Holding, Delaying, or Readying an Action? – Rules As Written [duplicate]

Please point or link me to any official rules (rules as written) on when a character can delay, hold or ready an action for later in a round, instead of going on their initiative.

What does a character have to do to delay or hold an action during a round?

What actions are characters allowed to take when they delay?

Is delaying the effect of a Wish spell considered a ”greater effect”?

Let’s say I cast Wish to duplicate the effect of revivify and I want it to take effect when I was supposed to act as if I haven’t died (initiative order).

In the spell description:

A wish can produce any one of the following effects.

(… )

Duplicate any other spell of 5th level or lower even if it’s of a prohibited school.


You may try to use a wish to produce greater effects than these,but doing so is dangerous. (The wish may pervert your intent into a literal but undesirable fulfillment or only a partial fulfillment.)

Can I delay when the spell effect is activated, is that allowed (by RAW)? or Would that fall in the ”greater effects category”?

php-fpm status shows listen queue 0 when it is delaying requests

I have a php-fpm server running on a high-traffic website. It is frequently reaching a point where the active processes are equal to the maximum number of processes, which is the most that the server’s memory will allow.

When this happens it can take 5 – 10 seconds to load the php-fpm status page. It appears that the request is being queued. However the listen queue value always shows 0.

Why wouldn’t this report the correct value?

Freelancer keeps delaying my money.

Freelancer.com keeps delaying my money. I have followed all rules, have active jobs, am not banned and freelancer.com has delayed my 3 withdraw requests 3 times. They claim the 15 day wait rule. My first request was a month ago, the second a week after. The last was August 26th. I contacted them today and they said that I will not get paid until the 21st.

"Sometimes we have to delay payments because we can not verify the funds.." – um I had numerous customers there, they cannot verify one…

Freelancer keeps delaying my money.