How can I gain resistance to poison and/or necrotic damage?

I’m about to start a campaign that I suspect will be filled with poisonous & necrotic monsters due to the setting. I have been thinking of playing a stout halfling, but would prefer to play one with a wisdom bonus. Are there any other ways to gain resistance to at least one of these types?

I will likely be a squishy cleric in a caster role, so I should be able to avoid most of it – but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do.

How does the reaction timing work for Wrath of the Storm? Can it potentially prevent the damage from the triggering attack?

With attacks of opportunity, the PHB is pretty clear that your reaction occurs as an interruption to your opponent’s move, just before they move beyond your reach, then they resume their turn. Fair enough.

However, there are some abilities that happen during an opponent’s attack – for example, the Shield spell, and a Tempest cleric’s Wrath of the Storm ability. These both say they happen when you’re “hit” by an attack – but the Shield spell raises your AC, so I assume that occurs before rolling damage, and makes it possible for you to be retroactively not hit by the attack. Is the same true for Wrath – that your reaction might KO your opponent, and you wouldn’t have to worry about taking damage?

(I was planning to include Hellish Rebuke in this question but I see it specifically refers to “being damaged”, so I assume that means it happens on your opponent’s turn but definitely after getting hit, meaning you can only cast it if you’re still conscious.)

Is there any means of restoring Spiritual Damage?

Is there any means through which to heal or negate Sacrifice (or Spiritual Damage)?

In the books it is a concept that is listed in a few places but it doesn’t seem to ever be fully defined as what it is, the following are the ones I know of:

Vital Sacrifice

Characters recover sacrificed Life Points at a rate of 10 per day, independently of the character’s natural Regeneration or any healing spells he might employ.

Anima – Beyond Fantasy Pg.145

Spiritual Damage

The Attacks this creature makes against its enemies’ bodies weaken their very resolve to continue living. The damage the creature causes heals at the rate of a Sacrifice at best (i.e., 10 LP per day).

Those Who Walked Amongst Us Pg. 179

Do I get a bonus d6 to Magic Missile damage if my expert sidekick helps me?

The expert sidekick has the helpful ability (at level 7+):

The expert can take the Help action as a bonus action, and the creature who receives the help gains a 1d6 bonus to the d20 roll. If that roll is an attack roll, the creature can forgo adding the bonus to it, and then if the attack hits, the creature can add the bonus to the attack’s damage roll against one target.

Since Magic Missile automatically hits and is ruled over the years that one must throw only 1d4 and apply that same roll to each dart, does the damage for each dart then become 1d4 + 1 + 1d6?

Do the gauntlets of flaming fury add 1d6 of fire damage to magical weapons?

The item’s description reads

While you wear both of these steel gauntlets, any non- magical weapon you grasp with either gauntlet is treated as a magic weapon. As a bonus action, you can use the gauntlets to cause magical flames to envelop one or two melee weapons in your grasp. Each flaming weapon deals an extra 1d6 fire damage on a hit. The flames last until you sheath or let go of either weapon. Once used, this property can’t be used again until the next dawn. Source: BGDIA, page 223

Now the first part is clear that it makes non-magic weapons magic, but does the second part using a bonus action to add 1d6 fire damage apply only if the weapons are non-magic to start? I.E. If I wield a +1 short sword would I roll 1d6 slashing +1d6 fire +1 for damage or just 1d6 slashing +1?

Can Swarms/Troops in Pathfinder 1e cast spells and deal damage in the same turn?

I’m creating a Troop of casters and wanted to know if they could both deal their “swarm damage” and cast a spell in the same turn.

It makes sense to me since an attack for a swarm reads as follows:

creatures with the swarm subtype don’t make standard melee attacks. Instead, they deal automatic damage to any creature whose space they occupy at the end of their move, with no attack roll needed.

This means they don’t spend their Standard Action to deal damage, it just happens because some of the creatures in the swarm are biting/hitting the target. That leaves other creatures available to do other things.

Am I missing some ruling against this?