A lot of my windows drivers have expired dates for the certificate, and some are not even signed, is this normal? [migrated]

I just gathered all the drivers in my system32/drivers folder and checked their certificate (my windows is updated and its a windows 10 x64)

But i found that so many of them have expired certificate! and some are not even signed! (pictures included)

so my questions are :

  1. Is this normal? if not, what should i do? and if not, then why are the expiration date expired?

  2. How are these drivers are able to get loaded when they have no certificate or its expired? my system is W10 x64 with secure boot enabled, i thought you can only load signed drivers with valid certificates?

  3. What is the role of these countersignatures put in simply? i tried reading MSDN and other websites but couldn’t understand whats the need of this?

here are some examples

WindowsTrustedRTProxy.sys (countersignature is also expired) :

enter image description here

winusb.sys (no certificate) :

enter image description here

Create a new row for each day between dates from two different columns in Redshift SQL

I am working with a view in Redshift. It contains rows with some information and two dates (a start date and an end date). I can’t seem to be able to figure out a way to create a new row for each day between the start and end date. For example, here is a row:

customer_name | start_date | end_date   |  Peter F.      | 2018-03-01 | 2018-03-05 | Sam R.        | 2018-04-17 | 2018-04-20 | 

With each row, I would like to add one day to the start date, until the end date:

customer_name | start_date | end_date   |  Peter F.      | 2018-03-01 | 2018-03-05 | Peter F.      | 2018-03-02 | 2018-03-05 | Peter F.      | 2018-03-03 | 2018-03-05 | Peter F.      | 2018-03-04 | 2018-03-05 | Peter F.      | 2018-03-05 | 2018-03-05 | Sam R.        | 2018-04-17 | 2018-04-20 | Sam R.        | 2018-04-18 | 2018-04-20 | Sam R.        | 2018-04-19 | 2018-04-20 | Sam R.        | 2018-04-20 | 2018-04-20 | 

The date is actually a time stamp, but I could work with either. Thank you beforehand!

Different background colors on different dates in DateListPlot

I have a time series plot

DateListPlot[{1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 13, 17, 21}, {2000, 8, 6}] 

I would like to have a background which is white upto Aug 10 and yellow from Aug 10 on to enphasize these later days. In general: how can you have different background colors on different dates?

I think I saw this done in the documentation center, but cannot find where.

Can you suggest how to do it?

How to get data from database week wise between two given dates?

I have a SQL database where i saved data of all dates in table. What i want is, If given any two dates, i want all the data between those two dates in weekly format where week starts on Monday. if given date starts with Thursday for example, so data from Thursday to sunday should be displayed as a week data.

I give you one example. If i choose start date 08-01-2020 and end date 08-03-2020. Now this is two months gap and there are probably 30 days. I want data of those 30 days, but week wise from Monday to Sunday. But here given start date is on Wednesday, so the that weeks data would start from wednesday and end on sunday.

Hope you got my point. Thanks in advance.

How to count number of distinct days from one table using two dates (for range) from another table for each row?

So I have one datatable with three columns: userid, mindate, maxdate. I have another datatable that contains all the login logs for each user.

I need to make a query so that I can sum all the distinct login days from one datatable between the mindate and maxdate from another datatable for each user.

The code I can write until:

SELECT a.*, b.logins FROM ‘usertable’ as a
LEFT JOIN (SELECT user_id, COUNT(DISTINCT(loginday)) from ‘logintable`
GROUP BY user_id) as b
on a.userid = b.user_id;

I just need help adding a ‘where’ statement that can query from b like:
WHERE loginday between a.mindate and a.maxdate.

Thank you!

SharePoint 2013 Get difference between two dates in days using JavaScript/J query

I want to get the difference in days between two dates.One date is from a List item input by User. The second day will be “Today”. get the number of days rom the date inputted by user and current day.

will this work:

var onBoardDate = value.OnBoardDate; //value obtained via REST call          var today = new Date(); // current day         var dateToString2 = today;         var dateDiff = dateToString2 - dateToString1;         console.log(dateDiff );          var date_diff_indays = function(date1,date2) {               dt1= dateToString1;                 dt2 = dateToString2;                 return Math.floor((Date.UTC(dt2.getFullYear(), dt2.getMonth(), dt2.getDate()) - Date.UTC(dt1.getFullYear(), dt1.getMonth(), dt1.getDate()) ) /(1000 * 60 * 60 * 24));               }               console.log(date_diff_indays(dt1, dt2)); 


Validating a set of dates in Microsoft Sharepoint

I am trying to validate dates in a task request form that has a column of [Date of Request] (which would be the day that they are adding the task to the main hub.

I, then, want that [Date of Request] to see the [Requested Posting Date] column and not allow it to post a date that is before the [Date of Request].

I have tried everything I can from:

=[Requested Posting Date]<=[Date of Request]  


=[Requested Posting Date]<[Date of Request]  


[Due Date] > [Created]  

and none of those work for what I am trying to do here. I am doing all of these formulas in the validation settings section if that helps. Please help me if you can everything I try fails or just doesn’t do anything, let me know how to resolve this and get it working. Just nothing will affect the date pickers whatsoever they do exactly the same thing no matter what formula I throw in, im completely lost, let me know Thanks!

Difference between two dates in hours

In SP list there are two date/time columns, column A and B.
I want to calculate difference in hours between those two dates, but only on working hours. My working hours are between 8AM (08:00) and 4PM (16:00).

If column A is 19.03.2017. 15:00 and column B is 20.03.2017. 09:00, difference should be 2 hours.

I have this column that calculates calendar time:

=IF(ROUND((([B]-[A])*24-ROUNDDOWN(([B]-[A])*24,0))*60,0)=60,(ROUNDDOWN((([B]-[A])*24),0)&": 00"),(ROUNDDOWN((([B]-[A])*24),0)&":"&ROUND((([B]-[A])*24-ROUNDDOWN(([B]-[A])*24,0))*60,0))) 

and with it I get suspected incorrect result 18 hours.

Any help is much appreciated.