Customer in more than customer group

One customer asked me, if it’s possible to add a customer in more than one customer group. He wants to give his customers a discount which is manufacturer based.

Example: Customer 1 get a discount of 5% for manufacturer A and a discount of 10% for manufacturer B. Customer 2 gets a discount of 10% for manufacturer A and a discount of 15% for manufacturer B.

The idea was to solve this with several customer groups. Or are there better solutions?

How to maintain customer addresses for Orders?

The database I am designing is part of a project I am working on. I have come up with 4 simple “business rules”:

  • Customers must either be Individuals or Businesses (a business belongs to a certain type).
  • A Customer must place at least one Order.
  • Orders must contain their historical shipping address (i.e. if a customer updates their address, any Orders associated with the Customer must reference the old address).
  • Some Orders do not require shipping (e.g. software products).

I have come up with the following design based on the above requirements:

enter image description here

However, there is a problem with normalization.
In order for the 3rd requirement to be met, I am saving the shipping address into the Order at the time of creation. Additionally, I am referencing an address in the Customer table (which is potentially the same).

I further made the shipping address fields NULLABLE to take care of requirement 4.

In the bottom right of the image, I extracted the Address-related attributes into its own table as the first step in my attempt to normalise the design.

Over the past week, I have searched for hints without much luck. I know about this post and this one, yet the implementation is rather ambiguous for my scenario/case.

The thought of making a single table with all addresses, then referencing each as required has crossed my mind but doesn’t seem like the right (let alone best) way of achieving this goal.

My question is simple:

How do I meet the 3rd requirement of associating an address with a Customer and an Order historically, with normalisation in mind?

Any help is very much appreciated. Cheers.

Magento2: Unable to reload customer cart section.

I am using welpixel quick view extension for quick view on product listing, but due to some customizations I am unable to use it as it is. So I just used its url to get html and appended data using jQuery as:

$  ('#'+appendDiv).html('<object type="text/html" data='+quickUrl+' ></object>'); 

Now everything works fine accept one thing that on add to cart I am unable to refresh customer min cart section.

Approaches tried:

Approach 1:

<action name="frontname/controller/action">     <section name="cart"/> </action> 

Approach 2:

require(['jquery','Magento_Customer/js/customer-data'], function                                             ($  ,customerData) {    var sections = ['cart'];     customerData.invalidate(sections);     customerData.reload(sections, true);   }); 

In welpixel quickview I found a JS on which after addtocart I am in. I also did console log and got output there successfully then I used second approach as

require('Magento_Customer/js/customer-data').reload(['cart'], false) 

On doing so in Network I can se my section GET ajax is called and which contains correct cart data, but unfortunately it is not been reflected in frontend. There is no error in console as well at this moment.

I thing doing with In JS i.e. Approach 2 should work but unfortunately it is not. Also cleared cache, var/*, generated, incognito but no luck.

Any idea how I can do this ?

Creating a customer journey map from persona

I was asked to create personas and customer journey map using analytical data and other online data (Without talking to the actual customers).

So, I created a few buyer personas based on some data (Google analytics, Forums, Social media feedback). Now, the next step is to map that into the Customer Journey, but I am lacking the technical and practical knowledge regarding this step. Is there anyone has done this before, from buyer personas to the customer journey?

The requirement is to redesign the website, and it is a retail website.

Stripe To Display Customer Details (perhaps using a WordPress Plugin)

Here’s what I am trying to achieve…

I have a WordPress membership site that takes payment via Stripe every month to gain access to the content.

Setting up the subscription payments via Stripe and Gravity Forms (plugin) is all very simple.

However, what I would like to do is display in the users (customers) account when payment is made. So, ideally something like this:

23rd January, $  23 Paid 23rd February, $  23 Paid 23rd March, $  23 Paid 


Does anyone know if this exists in a Plugin or other? My research has come up pretty much empty handed so far.

I contacted Stripe and they just referred me to “WP Simplepay” and I can’t tell if they can/ cannot help with this.

All direction/ experience gratefully received!