Magicjack Customer Service Number +1855 892-0514 Magicjack Customer Service

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Magicjack Customer Service Number +1855 892-0514 Magicjack Customer Service

2 Factor Authentication:Gathering Customer Feedback

I am working on a project to implement 2FA into the customer login process. One outstanding item is, we don’t have customer insights to how and if this will affect their CX on the during login. If I was to conduct a Voice of Customer study, what types of questions should I ask to get in-depth insights? Any thoughts are more than welcome!

Final-Mile Shipping Company Wants Customer Email Address – PCI Compliance Issue? (United States)

My company ships very large, very heavy products to the homes of everyday consumers (think big home renovation materials). Currently, we provide the customer’s name, shipping address, and phone number to the factory. The factory then provides that information to a freight company who will then provides it to a final-mile delivery company.

The final-mile delivery company wants us to provide the customer’s email address so they can improve the delivery time frame. Customers are significantly more likely to respond to an email than they are to a phone call. Text messaging isn’t, apparently, effective enough either, because there are still land lines in play.

We ship only to the continental United States, so we don’t fall immediately under the GDPR umbrella, but my concern is that providing this email address to other businesses in our manufacturing and delivery pipeline will have PCI compliance consequences.

It would be simple if I could just add a disclaimer into our Terms and Conditions that explains that we will give the customer’s email address to other entities for the purposes of shipping and delivery, but that information won’t be used for marketing purposes, but I’m afraid that there are implications I’m not considering.

Can anyone provide any insights about how I should approach this problem?

Display customer reviews on mobile, technique?

I’m displaying several items on the same mobile page. each of them has its own reviews (about 30).

What is a good technique to display the reviews? for example, have a link/button on each item box that will says “see X reviews”, and then where would the reviews be shown? they need to appear somewhere, maybe a scroll-able modal window, and then have some close button?

Web UX – Serving two versions of site based on selected customer type

I’m building a site for an accounting firm. They would like to serve two distinct home pages for “Individuals” and “Businesses.”

The site would look similar but have different content relating to the services they offer these two types of customers.

  • What is the best way to allow users to choose their customer type? (Currently thinking pop-up prompt on first visit)
  • How easy should it be for users to switch between types?
  • How obvious should I make it for the user to know which version of the site they are on?
  • Any differences between desktop and mobile?

Thank you!