how to fix a dead iPad 3?

I got it from a yard sale. it won’t turn on. if plugged in it shows the dead battery symbol, Apple logo, turns off and repeats. iTunes won’t detect it unless in DFU mode. recovery fails on waiting for iPad(unknown error).

What happens to dead Fomori corpses?

What happens to the physical form of a fomor after it’s dead, according to the WtA rulebooks?

I’m preparing a city-based Werewolf game, so I and the players need to take body disposal into account to enforce the Veil.

I’ve gone over a few official sourcebooks, and have read that the bane possessing the person is dispersed when a fomor is killed, but I can’t find a mention of what happens to their physical remains.

So do the physical corpses of fomori melt, vanish, evaporate, turn to dust, get up and walk it off?

Or are Garou left to dispose of a human body (if they’re very lucky) or a mass of malformed flesh?

Or is this all storyteller’s choice?

Do creatures all have the same statistics upon being reanimated via animate dead?

I have been thinking of making a necromancer and I feel like I am missing something. Are all zombies and skeletons regardless of the corpse they used as an ingredient become the creature listed as zombie/skeleton in the stat block?The main source of confusion i’m having is caused by the text

The target becomes a skeleton if you chose bones or a zombie if you chose a corpse (the DM has the creature’s game statistics)

As it sounds like each skeleton has different statistics that are only known(or decided upon) by the DM.

Samsung Galaxy S7- If I drain the battery so its dead and remove the simcard, can it’s location be tracked down?

I got 2 questions regarding my Samsung Galaxy S7-

Q1) If I drain the battery so its dead and remove the simcard, can it’s location be tracked down? I’m asking about a dead battery vs removing the battery since you can’t remove a Samsung Galaxy S7 battery without special tools.

Q2) Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 have some sort of backup battery function where the phone will shut off before it completely drains? Or a second battery or way for your phone to be tracked even with a dead battery.

Ex: If your cell phone is on and you drive somewhere and lost your phone, it should be traceable. But if your battery is dead and you remove the simcard, my understanding is it CANNOT be traced and will only show the last point in which the phone was on or before the battery was dead…. but again, I don’t know for sure.


According to some article I googled, it says it can’t.

Can you track a cell phone with a dead battery? Unfortunately a phone with a dead battery will not respond to attempts to locate it via GPS. Lookout Mobile’ automatically records your android phone’s last known location just before the battery runs dead

Postfix master dead but pid file exists

I tried stop and start postfix process but when i call service postfix status it tells me that master dead but pid file exists. i tried delete pid file and restart postfix process. But result the same. Log file in /var/log/maillog shows nothing about postfix master process. But i see that mail server works – it sends messages and processed it in queue. What the problem with master process and how i can just normal restart it ?

Can a pc Necromancer maintain undead with Animate Dead that were raised with Danse Macabre?

Since the casting time of Danse Macabre is more favourable to a higher level Necromancer, it would be more efficient to raise undead with Dance Macabre and then maintain them with Animate Dead, is this rules legal?

Danse MacBre is a 5th level spell with casting time of 1 action; raises undead (Up to 5 Zombies or Skeletons)

Animate Dead is a 3rd level spell with casting time of 1 minute; maintains raised undead (Raising 1 Zombie or Skeleton, or maintaining up to 4 Zombies or Skeletons).