Are scroll bars dead in 2019?

I recently heard a designer say something to the effect that modern web designs don’t use visual scrollbars – or at least they’re only visible when scrolling. I’m a front-end developer and hadn’t really heard this. Is there any truth to this? Specifically my question is:

For a web app, when content is scrollable:

  1. Should there ever be visible scroll bars (and why)?
  2. Should there ever not be visible scroll bars (and why not)?

Can you use Dimension Door on a Dead body?

The description of Dimension Door includes:

You can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn’t exceed what you can carry. You can also bring one willing creature of your size or smaller who is carrying gear up to its carrying capacity.

My example of this is: a villain kills one of the good NPCs. Can that villain take the body with them though a Dimension Door spell?

How to find an NPC spellcaster to cast Raise Dead on a person?

TL:DR Where can I find a spellcaster to cast Raise Dead? Where’s the nearest large city to Sandpoint in Golarion? Any other avenues to bring someone back from the dead?

My group is running through the Rise of the Runelords campaign currently (still around Sandpoint). For a contingency plan, I would like to have access to Raise Dead just in case things go south and a friendly NPC gets killed before we can save her. We don’t have any casters that are capable of casting it and no easy access to temple-castings.

I was looking through the d20 PFSRD and particularly the NPC spellcasting services section. Per this section, the cost to have someone cast it would be 5,450 GP (9th lvl caster x 5th lvl spell * 10 gp + 5,000 gp for material component). This wouldn’t be an issue except for a statement in the rules that declares that

If these additional costs put the total spellcasting price above 3,000 gp, the spell is not generally available.

If this is the case, then it stands to reason that it is generally unavailable to have cast, which seems to me to defeat the purpose of the spell for anyone who doesn’t have class access to that spell.

Second, the book states that spellcasters of sufficient ability must be found in a large city.

you must travel to a small town (or larger settlement) to be reasonably assured of finding a spellcaster capable of casting 1st-level spells, a large town for 2nd-level spells, a small city for 3rd- or 4th-level spells, a large city for 5th- or 6th-level spells, and a metropolis for 7th- or 8th-level spells.

Where in relation to Sandpoint would be the nearest Large city? I didn’t want to look to heavily into it for fear of spoilers (happened twice before now).

One alternative is to get a scroll and Use Magic Device to cast it. To do so, my sorcerer would have to make a UMD check to emulate the 15 Wis to be able to cast it (a UMD DC 30) as well as the DC 25 to actually cast the spell. It would also be more expensive (6,125 GP) as well. Also, finding the scroll could be a problem as well.

How many Hit Dice of undead does an acquired scroll of Animate Dead raise?

Animate dead is one of the few spells which has a variable cost to its casting, as it’s based entirely on the amount of HD you are going to raise with the casting, which is partly dependent on the CL.

When you scribe a scroll, all its costs are paid up front, both for the scribing and if there are expensive material components.

So a cleric/wizard base animate dead scroll costs 375 plus x25.

How would one who finds or buys such a scroll determine how many HD it’s able to produce? If one was to create it themselves at the lowest cost (400), does the scroll restrict the amount of undead HD it can raise?

Mindlessly clicked days old phishing email link appeared dead

Was multitasking and mindlessly clicked sqaurespace phishing email. Page didn’t load, and right away I realized my mistake. Completed several malware scans which came back clean. The button link source was “”. The domain was registered on Aug 8, I got the email Aug 9, but didn’t click till Aug 11. The domain is no longer active. Did my getting to the email late save my ass? I searched but can’t find any other history on the domain other than it being tagged as phishing Aug 9. Couldn’t find any other links when inspecting the source of the link, unless I am missing something which is very possible.

Thank in advance for any advice.

What ways are there to reduce the cost of the Animate Dead spell?

I am going to be a necromancer and not feeling like having to pay for my undead. The following are methods I know about.

  • Blood money spell – banned in current game
  • Cauldron of the dead magic item – its 30k (1200 HD of undead) and heavy, plus could be easily stolen or destroyed, also cant make until later in career
  • Mythic animate dead spell – requires mythic power but more important, have to gain the mythic spell
  • Archmage – Component Freedom (3rd tier)- only works for arcane animate dead
  • Hierophant – Symbol of the Holy (1st tier) – only works for divine animate dead
  • False Focus feat – only works for arcane animate dead

So of the six ways I know of, the preferred is banned in my game, one costs more than I would save, three are specific for arcane/divine (I’m a cleric/wizard so less attractive), and the last one requires a fair amount of investment.

