Bluetooth headset delay

To start off I am not really sure if this is hardware (headphones or the phone) or android specific issue/feature. Maybe there is an android workaround for the hardware feature hence this kind of fits here the best.

Google is full of similar topics, but all I’ve seen are related to windows and not really this kind of delay.

Up until recently I’ve been using wired headphones, but I started using bluetooth ones and I hit this weird delay when using an app like Duolingo. When there is no sound for a few seconds playing there is a slight delay when the sound is actually played. Let’s say I do 5 exercises in a row and I do it very quick- no issue. Then I come to a more complex one that I need more time to do, the sound that plays after submitting an answer is slightly delayed.

When listening to music there are no issues, which would point me to believe that the headset is actually going to some sort of sleep mode when there is no audio played from the source device.

Sony Xperia M2 android 5.1.1

Headphones are Marshall Major II wireless

Do you know of a way to fix/counter-act this annoying bug/feature?

Audio on ubuntu comes with delay and crackling

i’ve purchased a new xps 13 with ubuntu 18.04. It’s been a few years since i played around with Ubuntu, and now – out of the box – i have this problem: the audio is “lagged” and crackles.

Let me explain a little bit better (i’ll use slack as an example, but this stands for everything that produces audio – even the blip it makes when you set the volume):

Suppose i receive a message in slack – this will normally produce a sound. If i’m playing audio already (e.g. spotify) everything works normally. On the other hand, if no audio whatsoever is playing i start to hear some soft crackling (like a hum), then the audio plays (with some delays, matters of milliseconds i suppose), then a little more crackling, then silence.

In some cases (e.g. the volume control blip) i completely miss the first sound, and get only static.

I’ve tried the method described here Static and crackling sound coming from speakers in 19.04 but with no luck.

It looks like the soundcard is going on idle in someway, and gets back to life in a bad way.

Thanks a lot!

How to set delay to a query in mongoose

I’m using mongo to store history data, I’m trying to implement a replay senario feature wher users can replay previous data after they choose a start and end time. I’m trying to avoid js setTimeout since I have a huge amount of data and I don’t wont to exceed the limit in js, so I notice that mongo has a delay method ex: (sleep(1000); db.archive.find({…})) but I didn’t find how to use it in mongoose. any help ?!

How to extract the value returned by function token-generator : (delay (token-generator state))

I am trying to use the value returned by the function ‘new’ in another function, but it looks like the below given piece of code is faulty.

I am unable to figure out why.

I am wrapping the function ‘new’ inside a delay because I only want it to run the function ‘new’ to get a new token when the current old token value expires.

(def r (let [new (delay (token-generator state))]   (if (compare-and-set! token old new)       new       token)))  (prn r)  ->  nil (prn @r) ->  NullPointerException   clojure.core/deref-future (core.clj:2208)  

Please assist! Thanks!

Delay from Script, upon Re-Rendering, Smartphone



(the top item in drop-down menu will toggle back and forth between these two pages)

Hi, Getting buggy behavior, that I believe relates to my improbable attempt to adapt a script to a new purpose.

The script works smooth as silk at index.htm. I attempted to adapt the script to a different purpose at p2.htm, without sufficient knowledge of javascript. In the “p2” page, the navbar should, and does, remain sticky at the top, at all times.

P2.htm works fine on a desktop. Normally, the only way people ever view these pages is on a smartphone. On my test device, smartphone, the browser hangs up when attempting to display the page upon scroll-down (returning to the initial state of the page.)

I made the following changes:

1) css, changed class “content” to “content2,” appears in two places in the css (p2 lines 110 and 121)

2) script, under “else” changed “remove” to “add” (I recognize that this results in an if-then statement where the if and the then are the same value. Again, I tried to adapt an existing script to a new purpose, and am grasping at straws.)

3) script, var, changed variable name from “logo” to “substitute”

4) added id=whisp (on page “index” there is a logo file at the top. For “p2,” in place of that logo, I swapped in an empty div tag, with only that id line [163 “”] then referenced that id in the script.)

P2 initiates just fine. Scroll up…just fine. The problem occurs when I scroll back down, to attempt to scroll all the way back down, to the initial position/state of the page. It hangs up, with the top of the “linear logo” aligned with the top of the viewport, half hidden by the navbar. If you swipe down again, the wait cursor appears for half a second. After that, the page scrolls the rest of the way, and pops into its initial position as intended.

Not the biggest deal in the world, just a little clunky.

Any guidance on a tweak to the revised p2 script in its existing state, to overcome the wonkiness?

Obviously, writing a new script would be best, built appropriately for the p2 purpose, except that I have not tackled javascript, so I have little to no idea about how to approach that.

Thank You.

Scripts, original and revised:

Original, “index:”

var logo = document.getElementById(“rorologo”); function myFunction() { var sticky = logo.offsetHeight; if (window.pageYOffset >= sticky) { navbar.classList.add(“sticky”); } else { navbar.classList.remove(“sticky”); } } window.onscroll = function() {myFunction()};

Revised, “p2:”

var substitute = document.getElementById(“whisp”); /**/ function myFunction() { var sticky = substitute.offsetHeight; if (window.pageYOffset >= sticky) { navbar.classList.add(“sticky”); } else { navbar.classList.add(“sticky”); /**/ } } window.onscroll = function() {myFunction()};

Periodic solution to delay differential equations

I want to characterize the T-periodic functions $ a,b$ and $ p$ such that there exists a unique T-periodic solution to the equation \begin{equation} x'(t)+a(t)x(t)+b(t)x(t-\tau)=p(t) \end{equation} Let’s consider the operator on the lefthand side in the space $ C_T(\mathbb{R})$ , $ L:C_T(\mathbb{R})\to C_T(\mathbb{R})$ . By the Fredholm alternative, if $ Ker(L)=0$ , the equation has a unique T-periodic solution for each $ p(t)$ .

Are there explicit necesesary and/or suficient conditions on $ a(t)$ and $ b(t)$ such that $ L$ is a monomorphism?