Can a new SQL Loader field be defined before the data is actually available in the input file?

In the example below a new field, AOCN, will exist in some future input file.

AOCN is already defined in the Oracle table in anticipation, however positions 12..15 do not exist in current input files.

Can I pre-define the field in SQL Loader in anticipation of the future availability of the new field w/o causing an issue for input files where the positions (12:15) do not yet exist?


INFILE ‘G:\lerg\lerg16.dat’


INTO TABLE lerg_16


LRN position (1:10) NULLIF LRN=BLANKS,


AOCN position (12:15) NULLIF AOCN=BLANKS


NIntegrate user defined function

I have the the function

f[a_] := Module[{solution, ans, x}, solution = NSolve[x + a == 4]; 

I want to integrate it by writing


but I get this error message:

NIntegrate::inumr: The integrand x$  2682 has evaluated to non-numerical values  for all sampling points in the region with boundaries {{1,5}}. 

In my problem the function is a bit more complicated but the principle is the same. Is there a nice way to integrate user defined equation-solving functions using for instance NIntegrate? I am aware that you can use f[x] to generate a table, interpolate the table, and finally integrate. However, is there perhaps a nicer way of doing this that avoids creating a interpolating function?

Adding properties/methods to a defined property?

If I have a property created with Object.defineProperty where I want the getter to return a string, is it possible to attach methods to that string without screwing with the global String.prototype and without accidentally converting it to a generic object?

I know that sounds kind of wonky… think of it like how Element.classList works. Where Element.classList returns and array, but that array has extra properties like add/remove/toggle.

Or even just Number where it behaves as a number…

Adding properties/methods to a defined property?

util is not defined al publicar

Dispongo de una web hecha en Asp.Net mvc, al publicarla y enviarla al servidor me fallan algunas peticiones a bbdd hechas por el controlador, pero no es que fallen sin mas, directamente no se ejecutan, no hay error dentro de esas funciones porque dispongo de un log pero no me escribe nada, investigando que podría ser, encontré que un sistema que tengo para relacionar el controlador con las vistas falla en determinada línea con determinadas funciones.

module urls {  const BaseUrl= '/' export module Modulo { export const GetColumnas=BaseUrl+"calidad/getcolumnas"; } } module mvc {     type Callback = (data: any) => void;      interface MvcAction<TParamaters> {         post(params: TParamaters, cb: Callback): void;         get(params: TParamaters, cb: Callback): void;     }      export function actionFrom<TParameters>(url: string) {         function g(method: string) {             function ajaxSettings() {                 return <JQueryAjaxSettings>{                     url: url,                     method: method                 };             }             return (p: TParameters, cb: Callback) => {                 const x = ajaxSettings();        = p;                 x.success = cb;                 x.error = (jXHR, status, err) => util.error('ERROR',err);//-> El error salta aquí                 $  .ajax(x);             };         }         return <MvcAction<TParameters>>{             get: g('GET'),             post: g('POST'),         };     }export module Modulo { export const GetColumnas = actionFrom<{idTabla:number}>(urls.Calidad.GetColumnas) } 

Al hacer una llamada desde la vista, salta error en ´x.error = (jXHR, status, err) => util.error(‘ERROR’,err);´ pero solo en el servidor, en mi prueba local de IIS funciona a la perfección y realiza la comunicacion correctamente, sospecho que puede ser un problema de paquetes aunque de este tema no tengo ni idea

NameError: name ‘horas’ is not defined

Añadir duración a una tarea: Escribir un programa que dada la hora de comienzo de una tarea y la duración en segundos de esta, diseñar el algoritmo que calcule la hora en la que finalizará la tarea (nota: la duración de la tarea puede ser de varias horas, nunca superior a media jornada <=14400). Una jornada laboral como mucho será de 8 horas, comienza a las 8:00 y finaliza a las 16:00.

Ese es el enunciado, creo tener el programa completo pero a la hora de ejecutarlo me da un error. Adjunto foto del codigo introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

y el error que me da es el siguiente

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Why is my workflow sending multiple emails to the defined user?

I have created a 2010 workflow for my SharePoint online environment using SharePoint Designer. The workflow is a reusable one which used by 3 different calendars. When an item is created or change the workflow will trigger.

It’s a basic approval workflow.

  • An item is created, the admin is notified by email which asks them to approve or reject it
  • Condition
    • If Approved create the item.
    • Email user with the outcome.
  • Condition
    • If Rejected end workflow
    • Email user
  • Workflow Ends.

At the very first step, however, the user that is emailed get’s 12 emails asking them to approve or reject the item that’s been created and I don’t know why.

Workflow Diagram

Have I done something wrong here?

How to resolve javascript: SPClientPeoplePicker is not defined in Edge (works fine in Chrome and IE)?

I just noticed a javascript function that finds and populates people picker controls in SharePoint was not working in Edge, whereas it works fine in Chrome and IE.

In Edge I see an error in the console log related to the code below: ‘SPClientPeoplePicker’ is not defined

    var controlName = "External";     var ppDiv = $  ("[id$  ='ClientPeoplePicker'][title='" + controlName + "']");     var ppEditor = ppDiv.find("[title='" + controlName + "']");     var spPP = SPClientPeoplePicker.SPClientPeoplePickerDict[ppDiv[0].id];      ppEditor.val(cuser);     spPP.AddUnresolvedUserFromEditor(true); 

Has anyone else come across this? If so, any solutions?