Can someone in Cyber Security or IT help answer this basic question on the change of today’s malware? [closed]

1.) Before the most common types of malware were usually trojan horses and various other types of viruses derived from one’s own e-mail on a desktop. Given the timespan since those days, the game has changed. Today ways of breaching a user’s data have changed drastically. What are the most prevalent methods that an average person should be aware of today?

Advise needed: How to transition into cyber security as a dev?

i’m currently a dev working in a small company. Due to limited ressources i’m often involved with all parts of the process. Ranging from sales to server installation. Lately i got involved with security topics and i would like to shift my focus.

I’m knowledgeable in linux, windows server and ip/tcp protocol. How should i proceed? Get a formal education in a university or self learn for a CEH or simular certifikat?

I know answers will be attitudinal. When you decide this kind of question do not belong here, please comment a place where i can ask it.

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What does it mean that the “clock is present” in Cyber Physical Systems domain?

I am doing an assignment in designing a very simple CPS and in one of the problem, I was asked to design an event-triggered combinational component. In the context, the system will compare inputs during rounds in which clock is present.

I cannot make it clear what this clock being present exactly means. Can anyone give me a clue?

Career as Cyber Security Analyst [on hold]

I just finished my Bachelor’s degree and I am currently applying for a job.

It seems like I have a pretty good chance to start working as a Cyber Security Analyst at a very good company. I also know that it always depends on what company I am working for, but maybe some still can give me a quick overview.

So I am applying as a Cyber Security Analyst, I am somewhat worried that this job is not really that technical and that you are mostly just scratching on the surface.

Maybe someone can tell me what their usual tasks are at work if you are a Cyber Security Analyst?