from a list of urls?

Thank you in advance!

How do I control the output of a custom post type in the loop?

I’m working on a new content type. Let’s call it hotel rooms (it is not but the similarities are good enough).

Now, for each room, I will have a title and a description but I will also have a lot of metadata – beds, sea view, room number, size, summer price, winter price, and so on.

I would like my custom type to work on any theme. That means I need to provide a way to layout the post for index.php, single.php, and so forth. Obviously, presenting metadata is a large part of this.

How do I do this?

disable (read only) a field if within a custom post type name

I have two bidirectional fields ‘album_band’ in two different custom post types ‘album’ and ‘band’.

this field allow multiple selection and is mandatory in ‘album’

I’ve been trying to disable or set it as ‘read only’ this field in one custom type ‘band’ (backend side) to avoid empty value in ‘album’ but without success

many thanks for your help

custom form submission

I’m a bit new to custom wordpress pages and I purchased a HTML theme that I successfully converted into a WordPress site. The thing is, that there is a contact form that I would like to use and I’ve followed the codex instructions on using admin-post.php file but the form is not getting submitted.

Below is the form in my footer.php:

<form id="contact-form" method="POST" action="">     <input type="hidden" name="action" value="send_form"/>     <input type="hidden" name="custom_nonce" value="<?php echo $  custom_form_nonce ?>"/>      <input class="form-control form-text" id="name" type="text" name="name" value="" placeholder="Please Enter Name" required />     <input class="form-control form-text" id="email" type="email" name="email" value="" placeholder="Please Enter Email" required />     <textarea class="form-control form-text" id="message" name="message" placeholder="Message" rows="4" required></textarea>     <input type="submit" class="btn-1" id="submit" name="submit" value="SUBMIT">     <input type="reset" class="btn-1 distab-cell-middle cancel" name="clear" value="RESET"> </form>  

And here is my functions.php file:

function prefix_admin_send_form(){     echo $  _POST['name'];     print($  _POST['email']);     exit; }  add_action('admin_post_send_form', 'prefix_admin_send_form'); 

The data in functions.php is for testing purposes but still I’m not getting any response. Is it something I did wrong here or is is something that I’m missing? Thanks in advance for any help.

Custom image dimensions for each category

Hi everyone and happy new year 2020,

I need to set up different image dimensions for each category of a website.

For example,

To set these dimensions for Category 1:

Catalog Images = 240 x 320px
Single Product Image = 470 x 627px
Product thumbnails = 75 x 100px

And these dimensions for category 2:

Catalog Images = 245 x 245px
Single Product Image = 470 x 470px
Product thumbnails = 75 x 75px

I use woocommerce.
How to do this? Is there any code or filter to affect to that a named…

Custom image dimensions for each category

Custom Meta Box (SELECT2) Not Saving Taxonomy Terms

I have the code, enter image description here

/*  * Add a metabox  * I hope you're familiar with add_meta_box() function, so, nothing new for you here  */ add_action( 'admin_menu', 'rudr_metabox_for_select2_cat' ); function rudr_metabox_for_select2_cat() {     add_meta_box( 'rudr_select2', 'Tune Category', 'rudr_display_select2_cat_metabox', 'post', 'side', 'high' ); } /*  * Display the fields inside it  */ function rudr_display_select2_cat_metabox( $  post_object ) {     // I decided to write all the metabox html into a variable and then echo it at the end     $  html = '';      // always array because we have added [] to our <select> name attribute     $  appended_cat = get_post_meta( $  post_object->ID, 'rudr_select2_cat',true );      /*      * It will be just a multiple select for tags without AJAX search      * If no tags found - do not display anything      * hide_empty=0 means to show tags not attached to any posts      */     if( $  cats = get_terms( 'category', 'hide_empty=0' ) ) {         $  html .= '<p><select id="rudr_select2_cat" name="rudr_select2_cat[]" single="single" style="width:99%;max-width:25em;">';         foreach( $  cats as $  cat ) {             $  selected = ( is_array( $  appended_cat ) && in_array( $  cat->term_id, $  appended_cat ) ) ? ' selected="selected"' : '';             $  html .= '<option value="' . $  cat->term_id . '"' . $  selected . '>' . $  cat->name . '</option>';         }         $  html .= '<select></p>';     }     echo $  html; } add_action( 'wp_ajax_mishagetcat', 'rudr_get_cat_ajax_callback' ); // wp_ajax_{action} function rudr_get_cat_ajax_callback(){      // we will pass post IDs and titles to this array     $  return = array();      $  cat = get_terms( array('taxonomy' => 'category','search'=> $  _GET['q'],'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1,));         foreach ( $  cat as $  cat ) {               // shorten the title a little             $  title = ( mb_strlen( $  cat->name ) > 50 ) ? mb_substr( $  cat->name, 0, 49 ) . '...' : $  cat->name;             $  return[] = array( $  cat->term_id, $  title ); // array( Post ID, Post Title )         }     echo json_encode( $  return );     die; } //auto_save add_action( 'save_post', 'rudr_save_metaboxdata', 10, 2 ); function rudr_save_metaboxdata( $  post_id, $  post ) {      if ( defined('DOING_AUTOSAVE') && DOING_AUTOSAVE ) return $  post_id;      // if post type is different from our selected one, do nothing     if ( $  post->post_type == 'post' ) {         if( isset( $  _POST['rudr_select2_cat'] ) )             update_post_meta( $  post_id, 'rudr_select2_cat', $  _POST['rudr_select2_cat'] );         else             delete_post_meta( $  post_id, 'rudr_select2_cat' );         if( isset( $  _POST['rudr_select2_tags'] ) )             update_post_meta( $  post_id, 'rudr_select2_tags', $  _POST['rudr_select2_tags'] );         else             delete_post_meta( $  post_id, 'rudr_select2_tags' );     }     return $  post_id; } //add_script_&_stylesheet add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'rudr_select2_enqueue' ); function rudr_select2_enqueue(){      wp_enqueue_style('select2', '' );     wp_enqueue_script('select2', '', array('jquery') );      // please create also an empty JS file in your theme directory and include it too     wp_enqueue_script('mycustom', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/mycustom.js', array( 'jquery', 'select2' ) );   } 

enter image description here But Showing only deafult category.