I have a D 01 entry visa for Italy, for 100 days. Can I travel to Germany, and travel back home from Frankfurt?

I have been attending a religious course since February 2019 and I have a national visa type D-01 entry, 100 days. I am staying in Italy for 3 months.

I like to visit Germany before I return to my native country, and taking flight from Frankfurt.

  1. Can I travel to Schengen countries with that visa type D?
  2. Can I have a flight from Frankfurt to my native country?

Creating Encrypted Time Capsule disk is taking DAYS!

I bought a G-Drive 8TB external USB-C hard drive to use as a Timecapsule disk for my new 15″ 2018 MacBook which is appointed with 32GB of RAM & 4TB SSD storage. Snappiest MacBook you can buy, or should be…

It’s taking FOREVER to provision the 8TB G-Drive Timecapsule disk- about a WEEK has elapsed since the process started and “Time Machine” in System Preferences still shows the status as “Encrypting” and is only HALFWAY completed while running continuously.

The G-Drive disk is USB-C and the connection to it from the MacBook is native USB-C (no adapter used). There’s no settings in OSX to tweak to improve encryption performance: only Time Machine “Options” to choose are: “Backup while on battery power” and “Notify after old backups deleted“. Neither is relevant.

Am I missing a trick here, or are others experiencing the same excruciating slowness trying to provision a large Timecapsule? If so, have you found a fix?

Would also be interested in hearing from folks using similarly large disks from other storage vendors and their experience in respect to performance when provisioning a large encrypted Timecapsule.

Backups are essential and this is clearly NOT enterprise quality stuff-despite paying enterprise prices for both the Macbook and G-Drive. Indeed, I’ve not been able to backup in MONTHS and now have to use my previous Macbook to leave the new one to provision the Timecapsule or I’ll never be able to back it up.

Staying in Colombia beyond the initially estimated duration, but less than 90 days

Coming from Ecuador to Colombia, I declared at the .EC exit and .CO immigration offices that I was planning to stay in Colombia for a month.

I’m really liking Colombia and would like to extend my stay to 2 months. Do I need to do/declare anything?

The visa (rather stamp) in my passport doesn’t have any visible duration on it (just what appears to be a signature scribble). 2 months is still well short of the 90 consecutive days period. Could I get in trouble (e.g. pay fines) when I leave that I overstayed that estimated duration, e.g. if they made an electronic record in they system?

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Samsung Galaxy s10e requires password every few days, is it possible to disable safely?

Galaxy s10e, protected by a very long password and fingerprints.
I specifically went for a very long password intending to only type it in after restarting the phone.

In fact, the phone requires entering the password every 2 ish days, which, I read, is a standard practice with Android.

However, in the security settings I was able to find “Other security settings – Strong protection” that reads:

Encrypt your phone using your secure lock type

After restarting, you’ll need to unlock your phone using your pattern, PIN, or password to access features other than calls, messages, and alarms.

That setting is on, and I believe it is this one that requires the password every so often. And it would appear from its wording that if I disable it, the phone will be unencrypted.

  • Am I correct in that assumption? Will disabling that setting make the phone unencrypted? (I don’t want that.)
  • Is there a way to disable asking for the password every so often with Galaxy s10 specifically (as opposed to stock Android) without compromising the device encryption?

At the moment it feels like this feature works to weaken the phone’s protection, not strengthen it. By asking for a password every so often, it pushes me to go for simpler passwords that are easier to type in.

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