Should I write custom allocators for STL containers to interface with my memory pool, or just overwrite the standard new and delete

I want to write a custom memory allocator for learning. I’m tempted to have a master allocator that requests n bytes of ram from the heap (via new). This would be followed by several allocator… Adaptors? Each would interface with the master, requesting a block of memory to manage, these would be stack, linear, pool, slab allocators etc.

The problem I have is whether I should write custom allocator_traits to interface with these for the various STL containers; or if I should just ignore the adaptor idea and simply overload new and delete to use a custom pool allocator.

What I’m interested in understanding is what tangible benefit I would gain from having separate allocators for STL containers? It seems like the default std::allocator calls new and delete as needed so if I overload those to instead request from my big custom memory pool, I’d get all the benefit without the kruft of custom std::allocator code.

Or is this a matter where certain types of allocator models, like using a stack allocator for a std::dqueue would work better than the default allocator? And if so, wouldn’t the normal stl implementation already specialise?

How do you delete 16 000 pages or start from scratch again [closed]

Someone hijacked my google search console for a while and he uploaded tons of sitemap with 16 000 website total.

I’d like to return to the way it was before, i asked for the sitemaps to be deleted but the pages are still there (it’s been 2 weeks already)

I was starting to ask myself if i couldn’t just start from scratch again and delete everything from google, is that possible or simply delete the right pages, and how


how to delete specific range of data from system queue data table?

due to sudden increase of my database .mdf file we check there are 4 internal queue message table are increase unexpectedly. so we decided to delete some range of data from these table.

we try this code:

declare @c uniqueidentifier while(1=1) begin     select top 1 @c = conversation_handle from dbo.queuename     if (@@ROWCOUNT = 0)     break     end conversation @c with cleanup end   

but its try to delete all data and due to space limitation the query cannot execute. my internal message queue table :

enter image description here

enter image description here

Delete own comment in someone else’s blog

Is there a way to delete a comment I made on someone else’s WordPress blog over 9 years ago? It’s harmless, but it really bothers me that I did it using my full name, and now if someone searches my name on Google, that specific comment appears on the search results.

I’ve tried to contact the blog owner to no avail (probably forgot about the blog ages ago).

How to delete all records which are not referenced from other tables

I have a table to which a bunch of other tables has an FK reference. Is there any way of deleting records from this table only if they are not being referenced?

I know that I can left join the referencing table and check for null, but I have about 10 tables (more will be added) with FKs referencing this table, so it would be cool to have a generic way of doing it.

There are often not more than a handful of records I need to remove. I suppose I could loop and try to remove each record individually and protect each deletion with BEGIN/EXCEPT, but that is an ugly concept.

Does this kind of functionality exist in Postgres? Kind of a soft delete, or delete-if-allowed.

How to delete all the resized images without plugin

Images on my wordpress site are talking 1.4 gb space. I’m sure Used Original images space is not more than 300-400mb. So i want to remove resized images so my site’s backup can be light. i used many image cleaner plugins and only 100mb space reduced. At the end when i checked upload folder in file manager i’m still seeing resized images for every original image. Any new working method ? Thanks

Missing out of my inbox who can go and somebody’s inbox and delete their stories still working on it

I was working on a story about Google Play services people say it's hacked or some type of bugs in it's really weird what's going on with it and now it's missing have they got this place too? I've been having privacy issues with my mobile devices to I've noticed some really strange things going on with your apps and I'm I don't know I think somebody should look into this that knows it has a little more skill at getting around within the walls. Please tell me what you find let's talk…

Missing out of my inbox who can go and somebody's inbox and delete their stories still working on it

How can I delete Duplicate key in SQL 2016?

Please help. I’m not into programming and i have this error on our server. Does anyone know how to delete duplicate key in this index? My Database name is 772

Error :The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name ‘dbo.Addresses’ and the index name ‘AddressAccountContactType’. The duplicate key value is (8cbd1462-37aa-434d-93cd-ebf5c227641b, 7d8bcd55-16b7-4372-8de8-6b643189dd0c, DEL).