Is Customer Service Agent and the Customer two different personas or different roles?

Are ‘Personas’ and ‘Roles’ different in every scenario?

Although i did my reading about roles and personas, im a bit confused about this topic with the context i’m working on.

Scenario – One day Bruce(Customer) finds out his water heater is broken and calls XYZ company to get it fixed. John(Customer service agent) receives the call and assigns Bob(Technician) for to install a water heater.

John, Bruce and Bob are these 3 personas? or are they considered as 3 different user roles who interact with XYZ service?


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Does Apple still monitor or track after having a customer support screen sharing service with

Is having screen sharing service with safe?

I had screensharing service with which is official apple website for apple products support. And they wanted me to install an app after entering session key and they said the app will self-destruct once support session ended.

Would there be a possibility that Apple can still track and monitor that computer even after the support session ended and even if they claim that installment of the app for screen sharing self-destruct?

LG Customer Service is CRAP- here’s what happened to me!

So here's what happened- back in end of May I bought the LG 34GK950F monitor from B&H cos they had a deal for $ 799

I am in Sri Lanka but since B&H delivers worldwide with no issues I bought it. Came within 4 days and worked fine except for some BLB in the four corners at max brightness. Perfection I thought.

Skip to FOUR MONTHS LATER suddenly when playing Crysis I see appear these thin grey horizontal lines like a grille. After quitting to Desktop it went away- but after a while came back….

LG Customer Service is CRAP- here's what happened to me!

How to handle conflicting updates of a customer record

We are developing a simple web based single-page CRM-like app. I was thinking about what happens when two operators are both editing the details of a customer “John Doe”. On the server side we use a optimistic updating, i.e. the ajax update payload includes revision-number which must match whats in the database, however on the front-end I was wondering how we should handle this?

I thought about a modal popup along the lines of: “Sorry AgentB has already updated the record and your working copy might not be up-to-date? Would you like to:” (a) Update anyway (b) Reload (c) Some form of merge

However I can imagine the users being confused by this. Then I start thinking this scenario must have been covered a million times already. Are there any guidelines and fantastic reference apps to demonstrate the best way to handle such common concerns in a web based multi-user line of business applications?

We are open to use any necessary cool-aid to achieve the best solution (websockets, ui frameworks etc…).

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