What is the rationale behind two staged credential input these days? [duplicate]

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  • Is having the username and password fields on different pages more secure? 5 answers
  • Why do some sites ask for username/email and password on two separate screens? [duplicate] 6 answers

I have begun to notice some apps and websites (particularly ones made by Apple) which present user login in two steps. In the initial state, only the username/email field is shown. Once you enter a value and press return, then the password field appears.

What is the logic behind hiding this field initially? The field appears too quickly to believe that the app has validated your username/email with a remote service.

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SharePoint 2013 Get difference between two dates in days using JavaScript/J query

I want to get the difference in days between two dates.One date is from a List item input by User. The second day will be “Today”. get the number of days rom the date inputted by user and current day.

will this work:

var onBoardDate = value.OnBoardDate; //value obtained via REST call          var today = new Date(); // current day         var dateToString2 = today;         var dateDiff = dateToString2 - dateToString1;         console.log(dateDiff );          var date_diff_indays = function(date1,date2) {               dt1= dateToString1;                 dt2 = dateToString2;                 return Math.floor((Date.UTC(dt2.getFullYear(), dt2.getMonth(), dt2.getDate()) - Date.UTC(dt1.getFullYear(), dt1.getMonth(), dt1.getDate()) ) /(1000 * 60 * 60 * 24));               }               console.log(date_diff_indays(dt1, dt2)); 


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