If the daughter of a night hag avoids her mother long enough can she delay becoming one too?

The daughters of other hags all seem to fully turn into them automatically once 13, except with night hags according to lore. With them it’s said that there must be 13 rituals done on their daughters or the transformation doesn’t occur.

So for campaign purposes I have to ask: does this mean that it’s possible for a daughter of a night hag to be encountered who is older than 13 and thus far been able to evade their mother and being converted? Can it be delayed with them from the usual mandatory age?

And as an aside, if it is possible and such one is encountered, would they be a regular human e.g. stats wise or would there be differences? And would spells used by a party that could detect and reveal a hag also detect them?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Is Trump right for congratulating daughter Tiffany on finishing law school or no?

“Congratulations to my daughter, Tiffany, on graduating from Georgetown Law. Great student, great school. Just what I need is a lawyer in the family. Proud of you Tiff!” “Just what I need is a lawyer in the family. Proud of you Tiff!” Trump said Wednesday in a congratulatory tweet. Tiffany, 26, is Trump’s daughter with his second ex-wife, actress Marla Maples.

I am traveling to UK for 9 days with my wife and 18 months year old daughter. What documents I need to show for them?

My wife is unemployed and I’m only sponsoring their trip, what documents or bank statement (my wife bank statement)I need to show ? Do I need to show my wife saving account as she must be not having much balance so should I transferred and show the balance.

Also if you are proprietor of the company do you need to show your current and personal account bank statement both or only the current account. And also I need to transfered some amount from current to saving to show for visa purpose of my stay.