Default “HOME” replacement app not being run on boot

I’ve installed an app and set it as the default HOME app by selecting it and “ALWAYS” from the popup window you get when you press the HOME button. It works most of the time – if I press the HOME button then the app runs, or if I switch the phone off/on then the app runs.

However, sometime when I switch the phone on, I get the “Use XXXX as Home / JUST ONCE / ALWAYS / Use a different app / Launcher3” popup. Why would Android stop running a 3rd party app as the default HOME app?

I only get this problem on Android 7 devices – I haven’t seen it with 4.4 to 6.0 – has something changed in 7 that makes it more picky about this sort of thing?

Change default help text on Link Fields

I see that the Link field widget is defined in LinkWidget.php. I see where the help text is set.

Our usability requirements need us to change the help text. For example: the current default help text beneath the URL part of the field is This must be an external URL such as What if I wanted to change it to something else?

field translation translate default language

I’m having trouble translating select list values for default language on drupal 7.

Description :

  • I installed i18n_fields to translate fields value.
  • I accessed the page to see my strings in the translation interface.
  • I accessed the translation interface and found the desired values.
  • I translated them for French which is the default language for this particular website.
  • I cleared cache and reaccessed the page, still untranslated.

Note that there is about 150 websites running with the same codebase so we cannot change the default value to French even in this particular website because it would be overidden as soon as the feature will be updated (and reverted).

FIY : When created, websites use English by default and default language is changed if needed after creation / contribution.

I’m affraid this can’t be accomplished since Drupal doesn’t translate to default language.

Crackling/static in Discord with default audio output port (PulseAudio)

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 less than a week ago and 99% of what I need to work has been no problem. When I first installed Discord, from the instructions on their website, everything was fine. The Snap package had problems starting and refused to go past the update sequence, as if it had no internet connection. However, the first time I join a voice chat after a reboot, I get loud crackling anytime someone speaks. It fixes itself if I change the output of my headphones from Line Out to Headphones or vice versa (headphones setting sounds better to me).

I initially thought it was the Line Out setting being the issue, so I changed it using this as a guide. That did not fix it and no matter which one I set as default, the crackling returns equally as bad in Discord until I change it. After that, either port sounds just fine. I’m trying to figure out how I can have it sound good without having to flip the setting in PulseAudio, but I’m clueless.

All other audio seems fine. Even in games like CSGO there isn’t this problem with voice chat, and I’m able to play other games, watch video, and listen to spotify just fine. It only seems to be affecting discord.

If it matters, the exact settings are “Line Out (plugged in)” and “Headphones (unplugged)” although despite the forum in the link above, I was able to set the Headphones as default anyway and it recognizes that port. I’m using the PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol) app from Ubuntu Software to change these settings, and the terminal to set the default port.

My only connected audio devices are my headphones for output, plugged into the motherboard port; my mixer and headphones are listed in input (headphone mic muted), both also plugged into the motherboard. Mixer is a USB interface. My webcam was listed at one point, but I’m not sure where it has gone and if that can affect things somehow.

If anyone knows of a fix, please let me know! Thank you

Is it best to open all external references in new tabs by default?

In my security webapp, I have the main webapp without any clutter for the general user, and then, at the bottom of the page, I list a bunch of external security references in case anyone wants to dig deeper or learn more about the security used by the app. Currently, I have these sending the user to a new tab by default (with target=”_blank”), but is this as it should be? My reasoning is that all these link to wikipedia and other places that have nothing to do with actually using the webapp. And, for security purposes, the website loads with all forms cleared every time, so going “back” to the website is the same as just opening it again.

Similarly, in the security overview for the webapp, it’s filled with a bunch of references (external links) to wikipedia and random open source code. Should it be the case that all these external references send the user to a new tab?

Why does Ubuntu power management set a battery as the default power supply on a desktop machine?

I have been evaluating distros for my desktop machine. The machine does not have a battery but during the installation, a nonexistent battery is set as my power supply. And the battery is discharging rapidly.

I am multibooting with Windows 10.

My machine is a mini pc, with 464-bit Intel Atom x5-Z8350 GB memory, 64 GB base storage, 128 GB micro SSD, and a 500 GB SSD. The CPU is an Intel Cherry Trail Z8350.

Almost all of my experience with Ubuntu has been with the server, running Docker.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue?

How to set a default date when extending DateRangeItem FieldType plugin

I created a new field type plugin that extends DateRangeItem. My plugin only adds some more settings. I also created an own widget that extends DateRangeWidgetBase. My formElement function looks like this:

public function formElement(FieldItemListInterface $  items, $  delta, array $  element, array &$  form, FormStateInterface $  form_state) {   $  element = parent::formElement($  items, $  delta, $  element, $  form, $  form_state);   $  time_type = 'time';   $  time_format = $  this->dateStorage->load('html_time')->getPattern();    $  element['value'] += [     '#date_date_format' => 'none',     '#date_date_element' => 'none',     '#date_date_callbacks' => [],     '#date_time_format' => $  time_format,     '#date_time_element' => $  time_type,     '#date_time_callbacks' => [],     '#default_value' => $  this->createDefaultValue($  items[$  delta]->value, $  element['value']['#date_timezone'])   ];    ... }  protected function createDefaultValue($  date, $  timezone) {   $  date = parent::createDefaultValue($  date, $  timezone);   $  date->setDate(2018, 01, 01);   return $  date; } 

I only want the user to be able to enter a time value, but no date value. This works.

My problem is that when saving the field value it is always stored with the date of the current day – this seems to be the default value. (The time is set correctly according to what the user enters). I want to set a different fixed date instead.

So I’m overwriting createDefaultValue as shown above, but without any effect.

If I comment out the two lines

//'#date_date_format' => 'none', //'#date_date_element' => 'none', 

my new default value is shown and also saved correctly. But if set the two lines to not show the date, my default value is ignored.

How can I set a default value and not show the date (only time)?

How to restore a Default Display Form (DispForm.aspx)

In my Default Display form I had previous added a webpart which included javascript code to suppress some of the form fields – all good so far.

Today, I wanted to add a webpart to display a list view, after I added the list view web part I got an error on the page, I then clicked stopped editing.

Problem: when I went back to edit the Default Display Form, I am presented with blank/white space in the area of the page where previously the editable form would appear. The screen still displays the top ribbon, left-side navigation menu, just no form which I can edit.

Preference #1 – is there a way to roll back to the previous version of the form?

Preference #2 – is it possible to edit the DispForm.aspx file to remove the list and javascript webparts

Preference #3 – how can I reload/reset the display form back to factory default?

Note: I do not have access to InfoPath nor SharePoint Designer.

Magento2: What exactly is stored in Redis “page and default cache”?

We figured out that we are a bit unsure about what exactly is stored in redis “page and default cache”.

Until now, we thought it is only about configuration, and maybe some page templates. But today, we rolled back a deployment in a test system, and at least one feature was not rolled back until we cleared the redis cache.

That one feature was a patch to a module in the vendors directory.

We wonder now what exactly is cached in the redis and default cache in order to know in which situations after a deployment we have to clear the cache.

Any suggestions?

network metric: change default for vpn and wifi

I’m trying to configure the metrics on my PCs but most of the questions/threads are about setting different metrics on NIC and I haven’t found answers when this involve wifi and VPN.

I use VPN only to remotely connect to servers and I don’t want to use for internet.

By default, tap# have metric 50 while NICs and wifi metric 600.

How can I set the metrics for wifi and tap# which are not listed in /etc/network/interfaces?

Where can I find the default values used by the system?

I use ubuntu server 16.04 and ubuntu 18.04