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How do I count regeneration spells against the Druid’s daily and per-battle total?

The level progression chart for the Wild Healer Druid (13 True Ways, page 63) has both daily and per-battle uses for regeneration spells. Does this mean that a druid can cast the spell the per-battle amount in battle, and then expend daily uses whenever they please over the adventuring day? Or is the per-battle use a hard cap on usage per battle, leaving daily uses for use between combats?

For an example, I have two per-battle uses and one daily use of the spell on level 4. Can I use both of my per-battle uses and the daily use in a single combat encounter?

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Overview of daily status for list of items

I’m trying to design an overview UI that helps people understand the daily status for a list of items.

Each item is a “job” or automation that runs once on each day. A given day’s instance can only run once the previous day’s instance has succeeded.

For some additional context, these jobs are user-created. Users can add/delete jobs to start on arbitrary dates.

Users care about at least:

  • For an individual item, what’s the latest date that was successful?
  • What is the latest date where all items were successful?

Here is a preliminary design we’ve been working with. It’s essentially a one-week calendar view. We have a date picker above this for navigation above this, not portrayed:

Mockup of current overview table

As you can see, one challenge is that since jobs are independent of each other, any given 5-day window may not be relevant for all jobs.

I would love any suggestions on:

  1. The design of the overview table
  2. Navigation or other controls that help users find relevant info

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