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How can this code which turns hourly data for columns of data into daily be improved?

Ive got some code which converts data from hours to days. I am wondering if there are any improvements which could be made to make it more efficient or any other improvements in general that could be made? other information:for t = Int((n – 1) / 24) + 1, the n is the amount of rows of data. u is the first cell of the hourly data

u = Int(Worksheets("Hydrological_Data").Cells(6, 1)) t = Int((n - 1) / 24) + 1  Dim rain_recalc(), evap_recalc(), obs_q_recalc(), sim_q_recalc() As Double Dim rain_d(), evap_d(), available_w_d(), interflow_d(), overflow_d(), obs_q_d(), sim_q_d() As Double   ReDim rain_recalc(t, 24), evap_recalc(t, 24), obs_q_recalc(t, 24), sim_q_recalc(t, 24) As Double  ReDim rain_d(t), evap_d(t), available_w_d(t), interflow_d(t), overflow_d(t), obs_q_d(t), sim_q_d(t) As Double  counter = 0 total_obs_q = 0  For w = 1 To t     rain_d(0) = 0     evap_d(0) = 0     obs_q_d(0) = 0     sim_q_d(0) = 0     For s = 0 To 23         rain_recalc(w, s) = rainfall(counter)         rain_d(w) = rain_d(w) + rain_recalc(w, s)         evap_recalc(w, s) = evaporation(counter)         evap_d(w) = evap_d(w) + evap_recalc(w, s)         obs_q_recalc(w, s) = obs_q(counter)         obs_q_d(w) = obs_q_d(w) + obs_q_recalc(w, s)         sim_q_recalc(w, s) = simulated_q(counter)         sim_q_d(w) = sim_q_d(w) + sim_q_recalc(w, s)         counter = counter + 1     Next s      total_obs_q = total_obs_q + obs_q_d(w)      Worksheets("Hydrological_Data").Cells(5 + w, 7) = u + w - 1     Worksheets("Hydrological_Data").Cells(5 + w, 8) = rain_d(w)     Worksheets("Hydrological_Data").Cells(5 + w, 9) = evap_d(w)     Worksheets("Hydrological_Data").Cells(5 + w, 10) = obs_q_d(w)     Worksheets("Hydrological_Data").Cells(5 + w, 11) = sim_q_d(w) Next w 

Is there a daily fare cap on the Taipei MRT?

My wife is Taiwanese, so every couple of years we visit her family in Taipei. I generally know my way around the Taipei MRT network, so for a laugh I’m planning to attempt Taipei’s equivalent of the Tube Challenge, visiting every station on the Brown, Red, Green, Orange and Blue lines in the fastest time possible (as well as the first section of the Yellow line if it’s open by then).

I have an Easy Card and I’m aware that the maximum fare for a single journey is NT$ 65, chargeable either by distance or if you spend too long inside the network without tapping out (90 minutes?). However, there will be sections where I will be running between stations on foot. As I’ll potentially be racking up a number of maximum fares, is there a daily cap on the Taipei MRT similar to the London Underground? If not, are there any other ways to have a whole day’s access to the network for a fixed price, similar to a day rider?

¿Cómo puedo hacer que una parte muestre “featured” y la otra “daily”

Uso una API para que las imágenes se actualicen automáticamente. (uso PHP) Mi problema es el siguiente: La API que uso dice esto: (Destacado) “items”: [ { “featured”: 1, (Diario) “items”: [ { “featured”: 0, Entonces lo que yo quiero obtener es que se separen las dos y en una div muestre el destacado y en otra el diario, gracias.


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