Are there better/cheaper ways to cast animate dead than these? As I am both cleric/wizard, the best method would work for both classes.

What ability modifier do I use to chuck a dead goblin?

I know I can use a dead goblin as an improvised weapon (and I’m just using the goblin as example of such) and that if I use it in melee I use my Strength for the attack.

I also know that when throwing a melee weapon with the thrown property it uses Strength for the ranged attack, however goblins do not have the Thrown property, nor the Finesse property, nor for that matter are they melee weapons.

So, when throwing my goblin, ie. making a ranged weapon attack with an improvised weapon, what ability (Strength or Dexterity) should I use?

Can you use the Sculpt Corpse spell to reshape a dead human into another type of creature so you can skin its hide?

I’m new to Pathfinder.

The Sculpt Corpse spell description says:

you can reshape a dead body look like another creature or even a specific person so long as you have firsthand knowledge of how that creature or person actually looks.

Can you use Sculpt Corpse to turn a dead human into a dead cow and be able to skin the “cow” to make leather?

Or later on sculpt a corpse into a dead dragon to skin it for dragonhide?

Adjusting power of Animate Dead in custom DarkSun campaign with slower recovery mechanics (24hr/1wk for short/long rests)

tl;dr Because of slower recovery mechanics, my Wizard cannot raise or sustain as many undead as a RAW 5E Wizard. What would be a fair alteration to the spell to bring it back inline with the intended effectiveness.

Background: I’m a player in a custom DarkSun campaign converted to 5E where we have a bit more focus on some of the grittier mechanics and realism (resource mgmt and player vs. environment). One of the changes is that the recovery mechanics were changed to 24 hours for a short rest and 1 week for a long rest. We’re not doing back-to-back dungeons so it fits our play-style fine.

My character is a Lvl 5 Wizard, wannabe necromancer. It’s become apparent that RAW, my character may not be able to fully leverage the Animate Dead spell. At lvl 5 the character has two lvl 3 spell slots but can only recover one lvl 3 spell per day/short rest (gets weird since Arcane Recovery is once per day/once per short rest but they’re the same now.. anyhow).

The Problem: My contention is that a normal 5E Wizard could potentially summon and maintain up to 4 undead. It’d take a few short/long rests to get to the max but once there it’d be easy to sustain and even make the occasional replacement. However, with our modified rest mechanics, it’s not possible for me to get above 2, and even then that assumes the DM is generous on the timing (casting time is 10 min each plus 10 for the recast, but do I need precisely 24 hour or is 23.5hr good enough?). I’m not concerned about splitting hairs on that last point, but it helps illustrate the squishy situation.

My DM tends to agree that it seems like my character is slightly powered down by this mechanic but he’s unclear on what kind of modification would be appropriate. Do you have any suggestions?

My thoughts:

  • Animate Duration – Since our long rest is 21 times longer than RAW and a RAW animated dead would last 3x the length of a long rest, why not let my animations last longer? Downside is that keeping a zombie around for a month isn’t useful in a darksun campaign, or any campaign where you spend healthy amounts of time in civilization (not that DarkSun is all that civilized but pet undead still aren’t welcome)
  • Casting time – The 1 minute casting time makes it impractical to use the spell reactively. However, we also don’t tend to have back to back fights in a dungeon crawl either. Perhaps leave everything else the same but allow the spell to be used as an instant cast.
  • Ritual – Because of the slower recovery mechanics, I love my rituals. What if this spell was reframed as a ritual cast?

Last thought, in my head I’ve been trying to balance the impact/power of this spell compared to others that impacted less by our rest mechanics. For instance, for the price of two lvl 3 slots I could instead have 16d6 worth of fireball damage across multiple enemies (if it was 3 each that, that’d be 48d6!). But in our last fight my zombie got focused pretty hard (saving us from a healthy chunk of damage) but only successfully delivered three or four blows (so ~4d6 of single target damage). Given the obvious crowd control benefit, a couple zombies/skeletons obviously shouldn’t match the damage potential of a fireball but surely they deserve to do more than this?

Anyhow, thanks!