Create a customized page template

I am having a Wiki site in my SP 2013 on-premises environment. Each time we add a new page to the Wiki site, a page with the Basic Page layout is created. Then, in that page we create a table wit columns and rows.

The question is, to avoid creating the table each time, or copy paste it each time, is it possible to amend this (create new layout) page layout, so we always has the table added to the page layout when creating a new page in our Wiki site?

enter image description here

———— UPDATE ————-

Thanks for the answers, they helped me some of the way, I am able to inser a simple HTML line. But have troubles for inserting a table.

What to implement in the aspx, if I want this tabel to be shown and editable in my custom page.

 <table width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0">   <tbody>      <tr>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width: 703px;">​Jira Link</td>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width: 702px;">            <br/>         </td>      </tr>      <tr>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default">​P no.</td>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default">​<span style="color: #333333; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; background-color: #ffffff;"></span></td>      </tr>      <tr>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default">​Date Created</td>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default">​</td>      </tr>      <tr>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default">​Created By</td>         <td class="ms-rteTable-default"></td>      </tr>   </tbody> 

Terminal does not open on customized LiveCD

I followed this tutorial on how to create a customized LiveCD and tested the result in a VM as well as by booting the physical machine with it.

Thereby, I found out that the created LiveCD system is not able to open the terminal application properly (or the application crashes before the GUI is displayed).
If I open the application, I can see its name and icon shortly in the menu bar (see picture below) before it disappears.
enter image description here

The terminal GUI does not show up even after waiting for several minutes.
Other applications (e.g. the browser, file manager, libre office…) can be started easily.

It seems like I made a mistake in one of the steps of the LiveCD customization but I have no idea where I can start searching for it. Therefore, I would like to know:

  1. Which steps of the tutorial are likely to influence the terminal behavior in the built CD?
  2. Is there a specific log I can lookup (or post here) to find out why exactly the application is not opening?

Thanks for your help!

Use Both Standalone Power App and Customized form to update Sharepoint Online List?

I have a Sharepoint Online list. I built both a customized form and a standalone app to update fields in the list in case users wanted to use one or the other. However, is it even possible to have both options function simultaneously on the same list? Or do I have to choose one or the other?

Customized Greenhouse Shade Cloth

product introduction
The net provide shade against sunlight,frost,wind and hail damage and to control temperature, realization of high yield, high quality agricultural cultivation technology.
product parameter
TypeWarp knitted
WeaveCommon:2pins/2pins and a half/3pins/4pins/6pins
Shade rate35%—95%
ColorBlack, green or as your requirement
Net weight30g/m2–350g/m2
Net width2-16m,by requirements
Rolls length10m,50m,100m or customize
Using lifeLifespan: 1-10years, under normal weather conditions and use.
Delivery time30 days after deposit
PackingIn rolls or in bales with plastic bag outside or by your requirements
Supply capacity600tons per month
Our service
1. Prompt shipment:By reputed shipping line and professional documents.
2. After shiping we will send the load pictures and truck the container for you .
3. Feedback email after receiving the products.
1. Which kinds of product you could produce?
Shading net, fence net, leisure net, beach net, anti-insect net, anti-bird net, olive net,dustproof net,ground cover net,wind defend net for agriculture and horticulture.
2. How many years will be use?
Using 100% virgin HDPE(high-density polyethylene) adding UV,which can extend age of the nets for 3-10years.
3. Can you make custome size?
Yes ,we can. Max width:16mCustomized Greenhouse Shade Cloth

How can error pages be customized

Googling this comes up only with information about customizing 404 pages of course, I can’t seem to find a way to customize this:

enter image description here

I’m using a plugin that allows users to submit stuff in the frontend, and this error isn’t common but happens when the users refreshes the page during submission, is there any way I can customize its appearance in my child-theme? I couldn’t find any identifying elements, body only has one class:

enter image description here

Customized Aluminum Sheet Coated

Jinhui, the brand founded in 1996, is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of aluminum curtain wall. Jinhui has two factories, one of them in Foshan Guandong, another in Suizhou Hubei, with total production area of 55, 000 sqm, annual production of 1. 5 million of aluminum plate curtain wall, 20 years of focus on production. Main products cover single aluminum plate, interior aluminum ceiling, marbled aluminum boards, wood grain aluminum panels, honeycomb aluminum veneer etc. And other energy-saving easy recycle new decorative materials. We have world’s advanced metal sheet production equipments, such as computer numerical control shear, computer numerial control punch/attack, computer numerical control carving etc. The key processes are made by CNC machining equipment to control accuracy and ensure quality of the product. Also equipped Japan Ransburg’s Fully Automatic Electrostatic Spray System. In Foshan production base is equipped with a shape plate processing line that dedicate to produce special-shape sheet.
Jinhui has a experienced technical team. They have progressive concepts, active thinking and add innovation in the tradition process, based on the tranditional sheet metal process, and they are making Jinhui sheet metal process more perfect to guarantee products powerful and reliable. Jinhui special-shaped aluminum and double-curved aluminum processing in particular have enjoyed a good reputation in domestic and international market.Customized Aluminum Sheet Coated

