How to allow certain role to view Customer list

I have custom user role called Salesman. Whenever a Customer create order, a salesman was assigned to that Customer.

I need to allow user role Salesman to access WooCommerce -> Customer page.

I’ve search all available capabilities using User Role Editor plugin but none about list customer. list_users display User list page, but not the WooCommerce -> Customer page.

Unable to see sidekicks on Facebook? Get to Facebook customer service

The friends on Facebook reveals to you the quantity of people you’re related with, on the electronic media site. Consequently, if you can’t see your mates, by then this might be a direct result of the defenseless web affiliation. In case you acknowledge that there is some other clarification, by then you can get to Facebook customer service to know the unmistakable plans.

facebook customer chat for website – button click event help need

Dear friends, I need a help. I am facing a problem;

I have setup facebook customerchat in my site. It appear at the bottom-right corner of the page. When clicked on the green round button it open.

View attachment 255988
# I wish to add another option on it, so that I can also open this chat clicking another button/ image/ text also. Suppose see the attchment, if I click on "Chat with us" or the female face image, it will open the customer chat same way.

Also can I add…

facebook customer chat for website – button click event help need

I made up a password a few years ago for a customer – [closed]

The password was lost and darned if I would remember it. I exported the config file from my phone which I can still use to login using the saved password but that doesn’t help him login cause I can’t retrieve the password.

String – A29D9D2047C6F26F9976A016245CFF3231C0C0E3AC71308FFA10ACC6B69CDCCDD1E832096C648F44CB1DF30581341610907B77258096A070FE74C8C89FD66AD3

Looks like Hex and I believe it contained ashley

there is no password reset available and the customer would have to pay to have the machine reprogrammed from scratch if I can’t figure it out.

any thoughts?

WordPress Admin Page Slow. Customer Post Type is the slowest

The admin page loads slowly ever since adding Custom Post types. I’ve added them using CPT UI and Custom Fields plugins in WordPress. Whenever you click on the Custom post type from the sidebar it takes 8.74s to load. With one of the queries showing as “slow” according to debug bar plugin. See screenshot.

Context: I’ve created a site that hosts advertiser listings. We have about 700 advertisers with 20 fields.

How would one fix these load times? Does someone notice anything odd in the query?

Screenshot of debug bar details

Why do GoDaddy customer support representatives ask for two-step verification codes?

When contacting GoDaddy customer service, whether over chat or phone, they often ask for both a PIN and a two-step verification code (which they confusingly refer to as “google auth codes”).

Then PIN can be found when you log in to your account, but the two-step verification code is something you’d need to get from whichever app, service, or hardware device you use to generate two-step verification codes (compatible options listed here).

Typically two-step verification codes are time-based one-time-use codes I’ve only used when logging in to my own accounts through my own web browser or mobile app on my own devices. I’ve never had any other customer service representatives from other companies ask for these codes. Usually they just ask for PINs (if the service is set up to use those).

Why would GoDaddy customer service require two-step verification codes? Are they actually using it to log in to your account on their end? If so, how could they do that without having your password? Also, is it poor security practice to require customers to share two-step verification codes with someone else in this manner?

I found this related question from someone concerned with customer service reps asking for PIN codes here, and people agreed that even that is poor security practice.

Add customer note using order number on the admin backend

I am new to WordPress Plugin Development.

What I want:

To add a customer note using order number using php in the admin backend custom plugin.

What I know:

That we need to use WC_Order class and $ order->add_order_note().

What I cannot figure out:

How do I use the WC_Order class in the custom php page to get order details?(Do I really need to use this class? If so, then how do I use it in the php page of my custom plugin?)

In short I want to add a customer note by just using the Order Number and also get Order Status if possible.

Edit 1:

This is my plugin php code:

<div class="wrap">          <form method="POST" >           <input placeholder="Enter 3-digit Order Number" type="number" name="orderNumber"  maxlength="3">           <button class="button" value="Submit" onclick="Submit" >Add Customer Note</button>         </form>    <?php     wp_enqueue_style('wim_styles');     $  order_id= $  _POST['orderNumber'];     $  order = wc_get_order($  order_id);     echo "Order is ".$  order."order number is ".$  order_id." Status is ";     $  note = __("This is my note's text…");     $  order->add_order_note( $  note);     echo "Added note to order number:".$  order_id; ?> 

This throws following error:

Uncaught Error: Call to a member function add_order_note(). What am I doing wrong here? Please guide.

Is Customer Service Agent and the Customer two different personas or different roles?

Are ‘Personas’ and ‘Roles’ different in every scenario?

Although i did my reading about roles and personas, im a bit confused about this topic with the context i’m working on.

Scenario – One day Bruce(Customer) finds out his water heater is broken and calls XYZ company to get it fixed. John(Customer service agent) receives the call and assigns Bob(Technician) for to install a water heater.

John, Bruce and Bob are these 3 personas? or are they considered as 3 different user roles who interact with XYZ service?