How to access Web server 2012 IIS default page from Kali Linux?

I want to access the IIS default home page from Kali Linux.

Current configuration:

  • Vmware consists of Kali Linux and windows webserver 2012.
  • IIS service is running on web server (able to access localhost from browser)
  • Kali and VMware both are bridged to same adapter.
  • able to ping Webserver from Kali.

Problem Description:-

Want to access localhost of webServer from kali.

Tried :- Kali >> firefox >>

browser is returning:-

The proxy server is refusing connections  Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.      Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.     Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. 

Please help.! thanx to those willing to help. 🙂

How to change default application (GUI doesn’t work)

I have both wine ms office 2010 and wps (version, I found that I can’t change the default application to wps in any “common office files such as .docx .xlsx . pptx” since it always set ms office as default despite by right clicking the file and changing “property” or “open with”. This issue happened after I installed this newest version of wps, the previous one was fine however it doesn’t have pdf reader so I prefer this new one…

Is any way (say terminal) to associated wps with my files?

Ubuntu 19.04 – Can’t enable or select Nvidia card as default

I’ve been trying for weeks now to use my Laptop with an MX150 card to run some games in Ubuntu. But for some reason linux doesn’t want to let me use it!

Things I’ve tried:

  • I’ve installed the latest drivers (430)
  • done prime-select nvidia, query shows nvidia as selected too.
  • I’ve also disabled secure boot from the BIOS.
  • I’ve added nomodeset to the grub config, but this boots to a blinking cursos and black screen until i remove that.

WHen i can see the login screen, for some reason I’m forced to login selecting Wayland from the user select screen otherwise it bounces back to the user list.

And I still see in Settings > Details that the system is still using the intel Card. Even thought the nvidia drivers are suggested in the Software app and i have installed the 430 ones.

Also if i run tools like glxgears or glmark2 it uses the intel card instead of the Nvidia card to do the tests :/

I don’t know what else to try to use my graphics card… it seems at this point i will have to go back to Winbugs 🙁

Any other ideas what to do?

Thanks and regards.

Where is dash being used as default shell?

According to

The default login shell remains bash. Opening a terminal from the menu or shortcut [crtl-alt-t] provides interactive bash. A script run from the desktop or file manager, through the dialogue ‘run in terminal’ will execute as POSIX dash.

livy@disco-dingo:~$   ls -l /bin/sh lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Aug 22 10:53 /bin/sh -> dash livy@disco-dingo:~$   cat Desktop/ echo $  SHELL > ~/Desktop/test-result.txt; 

I added the execute permission, then double clicked the file and here was the result:

livy@disco-dingo:~$   cat Desktop/test-result.txt  /bin/bash 

Is the Ubuntu wiki out of date or something?

I have moved default files to other folder accidentally and now machine not starting

I have executed following command accidentally on Ubuntu 18.04, now no command(ls, sudo, cp, mv) is working except cd

 sudo mv /* /myfolder/subfolder/ 

I have tried to restart the machine and now getting black screen with following text:

error: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found. grub rescue> 

Can somebody help me to restore my machine as all of blockchain projects are insdie. Thanks in advance.

Apply persistant default setting to SPFx webpart

Currently we have configured a setting our custom SPFx webpart’s manifest and applied it as a property in our code. This property is applied and works properly when the webpart is applied to a page of our SharePoint Online installations, however the issue is that when reinstalling our webpart on SharePoint sites where it already exists the webpart must be re-applied and reconfigured. The desired behavior is to have this property automatically applied to existing instances of the webpart as well as initially enabled instances. Is the experienced behavior of the manifest applied value and property as intended by Microsoft? If so, should we create an appSettings file and reference it in our webpart’s config.json and code, or is there anyother way to do this (aside from just “hard-coding” the value in the webpart’s code)? Thanks in advance.

Default value in mandatory column is not showing up

I made a content type inside a library. Made a Template of the library since it needs to produce hundreds of other libraries. There is one field in the content type that is mandatory and library by library it will need to change its default value.

In word the properties panel on the side of the document does not show said default value, while clicking on ‘file’ (backstage view of the document) it does. As a matter of fact the document allows itself to be saved despite not being in the frontal properties panel.

This is bugging me for weeks now, as I have already checked the column inside the content type in the library and it shows the default value. I have checked ‘column default value settings’ and it is there, and I even add it again for the sake of being 200% sure.

I cannot put the default value in the original content type (site column) since it will change library by library and it will be set when the library is created. I even checked the default Word Template.dotx inside forms and this template does carry the default value.

There is no problem with Excel and PowerPoint because those 2 do not have the property panel on the side but they lead you to the ‘file’ view, where the default value is there.

Is there anything else I can try?

Ubuntu default terminal not working

I have the new Ubuntu 19.04, I tried writing some alias and it’s my first time however the aliases did not work so i cleared them, I think in the process I might have tempered with the .bashrc file, so on trying my terminal after that point it comes up and goes off, in a couple of milliseconds, downloaded powershell and works fine however I’m not comfortable with it. Any way to fix the .bashrc file without having to reinstall the OS?