White action bar or dark actionbar

I see many apps today uses shades of white extensively in their design. Even action bar color is shade of white which was used to be dark color earlier in android. This seems to be a trend.

As I read in this post, it seems it is better to have dark letters on light backgrounds, but post seems old, including mentioned resources.

May be this is because introduction of dark theme in Android 10, in order to show clear contrast between dark theme and light one, designers making the light theme more lighter by even making the action bar light.

I am on the way to design a theme for an android app which supports dark theme. I already use shade of white in my design except action bar and some other few places, Is it better to set action bar color to a shade of white?

(I am asking this in the context material design in android apps)

How to make Power Off window dark?

How do I make the Power Off window dark? Basically, it’s inverting the current colors. i.e. make background dark, text white.

With another member’s help, I’ve already done this to the login screens. For this one also, I’d imagine gnome-shell.css needs to be edited, just don’t know which sections.

Power Off window in question

Do I REALLY need to change my email password when idnotify.com Dark Web Monitoring recommends?

I occasionally get alerts from idnotify.com Dark Web Monitoring, such as this one:

08/31/2019   COMPROMISED EMAIL ADDRESS Email Addresses:    Jt***an@gmail.com Date Found: 08/26/2019 Password ************************* Potential Site DUBSMASH.COM Immediately change the password for the email address that was found compromised. 

My thoughts:

  1. My email account uses 2-factor authentication. So unless I know for sure that someone somehow learned my actual password, I don’t know why I’d want to change my password every time I get one of these alerts.
  2. The amount of asterisks in the “Password” in these alerts differs. Some alerts say ************************* and others say ********. I don’t know if the lengths are reliable, but if the length doesn’t match my real password, I wonder if that means I don’t need to change it.
  3. What the heck does Dubsmash have to do with anything? That app sounds only vaguely familiar. I checked my password manager and don’t seem to have an entry for it.

Is there a natural (or algorithmic) way to switch from a light to a dark mode?

I wrote a home dashboard which displays text in various fonts and colors. Some of the text is in labels (the temperatures below for example).

A fragment of the dashboard is below:

enter image description here

This is a light mode which is great for the day but too bright for the night. I would like to switch it automatically at sunset towards a dark mode.

Is there an algorithm which converts light mode colors to dark mode ones?

Right now I maintain two sets of colors but beside the fact that this is not practical when having a lot of independent components (each of them styled independently), there may be a more formalized way to transition between modes?

Dark screen after suspension

as soon as I close my laptop lid and unsuspend my lubuntu my screen turns black for ever. It looks like there is an attempt to proceed as usual but then it turns completely dark. This bug punishs me since months, I thought maybe the next update will fix it. I tried everything I could found but nothing helped. I am deeply frustrated.

One thing I noticed which might be relevant is that (l)ubuntu disappeared from my boot priority order(bpo) after an update, so now my bpo is empty. Kernel version is 5.0.0-25-generic x86_64, distribution is Ubuntu 19.04, Laptop is an Acer Swift SF113-31.

Transporting players from Faerun to Athas (Dark Sun) [on hold]

Am looking for some idea’s on how one would send his/her current players to Dark Sun from Forgotten Realms, allowing the players to remain content & happy, keeping their precious characters due to not wishing to part with them.

And how would their current currency possibly be affected?

Some ideas I thought might work, possibly a Gate spell gone array, a random portal possibly placed within a region of wild magic.

Currency I am really unsure about. I know Athas uses a different system, where metals are extremely rare. How would you deal with their currency without robbing your players blindly?

Due to none of them being Psionic, how would you awaken their psionic abilities?

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why was the mid-late 90s so dark and weird?

I’m born in mid 2000s so I had no experience in 90s at all but I do like reading history about it and my parents were both born in the 70s so they knew a lot about 90s culture. I find it scary because when I see a lot of pictures of 90s makeup I’ve noticed that the women wore PALE foundation on their face, very light blue or green frosted eyeshadow, black eyeliner, dark red or brownish lipstick, dark lip liner and dark coloured nail polish (ex. Gwen Stefani, Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez ) it sorta resembles a vampire in my opinion. And clothing in the mid to late 90s were usually dark (ex. Maroon,red, black, brown, forest green) Another thing I noticed about the 90s is that the rock songs always had dark lyrics in it like Semi Charmed Life, Slide, Self Esteem, Fell On Black Days. Semi Charmed Life is the darkest song in my opinion because It’s about a crystal meth addiction but it sounds like a normal easygoing pop song . It also has a scary looking cover page for the song. It’s a picture in all dark red with a woman and her mouth open and hand on her forehead. One more thing that I find really creepy was the rave clubs they used to have. I watched the Thunderdome 1997 rave party video on YouTube and the way they are dancing is so creepy as hell! 90s Techno/rave music sounded so weird compared to electronic music in the 2000s-2010s. Why were 90s so creepy and weird?