Magento2 Update customer attribute via API

I’m trying to update an attribute for a customer using the rest API
Being that I have a customer id, it should be a simple API call to /V1/customers/{id} The description of that endpoint is Create or update a customer.

However when I run something like this

curl -X PUT "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer ********************************" -d "{ \"customer\": { \"middlename\": \"Junior\", }}"

I get an error that the The customer email is missing. Enter and try again.

If I add the customer’s email, I get an error that A customer with the same email address already exists in an associated website.

I’m just wondering what’s the point of the endpoint with the customer ID if to update the customer record you must pass in all of the following along with the data we’re trying to update

{   "id": "string",   "email": "string",   "firstname": "string",   "lastname": "string",   "store_id": "string",   "website_id": "string", } 

Or if there’s a better way to update a single attribute value for a customer knowing only the customer’s ID.
I know we can fist GET the necessary customer info using a GET request with the customer ID but I’m just wondering if this is really Magento expected behavior?

[NOOB] [PS 1.7] export customer with number of orders

Hello Every one
so yes, im a total noob,
i have access to my DB thru SSH and the database tool in prestashop 1.7.5

I would like to export and be able to filter my customers and import again the clean list.
the idea is to remove all customers that did not order at least twice.
i have no idea how to export with those parameters. anyone will be kind enought to point me in the right direction ?

Paypal payment method does not create customer record Magento 2.1

we allow guest checkouts in our multi-site/multi-store magento setup. When a guest customer checkouts out by credit card or invoice, when you visit the order in the adminhtml, the customer is identified as “Guest” but the entry is linked to a customer record. My guess is this “guest” customer record is not missing much more than a password. I can browse to the record from the customer grid.

However, when a guest customer checks out with Paypal (Express) this is not what happens. No customer record is created that I can find, and the word “Guest” on the adminhtml edit order page is not linked to an account.

This is very problematic for us. Anyone else have this issue, and is there a solution? Paypal checkouts must create a customer record regardless of whether the customer wants to “create an account” or not.

Customer Profile Issue on Magento CE

We had Centos 7, we request the hosting for CloudLinux, they said they installed it over CentOs 7. To say CloudLinux7 – Cpanel, Apache + Nginx with PHP-FPM, Php 7.1 and MaraidDB are serving this website on Magento CE This website is having two languages English + Dutch(example), we can switch the language between two with a button on top right side. Near by this we have an option ‘My Account’, so all our customers can login to their respective account using their email ID that was used for registering.

This is what the problem is:

  1. Customer1 with user1 login from California.
  2. Customer2 with user2 login from Toronto.
  3. Customer3 with user3 login from Singapore.

User1: After clicking around product pages (usually 10 to 15), he/she turn back to the account page, but he/she saw details of customer3/usr3 such as phone number, email ID, Home address, order histories, etc.

Like wise, User2 also get details of other customers. It seems to populate customers details randomly.

And this thing did not happened all the time, mostly it happened after 15mins, some time after 30mins, once it happened only after 1 hour.

I hope some one can guide me for the permanent solution of this issue.

Is there a printing lab that post prints direct to customer without the invoice?

Is there an online printing service, (like photobox) that I can use to print and ship prints directly to customers so that I don’t even handle them. If I use a normal online printing service, they will send an invoice. Since I will be charging the customers more than I pay for the prints, is there a service that doesn’t send the invoice?

Bonus points if they send the prints with my branding instead of theirs.

Bonus bonus points if they have labs in multiple major countries (USA, UK etc). Otherwise, just listing a companies in each country is fine

This isn’t for printing wedding photos or anything important like that, just general quality, mass market snaps.

How to get products from wishlist using customer id

Magento 2.3 PHP 7.1

I trying to get products from customer wishlist in Model but $ products array is empty.

        $  products = [];         $  items = $  this->wishlist->loadByCustomerId(1, true)->getItemCollection();         foreach ($  items as $  item) {             $  product['name'] = $  item->getProduct()->getName();             $  product['sku'] = $  item->getProduct()->getSku();             array_push($  products, $  product);         }         var_dump($  products); 

How to get products from wishlist in Model using customer id?