(Roll20) How to make a simple deck of magical cards that will be drawn randomly?

Sorry if the question was asked before, but i didnt find any good awnsers for me.

Im a new DM playing on Roll20 and im making a new Class that fights with magical cards,dice and coins. I need a deck of cards that you can drawn from, where all cards have different effects. But im not sure how to make it very efficient, because some cards in the deck are duplicates. Also, if you draw a card, its gone from the deck. But you should also be able to “reshuffle” the deck to put all cards back into the deck. I thought about making a rollable table on roll 20, but from what i know, you can’t make a setting to get an event only once before having to “reset” the table. Is there a better method than just writing all cards already drawn somewhere, and let the player roll the table until he gets a new card.

Thanks for your advice.

Can the Destructive Wave spell be triggered on a ship by striking the deck or an open container of earth (“ground”)?

My 9th-level Tempest Domain cleric is about to embark on a sea voyage to the ice sea. I realized that my new destructive wave domain spell requires that “You strike the ground” to trigger it.

Is there a way to trigger this spell while on a ship?

We have been warned there will be encounters on the journey at sea.

I am trying to head off a debate with my DM when I try to use this spell at sea.

  • Since we walk on the deck, can that be considered ground (i.e. can I strike the deck)?
  • Like vampires that take dirt along to survive sea voyages, can a bucket of dirt (ground) be used (I strike the ‘ground’ in the bucket!) to trigger the spell?
  • Or if I walk onto an iceberg, since I have a ring of water walking, can that be considered ground?

Tempest gods are followed by seafaring people as storms impact them greatly. So it would seem kind of odd not to be able to use a unique Tempest Domain spell at sea.

What does this semantic specification do about shuffling a single card of a Deck?

I have 2 constructor functions and 2 additional function:

declare: d,d' = deck; c, c' = card

Constructor 1)


Constructor 2)


additional 1)

addCardRandomly(d', c');

additional 2)

CardsInTheDeck(d');  (it returns "CardsInTheDeck(d)+1" when called with addCard(d,c) constructor obviously) 

now, what happens when the function addCardRandomly(d',c') is called with the addCard(d,c) constructor? This is the semantic specification given by the book:

if    random(CardsInTheDeck(d') = CardsInTheDeck(d')+1): then  addCard(d',c');  else addCard(addCardRandomly(d, c'), c); 

What I think it does is: Given that a deck of card can be treated as a queue, we can take the card c that our constructor has to insert inside the deck and: if the random gives back the first position of the queue then simply put the card on that position;

else swap that card with the card we just randomized and insert the cards over the card in that position once at time over the card we randomized itself. Eg:

Cards are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

We have to insert 9

if random = 5

it becomes 1 2 3 4 9 5 6 7 8

(case where random = 9 omitted because trivial)

Is it correct? What makes this recursive specification so complex? How can i visualize and understand this kind of ideas generally? How can I explain this concept once the final solution is met? This looks so complex to me. Thanks!

Drawing from the Deck of Many Things with a Simulacrum


Can I use my Simulacrum to draw from a Deck of Many Things and if yes, what restrictions do apply?

Longer version

Imagine the following situation: You have gotten a Deck of Many Things and successfully identified it with an Arcana check, so you know what you got your hands on. Since you are aware how horrible the effects can be, you get a brilliant idea – at least you think so:

If I cast Simulacrum, let it draw from the deck and order it to give me whatever it got, I can draw from the deck without any risks!

It should be obvious that certain effects would not benefit neither you nor the simulacrum, e.g. the potential XP gains/losses, since you a) can’t transfer XP and b) your Simulacrum can’t gain XP.

I appreciate an RAI answer if there are areas that are not governed by strict RAW, but try to bend the rules only when necessary (or for a much greater fun factor).

What happens to a devil who draws the balance card from a deck of many things? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What happens to a Devil when its alignment is forcibly changed? 1 answer

I recently read the accepted answer to this question, and this part brings a good question:

A devil does not choose to be lawful evil, and it doesn’t tend toward lawful evil, but rather it is lawful evil in its essence. If it somehow ceased to be lawful evil, it would cease to be a devil.

The effect of a Balance card from the Deck of Many things reads:

Balance: Your mind suffers a wrenching alteration, causing your Alignment to change. Lawful becomes chaotic, good becomes evil, and vice versa. If you are true neutral or unaligned, this card has no effect on you.

So if a devil draws the card and becomes chaotic good, and such a change means it ceases to be a devil, then what is it instead? How does it change?

Question about what a “Deck of Illusions” can really do

I’m a noob DM and by a random table I gave my players a Deck of Illusion, so questions is about what things can an illusion really do, as the description says.

An illusory creature appears real, of the appropriate size, and behaves as if it were a real creature except that it can do no harm.

Does that mean that any action that does not harm would work? For example, the deck has some powerful casters, can any of them cast charm person in the party? or any other not harmful spell as if it were real?

P.S. Sorry for the crappy English, not my first language.

Why is the Deck of Many Things considered unbalanced [on hold]

So, the general consensus of the internet is that the Deck of Many Things is overpowered and unbalanced. I can’t see why. Sure it can make your character a king, but it can also just make your character a vegetable. That seems balanced, just extreme. The only thing I can see is if a DM gives it at the wrong time and it derails the campaign, but that’s not really the items fault.

What happens to the Fates Deck of Many Things cards if not used when drawn?

I just read through the possibilities of the Deck of Many Things, and the Fates card brings to me a question.

Here’s the effect of the Fates card :

The Fates. Reality’s fabric unravels and spins anew, allowing you to avoid or erase one event as if it never happened. You can use the card’s magic as soon as you draw the card or at any other time before you die.

It is also said about the Deck of Many Things that :

Once a card is drawn, it fades from existence. Unless the card is the Fool or the Jester, the card reappears in the deck, making it possible to draw the same card twice.

If I draw the Fates card, but decide to use it later, what happens exactly to the card?

Here the two possibilities I have in mind about this :

  • The card fades away and come back into the deck, but I still can use the magic that was embedded into it. I guess there’s a caveat with this possibility, as this could let me draw it again and let me get a pretty high number of “Fates uses” stock.
  • I keep the card, like in my pocket, then when I decide to use its effect it fades and reappears in the deck.

Have there been any useful gambling based adaptions of the Deck of Many Things?

After seeing this recent thread I felt it might be fun to introduce my players to some sort of poker or native game to the forgotten realms with a slightly tweaked deck of many things. My players greatly enjoy card games and I feel that a game

Have there been any adaptions people have done to allow for playing games of cards with a Deck of Many Things? or for any popular card games within the realm that are easily adapted to a deck of many things?

I am aware the rules of that deck do not perfectly support card games, and I am fine doing minor homebrews to make the deck more appropriate.

Good ideas for card games which involve triggering and using a Deck of Many Things are also appreciated, and I am fine with content from before 5e though I will be using it with 5e.

Anyone with any personal experience in running gambling games or in running deck of many things games is also appreciated.