Customized CNC Gantry Milling Machine

※Our Factory
Kaida was founded in 1952 and has a history of more than 65 years in manufacturing lathes. Through reformation in 1997, we have been changed from a state-owned enterprise to a joint-stock private enterprise. In 1992, we began to explore overseas market step by step. Gradually, our partners from around the world become more and more.
Kaida is committed to bring efficient, high precision and stability to all users by insisting on providing our customers with high quality machines. We got ISO9001 certificate in 1997, CE certificate in1999 and ISO14001 certificate in 2005 to ensure the best in quality.
※Product Application
Lathe machine is so wide in application, involve the defence aerospace, automotive industry, mold manufacturing, mechanical processing, parts structure etc.
※Production Market
We have strong partnerships in Europe, America, South America, India, Southeast Asia and South Africa. And we are looking for agents in these areas. Our products have been sold to 87 countries , In the further,we want to develop KAIDA to a global brand. Wherever you are from, we are looking forward to explore new market with you.
※Our Certificate
※Our service
Business and technical consulting services within 24 hours response, spare parts supply at least 3 days.Parts supply limitation: CNC lathe for 8 years, conventional lathe for 10 years.                                Customized CNC Gantry Milling Machine

Customized Warehouse Picking Equipment

Taizhou Ruihong Metal Products Co., Ltd
Taizhou Ruihong Metal Products Co., Ltd was established in 2006, mianly engaged in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of mushroom farm. The company provides high support for customer by introduced the top-class technology, cooperating with specialists for edible fungus cultivation at home and abroad, and by the high technique equipments and advanced planting programs.

Today, Ruihong has one professional design and service team, which get good reputation in the industry. The products are cover 60% marketing in domestic and export to more than 20countries and regions like USA, Canada, Europe and HK.

“Quality First, Customer First” is Ruihong’s core ideal. Thinking and working for customer, Ruihong will try their best to server customer all of world. Herewith Ruihong sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to visit the factory and establish long term business relationship!


Customized Warehouse Picking Equipment

How to maintain a software with different customized version? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How do you organize highly customized software? 9 answers

I’m working on a software which has a lot of different clients to use in their customized requirement. The software is a desktop application based on C# WPF, which is mainly used for supporting the hardware device with our own technology and algorithm in the industry.

The issue is: As my company is focusing on the hardware, the software is like a supportive tool for different clients’ requirement. The difference or requirement could happen anywhere in the software(in the back-end, front-end or both). How can I maintain the software with so many different customized version?

I was trying to maintain them by generating different projects, but with the increment number of clients and, in the meanwhile, the software always needs to add some new features based on the request of the client for general use result in the software was hard to maintain in this way.

Customized Pet Toys

Speakers Tumbler Toy Bear with LED Light Toy Speaker Tumbler Toy with Sound and LED Rotation Shaking Tumbler Toy Bear supplier
Product description
CUTE Bear: A cute bear with LED light speaker, rich bass, crystal clear powerful sound, all kids and adult would like it
TUMBLE DESIGN: 360 degrees rotation, shaking, reversing, will eventually stand up, accompanied by music shaking. Touching the nose and facial whiskers of tumbler can play mice,bird,dog,cat,pest sound.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Environmental ABS material, bright color and smooth hand touching.
UNIQUE SHAPE – Five kinds of sound and expression, the image of a variety of interesting choices.
MULTI-FUNCTION – Shaking, attract the baby look up; nod head, attract the bear stretched out his hand; make a sound,promote the development of your pets hearing.
CUSTOMER GUARANTEE – Our goal is to provide you with a quality product. We aim to make you happy with your purchase. However, if you’re not completely satisfied, then contact us and we will give you a 100% refund.
Speaker: Φ25mm 0.5W 8Ω
Battery: 3pcs/LR44
Working voltage: 4.2V
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Net weight: 0.75lb
This product is not suitable for babies under 3 months.
This product is damaged, please stop using it.
This product must be used under adult supervision.
This product packaging does not belong to the toy, please don’t let the baby to use.
Please do not throw away the product packaging, throw away the other packing materials.Customized Pet Toys