Can I use conditional formatting to highlight a cell for dates less than 30 days away?

I have a large spreadsheet where I need to keep track of coming expiration dates and I would like dates which are within 30 days from today’s date OR which have already passed to be highlighted in red. However, all of the stuff I have found online so far results in the entire column getting highlighted or not no matter what I do.

What would the formula be for it to highlight both dates which have passed already AND dates within the next 30 days?

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Schengen visa and travel days allowance

I have a question about the 90 days in Schengen within the period of 180 days.

My partner and I lived abroad in Malta for one year. I am a European citizen and she is a third country non-EU citizen.

She was in Malta with a resident permit which is expiring 03/2019 but quit her job and left the country. Her employer may have invalidated her visa.

I moved to another Schengen country and two weeks ago she came to visit me for the holidays. Can she now stay up to 90 days again in the Schengen zone?

Schengen visa granted for 2 months, duration of visit 45 days. Am I overstaying?

I’m already in the Schengen zone as I type this. My entry stamp has the date 26th December 2018 on it and my return flight out of the schengen zone is on the 9th February.
My Visa validity is 21st December, 2018 to 19th February 2019 but the ‘duration of stay’ field says 45. My question is, given my travel dates, am I overstaying? According to this link I’m right on the dot with my dates (exact 45 days) but it does NOT include the 26th itself. How long am I allowed to stay granted I enter Schengen zone on the 26th December?

Thank you!

EDIT: I have a multiple entry visa.

Is there any upside in applying earlier than 30 days when registering with the police when visiting Czech Republic as a EU citizen? states that:

An EU citizen is obliged, within 30 days from his/her entry into the Territory, to report the place of his/her residence in the Territory to the police if his/her expected stay is to be longer than 30 days; this obligation also applies to an EU citizen’s family member if that EU citizen is staying in the Territory. The obligation to report the place of residence to the police does not apply to an alien who has fulfilled this obligation with the accommodation provider.

Is there any upside in applying earlier than 30 days when registering with the police when visiting Czech Republic as a EU citizen?

Showings days past due and days until due in same field

=IF(ISERROR(DATEDIF(NOW(),[Renewal Date],”d”)), -DATEDIF([Renewal Date],TODAY(),”d”))

I am using the formula above and this is correctly showing me the items that are past due and for items that are current I am getting a message of No. I want the field to show how many does until the item is due by showing a negative number.

The formula I use in excel is =IF(H3<>””,TODAY()-H3,TODAY()-F3)